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Barter Event Session 5 PM Edition!!!

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 545 Perfect World Employee
Happy Anniversary Everyone!

This evening we have a very special item up for grabs!

Today's Barter:
Neuma Portal Chest

We will open up the bids today with:
Any 2 combination of the following – Wings of Ascension, Jade of Steady Defense, Scroll of Tome, Jaden Crystal, Emperor Tome, Crown of Madness, Any Warsoul weapon (Base cast or Second cast), Badge of the Cube : Defiance, Conflagration Mount (Dragon from DC)

For sanity sake, here are the rules again:

Bartering only! Event Gold, Gold or in-game coin cannot be used as part of the bartering process.
All items offered in the trade must be items you currently have on your character.
You cannot have collaborative bids.
You may trade any type of item that is considered “high value” – this includes things like rare chance pack drops (all drops that are less than a 1-2% drop rate), items that can only be obtained in the cash shop, and exclusive high tiered items in game or that are only acquired through competitive gameplay.
You can offer any amount or quantity of an item that matches or bests the previous offer.
At the end of every session, we will close the thread at the end and look at the list of items. All items that are offered in the winning bid will be removed during maintenance and replaced with the items won.
If there are no satisfactory offers or the minimum offer value has not been met, the thread will be closed as “no bid, did not complete”. Minimum offer value is determined by current in-game coin value average.
When bidding, players must list their Character Name and Server in each bid, even if you had already previously bid on the same item.

We will keep this Session open until 10/3/16!


  • monarchwigginsmonarchwiggins Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Is that a full set or 1 card
  • keihan007#7641 keihan007 Posts: 1,190 Arc User
    Netherworld Guidance +12
    Ashura`s Boots +10
    Myriad Blossom Greaves +10
    Myriad Blossom Helm +10
    Ashura`s Bracers +10
    Lionheart Necklace +10
    Energetic Robe: Lunag Glade +10
    Pan Gu, Creator
    Flanker`s Tome
    Cloudtide Observer

    S Cards:
    General Po, lvl 80
    Fen the Victorious, lvl 27
    Emperor Aurogon, lvl 1
    Vanished Ancestor, lvl 1
    Harpy Wraith, lvl 1
    Elder of the Streams, lvl 1
    Ancestor Feng Loriel, lvl 1
    Chungyun, lvl 1

    Basic Badge x600
    Warsong Emblem x500
    Soldiers` Pay x4500
    Sadness Card x290
    Dragonlord`s Coin x7000
    Astrospira Lv1 x1100

    Mounts & Pets:
    Conflagration Dragon Mount Egg
    Shelldon Pet Egg
    Giant Bunny Pet Egg
    Frozen Kirin Mount Egg
    Frostmane War Ape Mount Egg

    Name: Pedotrician
    Server: Etherblade
    BlackList vs Frenzied 3/17

  • boot777boot777 Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    1x 6 star dragon orb
    5x 5 star dragon orb
    30x 4 star dragon orb
    40x 3 star dragon orb
    2300x Mystical Pill
    450x Holy Pill
    6700x Reflective Shard
    40x Sweet Morai Wine
    1000x Attendance Sheet
    2200x Bless Box Of Attack
    1200x Astrospira Pearl lv1
    1100x Nirvana Palace Key
    1x Inspired Tortose Egg
    1x Red Squirrel Pet Egg
    1x Inspired Swine Egg
    1x Valley Lemur Pet Egg
    1x Lovestruck Guppy Egg
    1x Chimei Companion Pet Egg
    1x Stylish Marrmot Pet Egg
    1x Murid Housekeeper Egg
    1x Little Dino Egg

