Cultivation Bug

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Hi, I recently got my Cultivation quest in Perfect World. I am now up to the extended quest called "Gathering Items" Which I have to "Find the Wand of Power from the Icewind Sniper, the Robe of Life from the Icewind Priest, and the Source of Soul from the Icewind Chief"
It autopaths me to the mobs near Avalanche Ridge. It has the blue light, indicating that it's the mob to kill for the quest and even has the quest drop detail displaying on it, whenever I hover my mouse over them. I killed about 100 of these mobs and I didn't get any of the quest drop items. So I also heard that there were similar named mobs in the "Valley of Sacred" in the Chrono world. So I found them.. The Icewind Priest to be exact, and killed about 40 of them. They didnt have the blue light to indicate they were for the quest , so it was a waste of time. But If I kill either of the mobs in the main world or valley of sacred. I don't get the drops. Please help me. I am spending too much time on something that seems bugged.
This is the quest -


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    The recent update changed it so cultivation quests no longer require you to enter any of the Chrono world maps so the mainland mobs would be the ones you kill to get the items. The item drop itself is an 80% chance to drop so its high but not guaranteed, may need to kill a few of each mob before you get the drop and hopefully you wont have bad RNG and have to kill several before it finally drops.
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    I have gotten the proper drops and have done the quest twice. I've just returned and thought maybe my quest was screwed up because I could not find Lu Fan, Npc, I think the name is, after I finished. So I dropped the quest and did it over. When I got to the multi colored keys completed yet again, No Npc again. So I put a ticket in for the quest yesterday.
    The GM/Chat produced ticket is still open with no reply yet. At this point, I'm not sure, but I'm not going to push it yet, due to the holiday, maybe. Certainly seems something has screwed up. other people are reporting the same problem in World Chat. When I hear something I'll certainly come here and report what's been found, unless someone else has more information that can provide some sort of work around. Best wishes!
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    From what I know, the staff are aware that the Lu Fan NPC is missing and are seeing about getting him spawned in a future maintenance. I'm not sure when that would happen, though.

    There's no known workaround so you'll have to wait until they bring the NPC in unfortunately.
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    Ok, Thanks so much, obielle! I guess I'll just begin my second rebirth, then, while we wait. Maybe look into switching to Sage instead. Demon looks terrible to me anymore anyway :)
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    The recent update changed it so cultivation quests no longer require you to enter any of the Chrono world maps

    I waited for almost 3 weeks for some people to help me opening Delta so I could finish my culti but in the end I just did my RB2. Next time I wait for answers like this since the "new" bosses can be killed now without waiting for some activity. Only bad part for me right now is the levelling. At lvl 50 again so no need (for me) to finish my culti asap. Thanks for your info.
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    This has again been passed back to the Dev team to look at the issue, Sorry at this point I dont have any time scales.

    Again this is one of a few issues we are currently keeping an eye on and will not be forgotten.