Anyone else bothered by people using "APS" as adjective?



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    I just shout, 'looking for idiot to pull aggro from me' an let em dieb:chuckle
    Actually what annoys me the most is how ignorant and talentless these people are and how dependent on it they are.

    Just witnesses some high level veno on WC trying to get a high attack per second class to come tank water boss in Warsong. Wrong tool for the job infact Ruli here is the wrong tool for the job.
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    Yeah, that bugs me so much. Everyone has APS. -.-

    i over look it b/c the average person is dumb... one that really bugs me is "alot" i just want to spam world chat and tell people that its spelled "a lot"
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    This sort of thing normally does bother me, though not where APS is concerned. You have to be dumb not to realize what they are talking about. Really, they're just abbreviating - surely you don't have a problem with "LFS" and expect people to type "Looking For Squad" everytime..etc?
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    The way I see it: ha ha ha -> lol

    One is the sound of laughing and the other is an emote of laughing. Some even spell the laughing variant as "jajaja". No matter which form is used, we can understand that it's the same idea -- laughter.

    In a similar manner, interval is the technical enhancement that increases attack speed, the relevant variable. Whether people use interval, APS, high APS, or other variants of the related terms, one should be able to decipher the meaning of the terms into one category -- a very fast attacking fist/claw/dagger class (usually preconceived as 5.0 APS with demon spark/relentless courage).

    What about the abbreviation DD, which stands for damage dealer? I could punch a mob bare-handed and deal damage. Therefore, I am a damage dealer. b:laugh No. What is really meant by DD is usually a class outside of cleric or barb that specializes in dealing damage rather than squad support. When people look for a damage dealer, do they necessarily have to put "LF high DD"? No. It is commonly understood what DD means once the player has had a chance to explore the game. DD has a different meaning based on what a DD is needed for. This is similar to some of the complaints you guys are giving for labeling APS.

    The complaint posted in the OP is using APS as an adjective. What about people using brand names that eventually catch on to become nouns/verbs? For example, when people say to "google" something. Another example is when people ask to get a "kleenex" instead of saying tissue. APS has become somewhat of a brand name for classes that can attack fast much like how abbreviations like "lol", "brb", "afk", etc. became common use.

    APS as an adjective has become a developed meme that many can easily understand regardless of how it's used. Think of someone who speaks a different language who is limited in English words. For example, I have a German friend who says things like "Ah, between, what are you doing later?". I know she intends to say something like by the way from how she uses the word.

    What about a made up adjective like "butthurt"? It can be used to describe someone who is whining and not actually having butt problems b:chuckle. What about variants of "QQ"? There are words/phrases like "Go QQ", "Stop QQ'ing!", "QQ threads", etc. that exist in games/forums like this. Is using a term like APS as an adjective so far-fetched from pre-existing memes? I think not.

    My point is that internet communication, usually in video games/forums, will have their own developed memes that catch on, whether or not it sounds correct. Formal use of words loses its hold in this form of communication as it is more casual and unnecessary. One would only exercise formal use of words in schoolwork or business-related activities. If any of you are complaining about the use of APS as an adjective and frequently use any existing internet meme, you may just be a hypocrite.

    I have as much grammar OCD as the next person, but when it comes to games/forums/casual internet activities, who really cares how the message is delivered if you are smart enough to decipher what they intend to say? Is it really worth trying to change the masses for something so harmless?

    Try this jumbled paragraph for fun:
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    Personally, the usage of the word "fail" as an adjective bothers me more than the use of "APS" as an adjective. That being said, I completely empathize with the opening poster.

    Generally I use "a/s" instead of "aps". Both are correct, but for some inexplicable reason I prefer "a/s".
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    I do feel it's quite overused, but since I am relatively well-disconnected from the community, I am okay still.

    What annoys me me more are the people that brag about it all day, but also those that incessantly QQ about how 'the game is dead' because of it.
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    I love it when people world chat "looking for aps DDs for nirvana"

    I PM them and tell them I can go, and then when I get into the instance I just auto attack with my R8.

    Sold. Im running with that idea next chance I get.
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    If you can't beat it. Join it.

    Maybe change it from "QUICK NEED MORE DoTS! MORE DoTS!"

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    i my own opinion...a hard pounding DDs such as a for example, a wizard, or psychic, or veno, or mystic or cleric with negative channeling can make up for 1 4-5 aps class in a squad.. constantly spamming their skills.?..keep in mind...negative channeling on casters can be just as fast as a APS DD such as a BM for example, or Sin, or Barb..??

    to me i think, team work works best, no matter how long it takes..this game is made for every class,

    i think those that put down others and discriminate them from a squad or group cause they dont have enuf APS, or not enuf fire kinda bogus...

    cant find a APS u specify?, get a lower APS aka 2.0 DD..who cares if it takes en extra minute..afterall its all about teamwoek..., give people a chance to try for the teamwork..aka nirvana or whatever

    add up that low dmg from fists / claws moving fast..10 hits of a 4-5 APS ca make up for 1 hit from a hard pounding caster in a way

    i have a 2.5 aps SAGE BM lvl 100 on RT 7k HP unbuffed, TT90

    people have to learn to work wiht other classes other than counting on a high APS..makes me think those demanding high APS, think casters with negative channeling are worthless as a DD
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    APS just means u have "no Actual Playing Skills" now if we can just get the N added to it......

    ^-- this +100
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