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  • there are still tons of ways to earn money, full ws, bh, omg form tts with people like they did in the old days before all this solo mentality **** started. Merching is def one of my favs though its the easiest XD but now that i saw the bh getting rid of talis im so buying up a stock of ult subs and mirages with my money
  • its mostly for faction donations rather than for regular people to sell too
  • having same issue and my other friends aren't wth is going on b:surrender want to play
  • how about we get a sage pet heal skill and sage pet revive or demon pet heal demon revive sage pet heal adds def to pet or extra chi gain. demon heal pet attks faster or hits harder or heals more. as for sage demon pet revive no loyalty lost is something id like to see or at least a bigger reduction.
  • can we give venos bp. i dont understand why it had to be class specific. in the first place, it's not spell vamp and while you can argue that other casters are not melee why bother maybe so but venos at the very least have an entire melee skill tree so why not let us make more use out of it, I for one love playing my veno…
  • LA is insane as well for demon venos not to mention the extra crits close the gap in damage needed to kill as well against sins and other melees they kill themselves and as for arcanes ur Mag res is good and u can hit them hard physically while reducing their channeling time as well as stunning and sealing them and while…
  • id say derjans hatchiling that cute little dino packs a wallop and is so cute in a imma bite u sort of way
  • games no fun if u rush it too much learn to play make friends do bh frost is worth it only if u have the money to keep up to gear and u already know the toon or its an alt and if it wasnt the fastest way to gain xp u wouldnt see so many doing it lol
  • take a veno they can purge it for the most part lol especially demon purge venos are handy
  • wth leave forums for a month and i come back and its bots selling junk for other sites -.- confidence is plummetting the more i see -.- this is bs its obvious and should take 5 secs to throw um in the depths