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Level Limit on Small Instances

degeon0001degeon0001 Posts: 1 Arc User
I was thinking this game became so focused in high lvl people, it became so easy to level up small alts that if a new person starts, they might get upset about how fast others lvl and might get bored quick, which will lead to not getting new players. So my idea is to put lvl ranges for instances, like if you want to kill qingzi for bh or some other reason, the players must be lvl 40-49 no higher level or lower allowed.
This way I think we will go back to do small squads for instances which I enjoyed a lot, meeting people, not expecting a high lvl 100+ end gear to solo for me, and learning my class, yelling in normal chat or world chat for people to join me, tanks, dds, etc. It´s just a random idea I think a lot might like and would give a fresh look to this game since a lot of new events and things need you to be higher lvl, to go back a few steps and make old instances harder by allowing only certain lvl ranges. I hope to hear from you all what do you think.


  • bulletmanbulletman Posts: 32 Arc User
    good idea but the problem is we dont have that many new player to see low lvl instances forming and most of low lvl player you see around are alts of someone not new player.
  • dblazen1dblazen1 Sh*tposting at the speed of light.Posts: 1,177 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    Wouldn't work simply because of quests lines (yes, also at higher levels and rebirths) requiring to go into those areas.
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  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    Also while it used to be nice to form squads for these instances, many many more people were in range for them. Today if you were going to form a bh29 of all people at level you'll more than likely be in world chat for hours
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  • keihan007#7641 keihan007 Posts: 1,190 Arc User
    This game could really use sync system, where your stats/level is synced to certain cap when you enter an instance. It would have to be voluntary but as such, it would have to have some bonus for ppl to do it as very few are doing older instances for fun but with some bonus reward ppl might be interested in it. I have seen it in another game and while ppl dislike getting thrown into lower level instances from dungeon finder due barely having any skills available they still roll on (The newbie dungeons) dungeon finder roulette due reward at times.
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  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,380 Community Moderator
    Something I have suggested on countless occasions.

    I hate the fact a Dungeon can be done by 1 person now. Defeats the point of an MMo.

    The fear from the FB caves should be real and high. odds of success should be down to how you work as a team.

    Time will tell.​​
  • wildz2wildz2 Posts: 91 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    Bad idea imo.

    Main problem in PWI is we need more people in the higher dungeons.
    3-4 squads per day in DH and UP is nothing normal at the moment.

    Cutting down low levels chances to grow quickly is sad for pwi's future.

    I'm just here, sitting on my ****, cant pvp cause ill never be OP.
    Cant PVE cause theres no squads.
    Dont need the lower dungeons.

    Only thing I can find to do is merching and helping people in hope that we eventually get them to our stage.
  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,380 Community Moderator
    My way of thinking is people have left because the game has become so easy!

    They have made Dungeons so difficult and complicated to what they need to be.

    The game would get an element back that its lost!

    Tho many problems also as you have pointed out. Not every idea is a win win with this.​​
  • orangeitisorangeitis Posts: 183 Arc User
    degeon0001 wrote: »
    like if you want to kill qingzi for bh or some other reason, the players must be lvl 40-49 no higher level or lower allowed.
    This is a very good idea and I support it and all, but the first Qingzi quest starts at 29. 19-20 for Tideborns(assuming Weapon Token is even still in the game)
  • coinsruscoinsrus Posts: 131 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    heero200 wrote: »
    My way of thinking is people have left because the game has become so easy!

    They have made Dungeons so difficult and complicated to what they need to be.

    The game would get an element back that its lost!

    Tho many problems also as you have pointed out. Not every idea is a win win with this.​​

    People will always leave a game.

    Problem is when no one comes to replace them.

    I see newcomers everyday and they all leave when they hit lvl 100 because they realise the gap they will never fill.

