PC shuts down wile playing pwi

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I don't know if it's my video card or probably overheating,i don't know,game was running smoothly without shutting down month ago


  • sylenthunder
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    Sadly, you didn't give me anything to be able to help. There are a large number of causes for this. I'll need a lot more information.

    Please read the sticky threads. One in particular is in my signature. It gives options, troubleshooting, and what I need you to provide in order to receive help.​​
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    The problem is the usage of DirectX; the usage of the GPU while it isn't used lol. Well, having the same problem here.

    I can do anything on my pc like rendering 3D objects/anims while having multiple apps open and watching streaming video's: the GPU usage stays low. If I start PWI the usage will rise and the GPU temperature goes up. Around 104 degrees Celsius the computer 'hangs' and shut down. And it's PWI only! I have all my settings on low. If I set 'terrain' on high, the GPU usage goes up faster.

    To solve the problem you could open the computer/laptop/whatever and put new silverpaste between the GPU and cooler. It should give you a few weeks fun. (this is the only solution, the videocard need to be cool)

    I decided to do something else since I don't want to open the computer just to play PWI): I downloaded the tool 'MSI Afterburner' just to see the GPU temperature and set PWI in 'Windowed mode'. When the temperature hits 95 degrees Celsius I have enough time (mostly 2 minutes) to go to a save area and minimize the window for some minutes. The GPU temperature goes down again, in my case between 56C and 66C. Once I go back to PWI the temperature will go up again.

    MSI Afterburner does not work on every computer but there are more free tools in which you could see the GPU temperature.
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    I took my pc to a person to look at it he put termo paste a fin and new video card,now pc works as new no shutting down