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Suttra combos (Demon style)



  • Sun_Burn - Lost CitySun_Burn - Lost City Posts: 579 Arc User
    edited March 2011
    @sun - you're demon right?

    sage b:pleased
  • MageFizban - Lost CityMageFizban - Lost City Posts: 1,158 Arc User
    edited March 2011
    1. Well i won several times in steadfast room in cube by casting expel on others and it worked all the time ..

    Because more than half of DW is clueless.

    Anyway, I liked using the dpyro->gush->pyro->dpyro->(sandstorm) sutra combo. I rarely used sutra though. I used it more before they added in a fix for expel.
  • Lolomgwtfbbq - Lost CityLolomgwtfbbq - Lost City Posts: 74 Arc User
    edited April 2011
    maybe you guys should try playing on a pvp server before recommending those sutra combos if ur gonna use 4 sparks atleast do it right sutra>d.pyro>BT most ppl will drop cuz of charm bypass so u dont waste all ur time if bt doesnt drop them add pyro>gs that will finish the job. Man havent been to wiz forum in forever but didnt think pve had so many baddies >.> i sutra every now and then but if i do i use sutra>gs>ss>d,pyro>pyro theres normally a crit amongst those so there prolly dead after
  • Yulk - Raging TideYulk - Raging Tide Posts: 49 Arc User
    edited April 2011
    Diamond sutra is better.

    Thanks for Flauschkatze for siggy b:cool

    VIT > STR > DEX > MAG... GG
    HA > LA > AR... GG

    HA + VIT = win b:bye
  • Asthariel - DreamweaverAsthariel - Dreamweaver Posts: 498 Arc User
    edited April 2011
    Diamond sutra is better.

    b:chuckle I don't think wizzies give a dam about it, it's not the BM forum here b:bye
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