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Future expansions/changes?

betuoubetuou Posts: 23 Arc User
So my question is directed at the players that also play pwChina or anyone really that has this information no point asking officials we all know why :/ .Ive seen some content that hasnt been implemented yet in the last expansion, at least to my knowledge (I could be missinformed didnt get the chance to check everything), but people were discussing them before we got the expansion.Things like:

Upgrades for jaden/nw necklace or jaden belt/destroyer and r9 ring(pack item).
A npc where you could pay a monthly fee for g17r5 weapons.
Separate bag for mounts and flyers and titles you get from having them and titles for having fash sets.
Upgrade from r8r helm to crown of apex.And more.

The question is was all of this implemented in pwChina all at once?Together with skill changes for classes or new sky lvl and all the other things that we did get or was it sooner or later?Can we expect these things to eventually come to us as well?Because it would be nice to know if its worth collecting mounts , flyers and fash or holding off on buying crown of madness if you could farm it one day.Ive only recently returned to the game so im not really up to date as to when these changes happened in pwChina.If they were added before the content update that we recently got theres slim chances that we will ever get them but if that happened after thats something to look forward for and prepare for. thank you :)


  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 1,152 Community Moderator
    So I don't play PWCN personally but I do follow their updates regularly. The NPC with G17 weapon rental was supposed to come last content update but we didn't get it. There was also a daily quiz event that we were supposed to get that we never got (I think it just gave EXP so I don't understand why we didn't get it).

    As for the upgrades to the necklaces and belts, that was in an update some months after PWCN's Northern Realms expansion so I imagine we'll get these in our next content update. For the mount/flyer bag (unofficially named Illustrated Book), the fashion portion of this came out in between their expansions so it might be out for the content update as well. They only just got the mount/flyer portion of it, so we will not likely see it until next year or so. Same thing with the r8r helm to Crown of Apex (I assume you mean from the new version of the Battle Royale).

    China tends to do their updates in more frequent clusters, and we'll receive a few of their updates in one content update or expansion. I'm pretty sure we'll get the Illustrated Book portion since it's a pretty large system and I don't think PWCN would want to make massive changes for us. We should also get the updated Battle Royale too.

    The rest I'm not sure about. I've been wanting to bring up the issue of the G17 Rental/Quiz to the staff to get an official answer on why we didn't get these when I'm pretty sure every other version of Perfect World has gotten those features.
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