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drop rate is totally messed up

udham80udham80 Posts: 2 Arc User
I am farming mobs for getting mat for tail skill and mob and my level is same and drop rate is near 7% but in 1 hour i got one mat so its really totally messed and pwi dev team is supposed to fix it or can not lvel up my tailoring skills


  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 967 Community Moderator
    The drop rate isn't broken, it's just low. If it's a 7% drop rate it doesn't mean that you're guaranteed a drop every 14 monsters. A lot of the time the drop rate is lower because a lot of factors go into it. Pwdatabase has a page that explains drop rate a bit which you can find here: http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/drop

    Basically, if you look at a mob in pwdatabase, there is the "how many server count drop rate". This is how many times it will run through the "drop rate of several items" table. So if the server count drop rate is 1, then it runs through that table once, and the mob might drop 0-3 items. If the server count drop rate is 2, then it would be 0-6 items. If the server decides the mob will drop 1 or more items it will then pick an item from the default drop table to drop, and it might have a 7% chance to drop that item.

    So in conclusion, the drop chance is not really 7% but a much smaller number, unless the monster is guaranteed to drop at least 1 item every time it is killed.
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  • phantomforce#4598 phantomforce Posts: 397 Community Moderator
    The drop rate being 7% means that every kill you have a 7% chance of getting that drop.

    So let's say you kill 100 mobs in an hour.
    Each mob has a 7% chance.
    If I use the formula on this page to do the calculation, then you have a 99.92948 percent chance of the item dropping once.​​
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