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Can it be end game gear?

ThatTankGuy - ArchosaurThatTankGuy - Archosaur Posts: 43 Arc User
edited August 2013 in Seeker
Hey so I wanted to know if I could use this gear as my endgame and still do ok in TW/NW and PK. If not what would I have to do to make it better or what gear should I get. im a DD seeker and am on a small budget. Thanks
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  • Pwnallagain - Heavens TearPwnallagain - Heavens Tear Posts: 206 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    Well for your level it is okay. If you are planning on TWing against factions full of 100+ it wont have any survivability. However if you are having TW between lower level factions it would be alright. I have not looked into Archosaurs TW situation so I cant really give a direct yes/no. In pk and NW you will face a lot of 100+ players with endgame gear, so that build will not hold up. However, as mentioned before unless you are 100+, you wont be competing well anyways. You will do alright for your level but you will struggle in comparison to the 100+ players previously mentioned. My recommendation is to try to hit 100 and at least get tt99. You can find a squad to farm with or you can slowly build coin and buy from the AH. After that stage 2 nirvana armors is a piece of cake with NW around. Same with the weapon.
  • ThatTankGuy - ArchosaurThatTankGuy - Archosaur Posts: 43 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    Hey thanks for the advice I am working on getting to lvl 100 atm and I do find TW a bit hard right now so I think I will have to farm like u said. f:grin
  • Zheii - ArchosaurZheii - Archosaur Posts: 2,732 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    Yup, this is really not EndGame gear sorry D:
    4 years ago you would have been the OP'st thing around but today you'll be nothing but a one shot, which is sad but true.
    As it has been said above getting Nirvana gears is your best bet.
    I wish you luck! :3
    Queen of Silly, circa 2014, as conferred by the late great Proski Wallace.
  • Cantabrum - ArchosaurCantabrum - Archosaur Posts: 246 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    well no. you wont find any tw whit thatgears your simple 1 shotby almost everything and due to to new tw payment of 10m per week is reallyt hard find low lvl tw factions like 80-90s. to have fun whit b:surrender atm tw is just 2-3 per week whit most r999.and couple g16 gears atleast on archo idk about other servers
  • PotatoHeadQR - DreamweaverPotatoHeadQR - Dreamweaver Posts: 2,507 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    um, how can lvl90 gear be endgame? so yeah, under no means endgame.

    however, it is very nice gear for your level and it should even allow you to do the basics around 100. you can grab some cheap mdef ornaments to boost your defences in pvp/magic mobs etc. also, get a sky demon's peal necklace (lvl87, +5% hp).

    not sure what a DD seeker is, I assume it's about not stating vit. on the other hand, having 3 vit and a +10 vit tome is kinda moot, tomes with multiple stats give more stat points. e.g. a same lvl tome with str and vit has +6+7 = 13 stat points. micro optimisation ofc.

    for NW, you will still score some nice points due to people hitting and empty/similarly geared battles.
    you only purge once #yopo
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