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Hello PWI players!

Due to the most recent update, the ability to multi-clienting will be impacted. While we work towards fixing this in the future, you may discuss this recent change here.

All forum rules still apply. Any duplicate threads about this issue will be merged into this one.

We thank you for your understanding while we work to get multi-clienting back.


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  • sgt0331
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    And there goes the other half of pwi population
  • shopcheese
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  • madrix101
    madrix101 Posts: 3 Arc User
    by impacted do you mean not allowed?
  • shopcheese
    shopcheese Posts: 758 Arc User
    oh and btw dont do the maint during xtw thanks

    though it may not matter depends on how this turns out.
  • keihan007#7641
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    I am curious, are you guys intentionally trying to find ways to drive ppl away and in process kill rest of the playerbase left?
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  • bestdusk#2943
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    Honestly it's like you guys want to go out of business.
  • thewacko
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    and can anyone say another nail in the coffin...​​
  • kalystconquerer#0876
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    As Ive stated in the other thread, this choice was not made lightly. Due to supicious activity being noticed on Arc accounts, we have to impliment this change for now while we get users the option to multiclient within Arc itself.

    We'll be working with the devs to impliment what they have in their PGP Platform, which is an option to select multiple clients.
  • terrabyte
    terrabyte Posts: 71 Arc User
    This is just a clear indication that your company has absolutely no understanding of your customers or or even basic understanding of server economics.

    No multi-clienting = most of the cat shops will not be up = pack openers have a harder time selling = cash shoppers have a harder time finding the items they want = less coin exchanging hands = less profit margins = less reason to buy packs = less pack items to sell = unhappy cash shoppers = why bother playing.....

    See where this is going?

    The fact that this has been enabled for the last ten years and hasn't been an issue should be an indicator of "if it's not broke don't fix it".

    I mean this isn't brain science or rocket surgery, wtf is PWI thinking?
  • firstpw#2737
    firstpw#2737 Posts: 2 Arc User
    It is unclear why these changes. And so it was good. This will only complicate the entrance to the game.
  • nunuator
    nunuator Fowl Language Posts: 455 Arc User
    I would have never have made this choice due to abusing of 6v6 at least that's my best guess.
    But, some people that "abused" 6v6 had set up times for their friends to log 2 clients each and pair and run 6v6 with an agreement to gear up one person first.

    You guys do realize half of the player bases coin flow comes from cat shops which is always been a multi client thing that players use to get actual coin in game rather than cash shopping.

    The second this update get's dropped if there is no workaround, like there most likely will be players will start leaving this game like crazy. This is a hella stupid idea and it's a final push to pay to win like this game adapted with the last couple of major updates.

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  • dat1guyy
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    If I am not able to multiclient at a minimum of 5 then I'm out as well. The one thing this game has above other mmorpgs is that and if you remove it I am sure the people who claim they are also leaving will in fact leave. From what it really sounds like is that the GMs want people to not abuse Arena with alts but instead of finding a direct solution that is targeted at arena, they decide to **** almost everyone up for the few that were the issue.
    Edit: Since KalystC says that it not the case. I would what it could possibly be if it is happening to PWI and FW at the same time?

    About 3-4 years ago I would log 4 clients to solo TT and help with other things such as self-buffs for PV, fill squads in EU and AEU, and multitask toons when one would be hanging around in delta or something similar. To this day almost 80% of the players multi-client and it is not simply 2-3 clients but usually 5-10 from what I noticed. I don't understand how it is an abuse since the same person could have 10 separate computers and he can play 10 clients and that is considered fair? If you were going to do something like this, it should have been done a long time ago before the game matured so that you would kept your desired audience and not make a complete 180 on your players that have been used to it for 9 years+.

    And to be honest, everyone should already know the TOS says multiclient is allowed up to 2 clients but if that was really was strictly enforced, then the game would surely died 2 years ago. I admit I do client around to 6 toons especially when soloing Lunar for badges so if you want to go ahead and ban me for "abusing" the game. I am sure I am not alone in this situation. Even the catshops in Archo are like 10 or 20 toons to one single person, it is easy to tell when they all disconnect at the same time or have the same exact times for sell at the same prices.