    Name: CivillioN
    Server: Tideswell
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  • nene#6448 nene Posts: 226 Arc User
    Auroras Egg x4
    Baby Dalmatian Pet Egg
    Baby Tabby Plumdrop Pet Egg
    Kowlin Pet Egg
    Armored Bear Pet Egg
    Bubble Fish Baby Egg
    Anniversary Mount Egg
    Baby Crab Egg
    Golden Steed Egg x2
    Baby Lochmur Egg
    Dark Abyss Mount Egg
    Red Squirrel Pet Egg
    Quick Sika Deer
    Cerberus Pup Egg
    Little Star Pet Egg
    Bless Box of Both x1266
    Specially Procured Green Ink x12
    Specially Procured Gold Ink x17
    Specially Procured Yellow Ink x9
    Silver Ring
    Nebula Dust Orb x95
    Wing Trophy Lunar Glade x2
    Horse Foal x81
    Cow Calf x33
    Deer Fawn x21
    Piglet x5
    Dull Rough Bloodstone Shard x95
    Dull Rough Iron Shard x58
    Celebrity Fashion Box
    Badge of Bravery
    Badge of Endurance
    Celestone of Human x138
    Celestone of Earth x133
    Celestone of Heaven x118
    Celestone Fragments x198
    Frostcovered Sign Force
    Revelation Potion x5
    Espionage Potion x799
    Flawless Amber Shard x4
    Immaculate Amber Shard x4
    Perfect Amber Shard
    Flawless Citrine Shard x4
    Immaculate Citrine Shard x4
    Perfect Citrine Shard
    Flawless Sapphire Shard x4
    Immaculate Sapphire Shard
    Perfect Sapphire Shard x2
    Flawless Garnet Shard
    Immaculate Garnet Shard x2
    Perfect Garnet Shard x2
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x279
    Tough Scroll
    Sealed Deus Omega Wings
    Energy Core
    Dragon Orb 1* x57
    Dragon Orb 2* x47
    Starglade Chest x25
    Vitae Pill x105
    Sleeves of Sea Captain 3 sockets +2 (flawless citrine)
    Armor of Grieving Sorrow 3 sockets (flawless citrine)
    Wind and the Clouds 1 socket +3 (flawless garnet)
    Robe of Spirit Eater 4 socket +3 (flawless citrine/garnet mix)
    Mystique Pants of Spirit Eater 4 socket +3 (flawless citrine/garnet mix)
    Mystique Boots of Spirit Eater 4 socket +3 (flawless citrine/garnet mix)
    Glorious Robe: Torment 3 socket +3 (perfect citrine)
    Calm Robe: Wraithgate 4 socket +2 (flawless citrine)
    Order of the Stars 2 socket +2 (beautiful sapphire)
    Dancing Sparkle 3 socket +3 (perfect citrine)
    Emerald Meteor +2
    Wheel of Fate 2 socket +2 (flawless sapphire)
    Skygraze 1 socket +2 (flawless sapphire)
    Silverrain 1 socket +3 (perfect sapphire)
    Eye of the Jungle +2
    Unicorn 1 socket +2 (flawless garnet)
    Acrobatic Pants 3 socket
    Acrobatic Boots 2 socket
    Lamp of the Mind 1 socket
    Mountcrasher Cuisses 2 socket
    Windcatcher 1 socket +2 (flawless garnet)
    Crystal Headdress 2 socket +1 (immaculate citrine)
    Drum Master's Hat 4 socket +3 (flawless citrine)
    Servant's Necklace
    Skysunder Amulet +2
    Mold: Skydemon's Pearl x2
    Celemoon x60
    Angel of Wishes x10
    Wedding Candy x4
    Adamantine Powder x45
    Uncanny Crystal x14
    Emperor's Letter x19
    Soldier's Pay x3953
    Sticky Coin
    Platinum Brick
    Dragonlord's Coin x200
    Starseeker Powder x4
    Ether Jade x43
    Rough Bloodstone Shard x165
    Rough Iron Shard x99
    Sigil of Nightbloom x234
    Wraith's Spirit x53
    Wraith's Eye x7
    Celestial Shard x30
    PWI Undercurrent Coin x29
    Origin of Battle Tier 7
    Origin of Soulprime Tier 7
    Origin of Durability Tier 7
    Ancient Tinder x6
    Sacred Mother's Aura
    Sacred Mother's Orb
    Chromatic Tinder x4
    Essence of Nature x5
    Unknown Tinder x2
    Crushed Emblem x13
    Silent Sea Sandgrain x90
    Subsiding Dirt x1500
    Elysian Seal x133
    Love like Honey x17
    Garan Stone
    Strongwind Badge x9
    Kunwoo Blade
    Hyper Exp Stone x75
    Socket Stone x67
    Socket Stone x2127
    Grand Commander's Order x3
    Book Credit Card x15
    Divine Honor of the Void x30
    Mystical Tome Fragment x249
    Warsong Inscription x101
    Ultimate Substance x3
    Lucky Coin x3
    Attendance Sheet x406
    Page of Fate x79
    Old Book Page x81

    Twilight Temple
  • kartterkartter Posts: 151 Arc User
    edited September 2016

    There's my bid:

