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Can we PLEASE get better graphics in PWI?!

jjone316jjone316 Posts: 1 Arc User
I was just wondering why this game looks the exact same since I started playing in 2009? Flat grass, 2D trees, no footprints in the snow, no horizon, no weather elements, zero survival tactics as well as crappy flat faced characters that never show emotion or even break a sweat when fighting. It would also be nice to see a change in graphics as far as castings and physical damage dealt to players. Knock backs should knock other players on the ground. As much money that has been put into characters I'm really disappointed that a mobile game was created (which sucks btw) instead of investing that time and energy into updating the graphics in the online game first. I know people have said before they would like a graphics update. If we are investing real money into a game that we love to play then the graphics should be comparable if not better than the newer games that are coming out in 2020.
Also, why are there so many different "time zone" servers, why not combine servers and have one big open world, or have 2 servers only PVP/PVE or change it up to where we can pick which server we would like to play on? It could increase questing and squading techniques as well as Territory Wars and improve the gameplay experience as a whole. Really disappointed in the lack of care given to the graphics in PWI.

If things stay the same, instead of bringing in new people to play, its going to be reroll after reroll of alts and older players and no new players will ever want to play because the graphics are so behind the times. Something has to change. I love the game but the graphics are ****. :(


  • kenshin151kenshin151 Posts: 82 Arc User
    jjone316 wrote: »
    As much money that has been put into characters I'm really disappointed that a mobile game was created (which sucks btw) instead of investing that time and energy into updating the graphics in the online game first.
    I wonder the same thing.

    But at the same time, I know the answer...
    It's because china devs don't care about the PC version of PW. They are too lazy to improve the graphics, as doing so in an existing game takes a lot more work than creating a new game from scratch.

    Also, because they believe that creating a new game, and mobile, they will profit more by sucking money from the muggles that will migrate there, and spend again everything they already spent on the PC version.

    Unfortunately, the traditional PC PW has its days numbered. I don't know how it hasn't been shut down yet, but it is certain that this will happen very soon, at least outside China.
  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,873 Community Moderator
    PWCN are currently working on the game engine. If your settings are maxed then I'm surprised your saying so. For a 12+ year old game it's not surprising don't forget Dev time also.

    As for the mobile version we know they have didacated to keeping pc version for now anyway.

    Time will tell.

  • keshmarchkeshmarch Posts: 6 Arc User
    Call me crazy, but I have a hypothesis.

    PW Mobile is very strange. Not only as the monsters you fight in it directly matching PWI's monsters in design(although updated versions), but the map is almost 1:1 as well, excluding logical modifications like north of Etherblade and east of Archosaur. Dungeons are still there, but different/updated. And content updates? Mostly seem to match what's in PWI already, like housing and ekllements like Cube of Fate but under different English names(most likely as a result of different translation teams).

    I'm thinking that PWM is the developer's way of sneaking in a gargantuan graphics and mechanics overhaul into PWCN/PWI. Since they can't overhaul everything in 1 year, and they need funding to continue development, they overhauled a small amount to start with and actually made it a separate game for now - PWM - to monetize what graphics & mechanics updates they have so far, as to help with development costs of the rest. After everything is updated to PWM, they'll ort it into the PC version and we'll have essentially a brand-new game to play with.

    ...hopefully, of course.
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