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GOLD..... is there really a shortage?

this argument is really funny. i occasionally cs and help the "POOR" side of pwi community i mean the free players get auto pot that they need for 6m.. i sell it cheap since i basically dont need anything at this point from what i can see there is not really a shortage since the "BIG WHALES" of twilight temple can still buy 1k gold per week... so is there really a reason that gold should be 10m+? when only a small portion of players get even 10m+ per day... they raised it to 10m+ as if the whole server can even do up and dh for daily income.
much of these items that free players sell are still priced same as when gold was 2m+... which makes things interesting. unless they fix this problem the population will bleed until no one left to buy overpriced stuff by csers... . this thing is still not addressed on several "content update" i mean population bleeding update. i will just say goodluck to us if there is even players left playing this game.


  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 613 Arc User
    If PWE decides to make all items in the boutique bound to the character, people will loose interest in selling gold except for selling gold via AH. This is not going to happen since we have charge rewards, spend rewards and all kind of weekend sales so if someone want to buy something for 10m+ per gold, other players should simply sell it.
  • niicabrniicabr Posts: 33 Arc User
    What i can tell you is (at least on archosaur is this way), while players still willing to pay high price for the gold, it will never go down! Thats a fact.
    Ok, the dungeons drops price still the same as before, but the game added a lot of money in the game in many ways (most part of it by Pack spend promo a few months ago, that money still on the game with a lot of players saving things till now). So, this way the coin itself dont worth too much, and there is just a few golds circulating on the game (even i'm saving lot of golds).
    Players dont sell it unless a real cool spend promo or awesome sales, and when there are awesome sales, the price will obviously go higher due to the high demand.
  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 758 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    Its just a demand vs supply thing as per usual, the actual number is irrelevant. We could be selling 1 million gold per day across the server and still be on a shortage, that if the demand was lets say 2 million gold per day.

    Considering so much ingame stuff is boutique based now and spend promo related Im not surprised with our current gold prices.
  • unluckygeckounluckygecko Posts: 38 Arc User
    The constant cycle of charge and spend promos is a big problem. There is no reason to charge or spend when non of the respective promos are going on. That keeps a lot of gold just locked up in waiting. Also, there is no real reason to sell your gold to other people, at least not in any significant amount. What are you gonna use coins for? Pretty much any end game content is locked behind real life cash, so you're better off with gold anyway.​​
  • one funny thing is that everything that i can sell on the game is lowering on prices.. glyphs,g17 mats.. heck the price of g16 manu services is 2010... so .... if the prices of what u sell is lowering ... and price of gold is getting higher ..... where do those whales of pwi gets their 1b /3 days............ funny question
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