    16x Ruby Spirit Charm
    1x Garnet Gem
    2x Sapphire Gem
    30x Dustfall Relic
    787x Dragon orb 5 star (14166 gold) (bound)
    1x Little Star Pet egg
    1x Baby Raccoon Pet egg
    1x Panderic Knight Pet egg
    1x Lovestruck Guppy egg
    3x Masquerade Hat
    27x Colored Deer Egg
    16x Benevolence Seal Minor Pack
    10x Garan Stone Minor Pack
    22x Strongwind Badge Minor Pack
    73x Sognflow Ringstone Minor Pack
    21x Dmascene Ore Minor Pack
    5x Kunwoo Blade Minor Pack
    5x Wing Trophy Lunar Glade
    1x Eye of the Jungle Sky
    3x Wishful Wing Token
    1x Heart of the Jungle Sky
    1x Summon skill book
    1x Dapper Rose Pack
    1x Cherry Topper Pack
    120x Warsong Waistband Inscription
    1x Lunar Glade Insignia Weapon
    1x Manservant Clothing
    3000x Reflective Shard
    4000x Fairy Box Key
    1000x Nirvana Palace Key
    100x Scroll of Calling

    Name: Birds
    Server: Dawnglory
  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Assorted Stuff:
    1x Ceremonial Daggers
    1x Drunk Azure
    1x Awakened Ashura Boots +6
    1x Shadow Ashura Bracers +5
    1x Energetic Robe Hallucination +4
    1x Wandering Drake Belt +4
    1x Abomination of Dragons +3 (g15 bow)
    Wildfire (3.0 speed Tideborn Wings)
    Silk Perfume (3.2 speed Tideborn Wings)
    1x Sealed Scroll of Truth (Human Flyer)
    3x Gold Guadian Charm
    6x Gold Spirit Charm
    1x Platinum Spirit Charm
    1x Pyro Stone
    3x Flood Stone
    1x Aurura's Egg
    1x Jade Cosmos Egg
    2x Panderic Knight Egg
    33x Random Pigment
    52x Apocalypse Pages
    4000x Memorial Coin
    250x Fantasy Fruit Bag
    17x Profundity Scroll
    1x Dark Lord Fashion Pack (Ivory)
    1100x Dragonlord's Coin
    299x Warsong Emblem
    1x Ceremonial Weapon Ticket
    1x Major Homestead Supply Crate
    341x Astrospira Pearl Level 1
    7x Faction Signet
    Mold: Sakyamuni's Light
    1x Good Luck Gift Pack
    2x Essence of Offense
    1x Warsong Medal

    Whisper Shot
    Demon Blade Affinity
    Sage Stone Rain
    Demon Stomp of the Beast King
    Demon Great Cyclone
    Demon Take Aim
    Sage Deaden Nerves
    Sage Ironwood Scarab
    Sage Soul of Stunning
    Sage Saber Mastery
    Sage Deafening Thunder
    Sage Strigimorphic Dive
    2x Sage Winged Dragon
    Sage Lunar Grace

    Elder of Archosaur Level 5
    Emperor Aurugon Level 11

    Borobudur Lord Level 1
    7x Shadowskull Lich level 1
    Mask of Grief level 1
    Primeval Elemental level 1
    Pestilent Destroyer level 1

    Character: ChayalBoded
    Server: Tideswell​​
    Thanks Adilynne for the awesome sig :)
    My Youtube Channel

    Tempest <3
  • npc15npc15 Posts: 229 Arc User
    Also can we get some info on what the chest actually contains? Is it 1 card or a full set?​​
    Thanks Adilynne for the awesome sig :)
    My Youtube Channel

    Tempest <3
  • ebisamaebisama Posts: 27 Arc User
    i would say its just 1 based on the item name in database http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/items/50795
  • testxvitestxvi Posts: 308 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    Deus Omega Wings
    Golden Riding Dog
    Stalker Hunter Utuz Egg
    Conflagration Mount (red DC mount)
    Gelid Dragon Mount (blue DC mount)
    2000x Dragonlord's Coin (from DC)
    2000x Soldier's Pay (from RW)
    General Helian (S Card - Destroyer)
    Bloom Whisper Stone
    20x Archosaur Guardian Medal (enough for the gold title: Archosaur Guardian)
    12x Peerless Blessing (Chance reward from final room of Heavenfall Tower)
    18x Fearless Blessing (Chance reward from final room of Heavenfall Tower)
    33x Invincible Blessing (Chance reward from final room of Heavenfall Tower)
    2x Minor Homestead Supply Crate (100,000 of each material for homestead per crate)
    1000x Dew of Star Protection
    2x Pyro Stone
    3x Flood Stone
    4x Bloody Stone
    1x Expedient Bloody Stone
    Shademark Scorpion Egg (Evovled pet)
    Lil' Dophy Egg (Evovled rare pet)
    Drizzy Egg (Evovled rare pet)
    5x Love Like Honey(Valentine Ver.)
    7x Rose-bearing Magpie

