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Multi-Clienting Temporarily Disabled - Discussion



  • schnubbelpuhschnubbelpuh Posts: 34 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    Oh, come on - For nine years, x players say after every update, "Mimimi, I'll stop, I'll never cash again!" And they have been with us for years and cash on. PWI is highly addictive and people keep playing. Or even better: new players come because this is no longer such a hard abuse takes place.

    PWI invited the players to use the fridge, but many players went and did not take anything out of the fridge but immediately stole the fridge. The couch. The TV!

    We owe this measure to all those idiots who could not keep logging in just two accounts.

    And those who shout loudest here are probably just these idiots. Use the auction house or opt for shop or game. If you do not want to play anymore, bye-bye, new ones may come along and maybe stick to the house rules. We are only Guests here - no one has to come back.

    And BTW families are not affected. Different PCs, different clients.
  • fury85fury85 Posts: 277 Arc User
    I encoutered many problem after this update because my PWI client is not installed on the PC but I copy/paste the game folder from my old PC.
    If I log on Arc and I click on Play button, nothing happen. Same if, after log in Arc, i manually open Patcher or Launcher, nothing happen.

    I found a solution that I posted here: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/pwi/#/discussion/1208550/cant-login-to-server-after-last-update

    Hope can be helpful.
    Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone
  • jotaro85jotaro85 Posts: 2 Arc User
    At this point im gonna contact: https://ec.europa.eu/anti-fraud/olaf-and-you/report-fraud_en
    I m going to ask if this is allowed. Real money is involved here. People has been building their toons by using real money with the purpose of multiclienting, since there isnt ANYTHING about multiclient in the ToS ( i've read it many times ). Changing the rules now it means fraud. So i suggest to all of you , who has been "scammed" to report this to that website (for europeans) and something similar for US players.
  • lolitalottielolitalottie Posts: 20 Arc User
    edited February 2018

    What a sad sight to login this morning. Where the usual catshops would be, the areas are dead. What a great incentive for new players to come aboard.

    Due to the nature of obtaining things like Acoustic Media's etc + general merching I feel that 3-4 Clients should be allowed. I play a variety of games and this is one of the nicest things about PWI. Being able to login, potter around and do your dailies on 1-2 clients at the same time, chat + have shop running in the background. Please take into consideration that this has worked for quite some time and people like this method. I've seen so many changes in PWI over the years, the terrible decisions but this is absolutely by far the worst thing you could have done.

    As for the ARC Platform I honestly don't mind it. Not too impressed with the relog/dc/restart of client thing you have going on.

  • eaglestormeaglestorm Posts: 46 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    Even sadder sight, i cant log in at all and neither can a few friends...... all this for what reason exactly? cos people by pass arc?
  • mistressanimistressani Posts: 94 Arc User
    Seriously you devs/ China keep doing stuff to make this less and less appealing why don't you just man up and announce a "Shut down date " already I'm tried of your **** good bye
  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    Imagine if they had force-activated arc defender as well :D that would be way worse for most :D
  • irmooseirmoose Posts: 72 Arc User
    Is it too early to start drinking?

    Thank god I have one account..
  • gadjgadj Posts: 6 Arc User
    Okay so I got a disconnect and now I cannot force log into my character for over 10 minutes. Something needs to be fixed so that I can force log into character if the internet gets a disruption.
  • tabaloultabaloul Posts: 159 Arc User
    this is one of the worst calls PWI has ever made
    you are not going to solve anything with this, except probably you just killed the game...
    who wants to abuse will still find a way to abuse, log bots on different machines, emulate windows on same machine and open more instances of arc on same computer etchetera etchetera

    besides bots why there is all this account sharing\selling problem?
    because this is forbidden when it should be regulated instead....
    give us the NPC that china has to sell trade accounts​​
  • dingo488dingo488 Posts: 936 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    Lmao jesus, what is this clownfiesta, everyone panicking even though the title clearly says its intended to only be temporarily. I'm sure they have a good reason for these changes, and I seriously doubt you can actually no longer log multiple clients... In the past I've always logged multiple clients while still using ARC. I guess the intention here is to stop clientless logging, to run scripts, but who knows... since I'm on Twilight Temple I can tell easily enough if the clientless scipters are no longer logging on, since thats probable where the majority of them are x) But who cares, I'm sure they'll figure it out...

