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noguerassnoguerass Posts: 7 Arc User
Please, just 2 simple questions.

Where should I look for the currently active arc codes?

How do I know when there is a new code?


  • oldphart55oldphart55 Posts: 66 Arc User
    current codes 0N3OeVPo=Jones kF3S8zKE=omalley
  • noguerassnoguerass Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited March 21
    I meant the codes we get along the year.

    Those you mention are just the blessing codes... and I don't want the codes themselves, I want to know where to find them, so I don't have to ask once a week xd
  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 493 Arc User

    When using Arc just go to this forum post: Official Announcements -> New Blessing codes 2020.
    When using an Internet browser: https://arcgames.com/en/forums/pwi/#/discussion/1210398/new-blessing-codes-2020

    Latest code was written in News and spread in PWI by using world chat.
  • mitapi#9696 mitapi Posts: 28 Arc User
    Generally they post them on the news page, however they also sometimes post on their facebook page or maybe even twitter, though thats a long time ago.
    People are pretty good at letting others know though, so usually world chat is sufficient.

    Other than that, I would recommend the PWI wikipedia page for arc codes, which usually gets updated quite fast with that kind of things.
  • gas2016#5086 gas2016 Posts: 66 Arc User
    Facebook is mainly used for devianart images and news about boutique updates. No need to visit facebook. I don't know about twitter and other social media PWE used in the past. All became a bit inactive and that would be the main reason they searched for an influencer.

    World Chat is the best place to get or ask for codes.
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