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I just have to laugh at the people that play this game sometimes. It's almost like some of you are from another planet.


To everyone else: Well might as well do it on here since I'm sure everyone and their god damn grandmother hates me for god knows what. And this will be the last time I log my toon - I rather focus on my career and positive things than on a game with some people are...eck.

Not only do I do Motion Graphics, video editing and such, I also am working on a webcomic which was picked up by a publisher not too long ago entitled Beast Domes. I'd post the link but nah...changing domain names soon anyway so no point in that. I also do traditional pencil artwork and ink my work by hand to the haters.
I'm planning on publishing that as a Graphic Novel. Hell I'm even planning on using this character and some of the baboons on here for the comic as well. I also do sound production, animations and music as well. I have a B.A. in animation so - sorry if my editing looks more flashy. (I'm not actually. =))

But as Alc says: haters are gonna hate. This game is pretty much the same old bore. I was going to take a break in a few months - scripts are a very important process in graphic novels.

So with that being said, lol:
Vicious - Stay Vicious. Stay awesome. You peeps are great really. Anyone that says anything about you guys are smoking some ****ing crack lol.


Moving on to better places irl - this game certainly doesn't need to stay in it. Oh - and the hating has been going on for a long time in this game and irl. Already dealing with those that can't stand me because of how hard I've worked to get my webcomic stuff to where it is now - no need for that from god damn pixels LOL

[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] - Beast Domes comic soon to be under contract.
People that act tough in this game are the lowest people irl...
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    Once again, im completely oblivious as to why you are trashing levi, I really should stop afking at the fun parts.

    Nice tw vid btw, was a good watch.
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    Congrats on accomplishing so much op o.o
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    Lol Oh girl please!

    Irrelevant post, but good luck in your endeavors.

    And no tea, no shade, but please dont act all oblivious to why you are not liked sweetheart.

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    And a dark cloud has been lifted from the land and peace returns once more.
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    Really you still to this day think you did nothing wrong. You kept the issues going on between levi and you. So dont play that i dont know why im hated.
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    P.S.S. "Haters gonna hate" is the perfect example of someone that has no real argument into a contrary discussion so they blame it to hate ijs
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    What are you gonna do when someone will bash your graphic novel? Will you RQ that too? There will be always someone that doesn't like you.
    Now for the record this thread was unecessary as it seems like you're promoting something that isn't related to PWI and it looks like you are just attention hoaring around.

    good luck, tho
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    +1 postcount before this thread gets locked for naming and shaming.
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    all i can say is u play on RAGING tides server... butthurt noobs as far as the eye can see doesn't matter what u do haters gonna hate... either deal with it or just gtfo like (as far as i know) 35% server did... RT and its sorry state it's in is made up by few people (you know who you are) ... and things will absolutel never change no matter how many "new" factions u guys make.. a server is only as bad as its player base sadly b:laugh

    also shoutout to the few awesome ppl that still remain in this god forbidden server!
    (you also know who you are so i can name you here) b:dirty
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    Naming and shaming is not alowed on forum and the thread will get closed.
    Somehow I understand the OP.
    I played on RT server. No I wasnt someone important. Was a normal player.
    The faction I was in I gave everything for them, do my bq everyday, helped the lowbies with their dungeons.
    I wont say that ppl from the faction( the high lvl ones) didnt helped me. But they did only when they nedeed too. I helped others even if I didnt needed.
    Than when I asked them to help me with some high lvl dungeon runs they pretend to be busy.
    Ok I understand ppl can be busy with other things but they were busy like everyday and everytime I asked them to help. WTF? Busy? Ya sure, they were busy to stay in one place and chat with eachother or write non sense things in WC. Yes I know for sure that they were doing.

    I moved to another server and decide to stop being so helpfull with others.
    Being nice this days SUCKS.

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    castgurl always crying and talking poo. nothing new ... b:bye
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    And to the rest of the baboons that hate my toon or whatever really for whatever reason - suck it.

    This very sentence probably explains why some people hate.
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    hm... maybe this thread is to show the express which is actually doesnt have to.

    But yeah i saw the world chat, it was really rude. if people dont like the video, doesnt have to trying humiliate other people in world chat. you just need not to watch it.

    about the video i kinda like it. its really good to good to watch
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    closed for flaming.

    Thanks to MikoTenshi for the Avi and Kritty for the Signature.
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