    IGN: Madskillz
  • lucasgreencornlucasgreencorn Posts: 4 Arc User
    So As a player from Beta Arch Server, late 2007. I have spent much $ here and many more spend more then me I might have spent 2-3k witch is alot to some and few too others. I used wisely as i could. Now the point of all this is. Some people do this to more then one account and would make teams of their own because if pwi taught us anything is not all people can be reliable. So we cover our backs and do it our self, since many spent alot of money on more then one class to complete the end game goal, taking away multi client feature is almost like saying here we are taking away all your seats in your car just yours will be left and your family will have to suffer once at a time. Thats what your doing to the pwi right now, all those accounts who spent alot of money, yep goodbye that slows down their coin and it's already really bad making money in game if you dont spent for Gold. If you wanna put a stop to abusers and keep a happy medium, put a cap of 4 cilents or 5 max and have your Game Tech deal with tracking that exact number. I have seen the impacts of people leaving game hence the merge of LC and Sanc, you do this and it will be all 4 servers or more into 1-2 . You kill the game by limiting people. The Internet was ment for breaking limits not making them. Don't go back into stone ages. pwi i love you but this is not how i play, one char, no merchant, no help, no bp . .. no xXUmekoXx . TW Server -
  • sub4evilsub4evil Posts: 3 Arc User
    way to pwi game wont load what to do
  • iamnotnormaliamnotnormal Posts: 66 Arc User
    MalenaNorthway - twilight temple. bye bye to everyone in honesty guild.
    i think thats it for me as well. take care everyone... i will find a new game that is not run by arc.
  • tek1nigtek1nig Posts: 793 Arc User
    normal-14.gifI can't believe I've now played long enough to see such a thing come to pass. This brings tears to my eyes watching my favorite game being struck such a critical blow. tiger-14.gif

    Friends and faction members in 1 fell swoop have lost the ability to login as they never used trash ARC platform. Now it requires people to input pins to emails most of us older players don't even have access to anymore pig-14.gif

    bear-14.gifWhy all these years were we instructed given specific methods to DISABLE arc so that our gaming would not be affected? Do you realise there are specific guides on these forums by GM's / CM's alike instructing us how to disable arc and enable the Debug console for legal changes like:

    1-UNFREEZING THE CLIENT - to allow for us to tab out the game without issue and still see whats going on in-game.
    2-Checking our Acc wallet history from the Character DB file - As the support team and billing seem to have trouble researching anything past the implementation of ARC this fixes that.
    3-Changing the time of day. I get home from and server is always in perma night time so its cancerous easily using the debug console i can change the ingame time and bring out the beautiful sun and even big for Screenshots lighting.

    monkey-14.gifYou and your team need to come up with an entire separate solution independent from ARC. Arc is and has always been a scourge on this community implemented and giving issues since day 1 for years on end. Save us from this giant mistake

    fish-3.gifPlease if there is any power left in your hands this needs to be rolled back. This is a change that brought me to tears because you don't need to be a rocket scientist to realise the implications of such a move. Of such a change. This marks the true end to the game I've fought for and stood by for so many years of my life.

    fox-14.gif-- Save our community, Don't let it end like this --
    Assassin - SyntherosX - 105, 105, 105 Calc : https://mypers.pw/13/#654396
    Loyal Perfect World Player 9 Year Vet.
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  • sylenthundersylenthunder Support Guru Posts: 3,061 Community Moderator
    yall do understand that they are just going to patch it again in a few days to tie the client to arc more firmly, most likely at the expense of stability right?

    especially when you share info like this right in front of their faces.

    they are going to do it out of spite.
    right because they wouldnt know that something is up because they see dozens of two instances of same ip and mac address on at the same time ?

    You do know that arc logs and verifies ip and mac both ?

    So does the game client every time you log in. Has since the beginning of time.​​
  • coinsruscoinsrus Posts: 131 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    Gotta love how PWI takes 10 years to fix well-known issues and therefore penalise a whole community by taking away the last years of multi-clienting setup everyone has acquired over the years.

    Well played.

