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SpazziKitten - Heavens Tear
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You guys are hard at work at the moment. Just a little note to say awesome job, keep it up.

Feel free to lock/toss, just know we appreciate ya.
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  • Xainou - Sanctuary
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    *leaves cookies and milk for all the mods*

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  • venomseeker
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    You guys seem to be catching a lot of heat from angry nerds about everything that has transpired these last few hours, well, not everyone is mad at you f:grin hope you guys have a happy thanksgiving.
  • Desdi - Sanctuary
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    Thanks for putting up with all the craze lately and trying to keep the forums clean :3
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  • Maxxxson - Dreamweaver
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    It definetely is great that they do all this work , however i feel they should close a little less Threads right now.

    In my opinion there has to be a visible base of people being seriously upset about the glitch abusing, and seeing 3-5 topics about the same issues might make them more aware of how upset we actually are.
    Instead of just 1 single big topic which they might not even spot while browsing quickly over forums.
  • lacrimesa
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    Much apreciated MODs for your nice work b:victory

    Can you please make a copy of that threads that you fuse and send them to The Lower Depths? That way the threads still can be sorted 1 by 1.
  • Kantero - Harshlands
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    Mods catch more Flak than they deserve, honestly I think they do a rather good job considering. Though yesterdays issues kinda do show how much PWI needs a dedicated CM and perhaps a few more people on the night shift lol.
  • fuzzywuzz
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    It is really nice to read threads such as this, Fuzzy and the mod squad always appreciate it.

    However, as has been the long standing practice with ones such as this, the panda will go ahed and close this thread.

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