    The whole reason why people bypass Arc is because it was an unnecessary measure. If it was not, then why would they do it in the first place? Do we really even need Arc defender? I just don't tell my account information to anyone else and disable it because I have a computer in which when I clear my cache with CCleaner or reinstall Windows, the security system will think I am logging from a new device and I have to go through the measure of find my emails and getting access. Not to long ago, I had to even send a ticket because I didn't know which email one of my accounts were linked to.

    Update: I found a way similar to the other people's method to multi-client however it is very tedious and slow upon logging on. I hope the issue will be fixed and we can return to normal or some would make a program that would start PWI as soon as you log into Arc and not have to wait for the Arc windows or the Laucher to check for an update. I watch my computer usage closely and it bothers me to see all that unecessary Arc related programs. I have it so my computer runs maybe 4-5 programs on start up and the ones I need to have efficiency. Before you say anything, if you are one of those people that download a ton of bloatware and have like 100 processes running in the background such as updaters, tools, and other things that are not needed daily then I sincerely hate you and don't need to hear what you want to say <3.
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  • kalystconquerer#0876
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    And I was a part of that player ecosystem of using a second client. I run a second client to sell items.You're preaching to the choir with regards to the impact that we're painfully aware of. CN was also worried greatly about the impact since they had this feature built into their platform already (multi clienting).

    The type of activity we noticed was enough to put this measure in place, so this should key you in on how serious this was.
  • shimarra
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    Is this to combat the person on Tidewells with upwards of 40-50 catshops running?
  • alexcion
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    terrabyte wrote: »
    I mean this isn't brain science or rocket surgery, wtf is PWI thinking?

    They're not.. and they haven't been for quite some time. The company has slowly been killing this game for the last 5 years (or so). You've allowed such inflation and have disabled almost every form of legitimate farming available. You took away DQ value because of "abuse".. You gave us points, which shut us up for a while. Then guess what? Points went away... then the value of other drops.. Couple that with the gold inflation there is absolutely no way to farm anything at any reasonable rate. This is no longer a pay to win game... it is a pay to play.. You have to pay to be here - you can't farm it. Then, one of the FEW things we really could farm.. mirages - in the last update you took those out of (I believe) 3 instances. Because they weren't already high enough per piece and the bounty hunter rewards lowered... Now, sale after sale on packs and charge rewards and back-to-back bull.. These items are only worth a fraction of what they were worth - population has decreased... item availability has increased.. no new players to gear, etc... I can't sell half the stuff I have unless I want to cut my own throat on the deal so someone else can wait 6 months for the price to rebound.. if it does..

    *slow clap*

    You guys are finally finishing it off.

    I should've cut my losses years ago... "Suspicious activity".. The only suspicious activity here is that of a company so detached from their customer base that they can't see they are pushing away their business...

    Why don't you just punish those you are so worried are doing.. well.. whatever it is you THINK they're doing... Oh wait... Do they even actually exist?

    I don't know if I can stay around to watch this one... The market is too big.. I don't care how much money I have invested - even the newest car at one point becomes something you need to take to the junk yard and drop off.
  • malkzalinto
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    Change it back. You just killed farming and catshops.
  • kaway#7630
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    Well, get ready to be closed PWI
    gl on that
  • nunuator
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    If you want to be completely honest just post officially it's to combat 6v6 abuse, stop spinning it around in multiple ways to avoid this.....
    it's legitimately to ban/disable accounts people used to abuse 6v6

    I get the move but, why disable it entirely limit it to 2 per person like it always has been in tos
  • alexcion
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    Edited one word in my post - now it's going to take forever to come back to repost... *eyeroll*
  • shopcheese
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    IF they do it because of 6v6 i find it VERY odd, a better decision would have been to just turn 6v6 off completely, it wasnt even a thing the first week it came out. I managed to get like 3 battles during the first week. waow.
    Would been nicer if they could stop the JJ bots, that prolly had a bigger negative impact on servers.
    Hell i would say even the login promo that gave charge reward points was more "abused" with logins n that

    Guess ill see how the game looks like tomorrow when I wake up.
  • kalystconquerer#0876
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    To lay this rumor to rest- this not, and I repeat NOT, for arena 6v6 abuse, as this is affecting not just us, but FW as well. (Take a peek over at their forums to see for yourself). This is related to supicious activity that we noticed happening at a severe rate related to arc accounts.