    If you want it harder, make new instances, dont ban all newcomers from joining pwi.
  • eiramnajeeiramnaje Posts: 7 Arc User
    I agree with Heero and coinsurus, but from a different perspective. I created a BM about six years ago. She was level 10 when I quit. She had learned to craft and, at the time, had pretty good level-appropriate crafted armor. When I came back to the game, she was standing at the Inn of the Eagle surround by now-level 20-something ladybugs and spiders. She quickly hit the option to transport to Celestial Vale. At level 10, you can get your starting glyph, but you don't get the starting armor. I also somehow leveled past the second free armor set. I had just hit level 20 and was standing in Konton waiting to see if there were other level-approriates almost ready for Snowgrind. In the area were: one level-appropriate that was AFK, one level 100 RB1 and a level 102 RB2. The RB2 offered to help. I thanked him for the offer and declined. I waited a few more minutes and then went in solo. In old level 10 armor and with an old crafted Sparrowmark bow it took me over an hour to pull out mobs and kill them one by one with my crafted fist. However, teaching pulling, whether it's genie pull, bow pull or veno pull used to be a very important lesson to learn. Learning the quick change from bow to melee weapon at the appropriate moment is also a very good lesson, a challenge.

    So, I do agree that there should be a in-squad level cap for the lower caves. Having someone over 80 "help" by stating, "just click follow and I'll AOE one-shot everything while you make a sandwich" is too easy and unchallenging. In my opinion, this (and all the free fruit and pills) is why people get to 100 so fast and are bored. There would be more level-appropriate people forming level-appropriate squads around level-appropriate caves if the common misconception wasn't that you had to have someone thirty-levels-higher-plus in squad.

    Another challenge that has been taken away is getting to Arch! Except for elves, everyone had to run to Arch, avoiding orange beasts. This unofficial "quest" was a fun challenge! The auto-opening of the Arch teleport and the tele-stone at 35 removed many challenges and again, makes it too easy. I'd guess that very few people, except Tideborn, start the Lochmur quests until they get the waypoint opened for them. For that matter, all of the high-yield (red) quests contribute to power-leveling, unchallenging boredom. The Old Chief quests in Hidden Heros used to be a challenging (and sometimes frustrating and time-consuming) quest for teen-level humans who couldn't fly. Now, just use your tele-stone to activate the way point, use your free flyer to autopath and fly back and forth while you also do the the crying lady and broken swords high-yield quest and boom, you've got two to three levels.

    In summary/conclusion of this long-winded post: I like the idea of squad level-capped lower caves....kinda like the Goshiki and Tideborn army quest has to be solo. This would slow down the rate of leveling (maybe) and re-establish the caves as challenges (hopefully) and entice new players to slow down and enjoy (ideally).

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  • orangeitisorangeitis Posts: 183 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    Okay, so how about each instance capped at +10 of the starting level except any character that needs the instance for a quest? Because let's face it, there are pill babies who need Snowgrind Fox. There are low-level instances needed in title quests. Not everyone who actually needs the instances are at the level the instance is first needed.

    Just putting that out there, guys. I'm against all the mindless powerleveling BS that's happening too, but sometimes even level 100s need to go into the Valley of Disaster or the Firecrag Grotto. (*coughifonlylowbiesneededthegrottotoocough*)
  • katikilokatikilo Posts: 13 Arc User
    Yes, other levels need these instances other than the level ranges for BH, they do need FBs, and the weapon token quests are still active. I have no problem with lower levels going in, it is the high levels (if they need for title quest, nuema, or whatever) that make a mess of the instances.

    My suggestion: have a cap beyond which you can only enter the instance solo and can not go in if in a squad, so for example Qingzi I would say that it stays as is for up to level 59, but upon hitting level 60+ or RB you can go in solo all you want but not in squad, and similar for the other BHs.
  • sarrafelinesarrafeline Posts: 152 Arc User
    I remember trying RB Alpha. Then, I did RB Beta and Gamma. Delta was boring... Doing Beta and Gamma before RB existed was an amazing challenge. Something that nobody is going to experience again, due to RB and a complete lack of rewards.
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