Ru Ci the Confucian Templar - A Fish?

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When you're initiating the level 79 spiritual cultivation, both the Celestial Elder and the Dreamweaver Elder refer to Ru Ci as a "fish". But when you get to the thing... it has very little features of a fish. In fact, it's reptilian. That seems to be a bit of an error.

Okay, it has fin-like structures along its head, elbows, etc. But those are small and minor.

Now as I understand it, thousands of years ago, before we had classifications of life based on what said life is, life was classified by what it does instead(as in, everything that flies is a bird including bats, everything that swam is a fish incuding whales, etc). This could be Perfect World's attempt to simulate that way of classification, as the game simulates ancient China, except with Chinese myths being real in the game world. After all, there are texts in the game that more obviously follow a similar way of thought.

But if it isn't that, it's an error in text. Or an error in intended character model for Ru Ci. Cause reptiles aren't fish.

What do y'all think is the problem?


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