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Wrongly Accused Ban

berryberry1234berryberry1234 Posts: 16 Arc User
A few years ago I quit PWI on my main account. A little while later I logged in to check what was up and chat with some in-game friends. In the middle of it, I got the "You have been booted" pop-up and I couldn't log back in, I think a **** of some sort was taking place.

Another little while later (say a week or so) PWI told me my account got a permanent ban. I talked to them and they told me I sold the account, which I did not do at all.

Recently I came back and wanted to play on my main account and tried to recover again but I'm getting the same auto-reply-ish thing that they made a decision years ago and that there will be no further action taken.

Right now they closed my ticket 3 times without answering me at all.

Is this current PWE's way of treating their customers? I don't like starting from scratch and I've spent much money in the game (for that age, read 15yrs old).

Is there anything I can do to get PWE to listen to me just a little?


  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 757 Arc User
    Try the online chat. You cant discuss ban there I think but tell them you have a problem getting the ticket ppl to listen to you
  • datsangdatsang Posts: 162 Arc User
    If you legit didnt do anything wrong, I feel sorry for you because PWEs support staff is a skeleton crew. As such they will be very reluctant to do anything, which involves more than copy paste responses. Its a **** company and if you arent invested in the the game(s) they provide, just stay away.
  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,239 Community Moderator
    edited March 2019
    Their is an email address in my signature. Please use the email associated with the account.

    You can email them using that. My advise is be polite and understanding. Give as much info as you can or is needed.

    Sadly as bans can't be discussed on here I need to close.

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