    Im jumping in between threads but to repeat - I will be revisiting what the client maximum should be set to as the current max is 2 for PWI and 3 for FW.
  • hiitsmeguys
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    Remove 6v6 and punish those with final cape/ring (was impossible to achieve at this point without abuse). Better than disrupt all players.
  • blissyboo
    blissyboo Posts: 7 Arc User
    This is ridiculous. Not only is it going to ruin the economy, it's going to ruin factions. I know plenty of factions (smaller, and the top tier) that log alts to grind points to keep their bases open. So, hope this gets resolved soon or the game will stagnate and die. Js.
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  • sharpestsharpie
    sharpestsharpie Posts: 12 Arc User
    Here's a question...... Will this affect those pesking JoJ botters?
  • wadzio
    wadzio Posts: 34 Arc User
    Anyone can suggest a new nice game to play?
  • pola#9937
    pola#9937 Posts: 3 Arc User
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    i would advise to fix this quite quickly or this game really will die...and this better not be the 6 month in the works fix, If the game dies i would like a very good refund of all the money I have put into the game for the past 6 months. I would hope you guys can understand where we come from as this is a pay to win game and can be very expensive and so many people putting so much money into this game. You will have such a very hard time continuing forward if this isnt fixed rather quickly. As well I understand the need for the protection of us but at the same time such a change that will affect multiple customers so drasticly so quickly is not a very wise decision for a game that doesnt have much of a population to begin with. I am despratley hoping you guys learn from this issue moving forward and make a little better planning as far as your customer basis and protection.
  • kalystconquerer#0876
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    @sharpestsharpie unless they have 20-100 seperate computers in one room, this should stop this as well. Of course, putting in multiple clienting features into Arc client once we get that running will probably mean that could come back in some capacity, but the amount of JoJ Ive personally witnessed shouldnt be in the same types of numbers.

    That being said, this is not the reason why this change was made. And no, this was not because of 6v6 arena either (I'm going to start quoting myself from now on when people keep posting this)

    Slightly off topic:
    Since I did vaugely mention this in the other Account Safety thread and faction base points was mentioned here - regarding old faction merit, Im talking with the devs to see if they can get me the records on that. Theyll give me more information when they come back from their break.
  • ninna321
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    edited February 2018
    I have no words for this, of all the things that have been done
    you've officially signed the games death sentence

    this game cannot run on only cashopping! we are in need of multi clienting from the way ur making it sound
    seems this wont even be available to us for several months...

    Learn your own game and how the game is played before shutting down ur business

    Ur basically are making ur player base boycot cashopping activities and spam tickets, congrats id say
  • rawrkit
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    wadzio wrote: »
    Anyone can suggest a new nice game to play?

    Chris Roberts is making a nice one... unfortunately it won't be out for a decade or two longer.... RO died pretty quickly after it came out, it was fun to fight stuff but you couldn't get so powerful you could do it all like PWI had....

    I donno man.... MMO wise the pickings are getting kinda slim for new ones that will last.... I don't understand why older ones like PWI are so hellbent on destroying themselves with updates like these..... Ones that have worked for over a decade and then they impliment some bs that changes how a good chunk of people play and directly impact the ones that spend the most money...
  • candiiie
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    First of all, why did PWI switch over to a cruddy system like Arc anyways? I don't think we had severe issues like this prior to Arc being official years ago. Back when users actually had the option. Arc has been unstable for plenty of years, and if this was the sole reason of the accounts being messed up, I do not understand why the users are being penalized for a flaw in the program itself.

    I understand that certain users definitely abuse the system, but punishing everyone for the sake of a few people is just ridiculous. Unless you decide to merge all the servers, I feel bad for people who aren't in big factions who end up using multiclienting to be able to sustain their member's needs. Especially with the new expansion where you need so many people to be able to gain points and rewards.

    I really wish a fix will be done for this, because this is literally killing the playerbase from everyone's perspective. PWI already feels like a ghost town at times, and this just continues it. Here's hoping more care would be done for the company's flagship game.