    On another note though, for the first time since I've been on pwi, in this thread, I saw a GM acknowledge JoJ bots.
    This might not be a bad day after all.
  • wibleswibles Posts: 57 Arc User
    Not gonna read everything that's been said up until now, cause I'm already too irritated and thoroughly disappointed with this decision; so many ways this is hurting how the players access, play, use, and enjoy the game.

    But gonna just skip that whole topic and just say that you need to patch in a function for us to force log. This has been purely a function INSIDE the game client and NOT in arc, and now by forcing the client log-in screen to be USELESS you've taken away the entire means of force logging. Meaning any account that is frozen... any client that is unresponsive... that account can not be accessed, even if you are the owner and provide the credentials.

    This was clearly such a rush job; we're missing vital functions, and you've provided VERY LITTLE support for why you've done it and how you'll fix it. You dont even have a tentative timeline for when you intend to implement these changes into arc that will allow us to go back to multi-clienting "on a limited level," meaning that you dont even have those fixes planned yet.

    A decision that has this much impact on how the game is played should have been handled with more consideration.
    If nothing else, force logging needs restored. Sooner than this arc overhaul you're just now brainstorming.
  • mimiskysa#4762 mimiskysa Posts: 35 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    Guys.. its only temporary. Its good that they're trying to find a solution to whatever security breach that happened. They'll get things figured out but btching at them through forums isn't going to make the process any faster. They gotta test things and make sure that when it gets released for everyone that arc doesn't break to where we can't even log in our accounts. It could be worse; if it was a super huge issue they could just shut down servers for a few days to figure this out. Just chill, things'll be fixed.
  • zcorpanzcorpan Posts: 4 Arc User

    Guys.. its only temporary. Its good that they're trying to find a solution to whatever security breach that happened. They'll get things figured out but btching at them through forums isn't going to make the process any faster. They gotta test things and make sure that when it gets released for everyone that arc doesn't break to where we can't even log in our accounts. It could be worse; if it was a super huge issue they could just shut down servers for a few days to figure this out. Just chill, things'll be fixed.

    Well they waited this long why not wait a lil longer untill they actually had a work around that allow multi then is my question?
  • coinsruscoinsrus Posts: 131 Arc User
    zcorpan wrote: »
    Guys.. its only temporary. Its good that they're trying to find a solution to whatever security breach that happened. They'll get things figured out but btching at them through forums isn't going to make the process any faster. They gotta test things and make sure that when it gets released for everyone that arc doesn't break to where we can't even log in our accounts. It could be worse; if it was a super huge issue they could just shut down servers for a few days to figure this out. Just chill, things'll be fixed.

    Well they waited this long why not wait a lil longer untill they actually had a work around that allow multi then is my question?

    but but....they found an issue :s
  • morphozemorphoze Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    Perhaps, the main reason is this:


    PWI doesn't know how to handle LAN-networks, so GMs don't allow those players to play, nor to keep cat shops.

    @kalystconquerer#0876 btw, regarding your (and entire pwi community's ) shop-alt to sell items, GM EdgeWater doesn't allow that. Reason: "It's just a cat shop alt". In other words, "useless".
  • bawwwrbawwwr Posts: 1 Arc User
    Because of all these changes a lot of people have been banned for no reason at all. They had a lot of items and coin that they had paid for only recently. I think this comes into the category of "theft" from pwi since they took back what they gave from the buyer in exchange for the money they recieved. The only way pwi will care about customer satisfaction is if enough people chargeback.
  • evilsmakersevilsmakers Posts: 182 Arc User
    Its not 6v6,but *Suspicious issues* ok..........

    I think pwi own us an explanation for this kind of Suspicious issues,i can't acces 90% of my alts cuz they were made on very old mails that even hotmail closed,they all were used for HS now i will keep loosing hs mats and fee of cleaning house on all till it fixed,if it gona be fixed and all that cuz of
    *Suspicious issues*???

    Can we stop the mentality of damaging everyone cuz of few ?

    Hope at least we get refunds,cuz i am still waiting for my 3v3 refund that i stil didn't get yet......

    The GG
  • mgtpmgtp Posts: 1 Arc User
    Here's a question...... Will this affect those pesking JoJ botters?

