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new update discussion

dbfarmer1#6868 dbfarmer1 Posts: 92 Arc User
edited January 2019 in General Discussion
force log still not existent,,
no blessing.
more stuff to cs.
low drop rate of g17 mats to farm even on x2..
and more stuff to cs again.
less and less people do haspon now coz u put lvl 7 on packs..
i wont even bother with acoustic... u put it on packs as well so low price..
im not even gonna be wondering if you gonna put soul tempers on shop as well some time in the future.
no upgrade for r93....
trials still a time waster than a FARMING instance... meh rewards for 2 hrs....
the list goes on.....

im pretty sure 90% of the server won't be getting the WHOLE g17 armor set any time soon might take forever..

so the update... did it make you wanna play the game again?
im not sure... 6 more of my friends left including me... hmmm nice start of the year...
say what u want in here.. positive or negative..


  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 612 Arc User
    so the update... did it make you wanna play the game again?

    No, idgaf about updates, daily quests, events etc. and yes I play the game on a daily basis because I'm still addicted to PWI. If G17 is so important for people I'm sure they will leave the (AFK) spots in SZ: time for some fun lol.
  • hypnosian123hypnosian123 Posts: 116 Arc User
    people quit at this patch just for 2 reasons:
    no NA r9r3 in repository, no NA r9r3 in g17 forges

    if we had both of this done i am quite sure people would be less frustrated​​
  • eeepsiloneeepsilon Posts: 294 Arc User
    I didn't really quit on this patch. I stop playing a few months ago when I felt the game was not worth it anymore, and all my friends left. I come back now and then to see if there is something worth to return to, but the answer to that has been <<NO>> to me all the times. If we add to that the fact that I lost the files of the games due a faulty hard drive, I will just ignore this update and go back to other MMO I play.

    I may try this game again when they bring those new clases, if the game survives till that time. But I would come back just to try the classes from a pve perspective. Not really gonna waste more time and effort on pvp here since is a joke.
  • kittythecat2013kittythecat2013 Posts: 54 Arc User
    I was away for a few months and came back for a while...
    I made a new DB and felt first hand the difference of power between Royal Sky + Passives and Mirage Sky w/o passives.
    Using the same set between my sin and the DB.. their best pve hit is 7m by the sin and 280k by the DB.
    So it was clear that those Vitae dailies were indispensable.
    And so my tedious days started again... doing the same things over and over like a ****.
    It didn't take long for me to lose all interest again.
    Stopped doing JFSP even tho my main toons need only 4 cards to be all RA2 Morai.
    Stopped farming bc there wasn't much energy left after dailies on 4 Toons.
    Couldn't stop doing Homestead or else the price to cleanse becomes salty.
    I really only played for over 3 months because the new toon had a lot of different things to do.
    All the culti, all the skill learning, combos, how to play it in FW, JFSP, AEU, EU.. etc.
    When it was over and all there was left to do was farm books, vitae and primal bloods it became tedious again.
    So this is what awaits you in PWI.
    Boring dailies that makes you wish you knew how to code so that you could make a bot to get rid of basic dailies.
    I REALLY wish I new how to code.
    I would even make 8 characters to solo JFSP SK way and QSM... (my sin still need -0.05 interval to have a 5 aps base R8S3 set. Plus, R8S3 is a realy good base set for alts.. My cleric could be -76% channeling with the right rolls on R8S3).
  • bakujiroubakujirou Posts: 48 Arc User
    edited January 2019

    I had this same problem once. Its really tempting to stretch yourself thin to gear up alts with Sky Levels and passives (on top of other Daily "commitments"), but you really should avoid if possible. I basically to cut my activity around 6 characters down to 2 characters max for Vitae+HS+BH quests (usually skip MBH unless its JFSP/sometimes DDH/IBU) and only use the others for BH if I feel like I have the time/energy for it after that stuff's done.

    Once I get those two to Twilight 6 and get their cultivation done, I can slow down on running Vitae stuff on those two and look elsewhere to try other things.
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    Galefang [PWpedia]

  • brantanorbrantanor Posts: 72 Arc User
    I came back a couple of months ago after a year break and jumped back in again doing dailies and instances.
    A few things i noticed stayed the same or even got worse :

    - it takes a very long time to farm for any gear worthwile using, even only for pvE. Going rank means you need a LOT of WS badges or find some other way to get/buy rep badges.
    - Every instance worth doing at high levels is gated behind a daily item. Those are the instances that can bring in the cash you need to get the items/upgrades you need.
    - Homesteads are a coin sink and only needed If you decide to get a G17 weapon. But for that you need to invest coin into it in the first place to level your HS.
    - G16 gear is 'endgame' for those that do NOT go the rank path. And that is only good for mostly PvE gameplay since any decent Rank player will kill you in an instant.
    - Rank 9 is still very very expensive and is now surpassed by something even more time consuming and expensive, G17.
    - G17, although an 'upgrade' to R8 and R9 , is very hard to get for non rank players and an item like the Moon stone of Punishment isn't even available for 99.99% of players. I personally haven't seen ONE drop yet from keys/packs. So that makes any G17 "set" incomplete.
    - Some upgrades, like the G17 rings, are placed behind a -forced- PvP instance. If you want to upgrade further you need to win battles, which for an average player is near impossible against R9R3+12 full devil.
    - The only way to make money without spending RL cash, is to either use alts-catshops buy/sell, or farm your **** off for months on end and only spending it on the char of your choice. Because more (higher lvl) alts = more cost.

    So, unless you want to pour a crapload of cash into the game in order to stay in the top 30% of players (both pvp and pve), i'd say skip this game or treat it as what it is : a waste of time for a rainy day or when you don't have any better game to play.

    For me personally, i spend my time here waiting for another game to come out in March. And it's predecessor cost me 65 dollar for over 2000 hrs spend in it. That's 3 cents/hr played, on 4 chars that have all their gear maxed out(i mean really max, think of it as being G17R5+12 on 4 triple 105's). Now THAT is what i call a good cost/fun ratio. Not this fueled by company greed poorly designed garbage. It's a shame it's so addictive, esp when you made friends ingame.
  • johny#8820 johny Posts: 4 New User
    i play the game daily but i have never noticed are wanted to care about the update. it seem to me that the people designing this game dont play the game. they only see it through a very narrow channel of players and couldnot report all the needed. I find the game getting worse over time and some Apknite mobile games are even more compelling to me.
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