    I trully hope thats the reason!
  • pola#9937 pola Posts: 3 Arc User
    + How to multi-client

    In order to be able to login multiple accounts:
    1. Log in to the game trough arc and
    2. After you are logged in (in the client), kill Arc process on the task manager.
    3. Now you can log-in into another arc account and then in the game.

    Thanks @LetticiaOrtiz for sharing this information with us!

    Just repost @everyone knows
  • cyberomega45cyberomega45 Posts: 175 Arc User
    Our faction just got our base reopened and were excited, now this. With the base lockdown from the latest expansion, which put a stress on the gaming community, then this happens. I understand there has been a security breach, but the timing wasn't good. Honestly even if they fix the security breach, you really think hackers won't do it again? Microsoft Windows has updates all the time to fix security breaches. I hope not being able to duel client is only temporary, when I mean temporary, within a few days to about a week, not normal PWI temporary which means months like them fixing the rubber band glitch on the bridges in Archosaur.
  • foxyspfoxysp Posts: 33 Arc User
    As someone has already pointed out if you log in using arc the debugger console is unavailable, I had my client set up to run without arc and included console command to unfreeze the window - this mean if I had 2 clients on screen I could be playing on one, and reading the chat on the other without constantly switching between screens.
    The other reason for not running arc is that it is bloatware. PWI itself has turned into a memory hog - it seems the devs gave up optimising memory in the game long ago. With two game clients running I do not want to run arc as well.

    So, my previous login was a simple shortcut to the game client using the shortcut
    "C:\Perfect World Entertainment\Perfect World International\element\elementclient.exe" startbypatcher console:1 rendernofocus
    (rendernofocus unfreezes non-active game windows)
    so I simply
    ... fired up pwi
    ... logged in
    ... selected server and char

    now my login will consist of ...
    ... fire up arc (and wait for it)
    ... login arc
    ... click play on pwi (and wait for it to check updates)
    ... select server and char
    ... go to task manager
    ...... kill Arc Chat process
    ...... kill all ArcOSBrowser processes
    ...... kill Arc Update proces
    ... switch to game and play

    even then Arc Bloatware leave me with these processes running which I cannot close down
    ... ArcOSOverlay ... 61,484 k memory usage
    ... ArcOSOverlay ... 13,212 k memory usage

    For me the real killjoy of this update will be losing the ability to have both game screens active. If I have chars logged on who are in different factions I will either be tabbing constantly, or missing out on a lot of chat.
    Has access to the console facility been totally removed under arc, or is there another way to access the various functions?

    I'm really losing the will to play PWI
  • mahousenshimahousenshi Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited February 2018
    Why not just do like China and have both a p2p version and f2p version? Maybe make the p2p version a cheap monthly subscription and do an overhaul on the Boutique (which the free version needs that anyway, too.) And in the p2p version, how about having one main account, and then linking your other PWI accounts together and give the option to multiclient those accounts however many you want on the same computer? (And most p2p games have better customer service, so hopefully that'll come with it...) I've never wanted to pay in order to play PWI, but at this point I think having a p2p option and lowering the prices of stuff in-game (or making some things completely free) sounds better. I've been playing PWI for 9 years, and I don't have enough time to grind for money (mom of 2 kids), and we have a pretty tight budget, so I can't fork out all the money required for the best gear, fash, and mounts....but I can afford to pay a cheap monthly subscription...please give us options!
    Lvl101 RB2 Wizard: RosesFlame
    Lvl101 RB2 Venomancer: Kawari (originally named SailorRocket, very first toon in PWI)

  • hdante0808davidhdante0808david Posts: 1 Arc User
    In all honesty... I understand PWI taking precautions for when there are suspicious activities on multiple ARC accounts. BUT! This should had been notified long before this update happend. This would had give players the time to anticipate and plenty of time to prepare. Also There are players who Cash alot to also support the game, But at this rate PWI is killing their Playerbase ratherly quickly. We all know PWI ain't the quickest to solve problems and if you don't even give us a time indication on how long it would take to fix this multi client problem people will leave soon enough!
    Keep in mind that this ''Change'' will affect Multiple things within the game, Think about Economy/Farming/Gold.
    Most players will be annoyed because they either have no access to their account anymore or they don't have to ability to farm anymore.

    I hope PWI Keeps us up to date and fix this thing ASAP!
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