    Twilight Temple
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    Satyrion - Sanctuary (mypers.pw/9/#436708) Hoorah
  • ibajames101ibajames101 Posts: 56 Arc User
    you people realize its more than likely 1 card right? lol. which will be a random one. @ladyblonde69 your bid is too stronk for 1 random np card xD
  • alona3alona3 Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Awakened Ancestral Divine Hat(4socket)+11 4x Deity Stone +2 Atk
    Awakened Demon Obscure Robe (3 Socket)+7 3x Incomparable Citrine shard max Hp +75
    Ashura's Braces (3 Socket)+5 3x Immaculate Citrine Shard max Hp + 50
    Energetic Robe: Wraithgate (4socket)+7 2x Immaculate Citrine Shard max Hp+ 50 2x flawless Citrine Shard max hp + 40
    Shadow Ashura Hat (3 Socket)+8 3x Immaculate Citrine Shard max Hp +50
    Shadow Ashura Greaves (3Socket)+8 3x Perfect Citrine Shard max Hp +62
    Lionheart Necklace +6
    Lionheart Belt+7
    Ocean Supreme Armor (3Socket)+7 3x Perfect Citrine Shard max Hp + 62
    General Badge

    Bontique Item
    1084 Astrospira Peral (1gold each) total of 1084Gold
    450 Holy Pill (x50 for 25G) total of 225Gold
    Dragon Orb 3(Star)x1 3Gold
    Dragon Orb 4(Star) x19 (7.50each) Totally of 142.5G
    Dragon Orb 5(Star) x10 (18g Each) Totally of 180G

    S Cards
    S Card -Archdemon Isrifar 1x
    S Card -General Jen 1x
    S Card -Elder of the Stream 1x
    S Card -Harpy Wraith 1x Lv

    (Warsong City) Set
    A Card -Snakefist Guardian 2x
    A Card -Mistress of The Night 4x
    A Card -Obscure Reaper 3x
    A Card -Pestilent Destoryer 2x
    A Card Cannonfist Orclord 3x

    Other A's
    A Card -Rancid Venerator 1x
    A Card -Barbarian Trainer 1x
    A Card -Lord Isrifar 1x
    A Card -Primeval Elemental 1x
    A Card -Gaurnob Guard 1x

    Panderic Knight 3x
    Lovestruck Guppy Egg 1x
    Conflagration Dragon Mount (DC Pet) Egg
    Gelid Dragon Mount (DC Pet) Egg
    Colored Deer EGG
    Aurora Pet x8 Egg
    Golden Steed 1x Egg
    Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg

    R8rr Mats From Quicksand instanst
    Kunwoo Blade x24
    Garan Stone x8
    Strongwind Badge x144
    Benevolence Seal x19
    Songflow Ringstone 3297

    Server: Tideswell​​
    Name: AlonaWorld
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  • berrynlberrynl Posts: 21 Arc User
    Dragonlord's Coin x9999
    Soldier's Pay x9999
    Nirvana Palace Key x2000
    Fairy Box Key x1500
    Astrospira Pearl Lv.1 x900
    Nebula Dust Orb x300
    Astrospira Pearl Lv.2 x45
    Perfect Horn x7
    A Bite of Archosaur x3
    Panderic Knight x1
    Ginger Tiger Egg x1
    Conflagration Dragon Mount Egg x1


    Character: Paparazzi
    Server: Dawn Glory

  • rikurebirthsrikurebirths Posts: 28 Arc User
    saxroll wrote: »

    Name: Pedotrician
    Server: Etherblade

    Damn man thought you didn't make any xtw vs Infa glad to know you were there. =)
  • dudaidudai Posts: 12 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    require item:

    Crown Of Madness + 12 (sharded with 4x deity stone and 150- physical attack)

    Moon's Embrace +12( with 9 vit)

    Badge of the cube: defiance x 1

    Canflagraation Dragon mount egg x1

    Dragon orb flame x1
    Dragon orb mirage x1

    Jade of steady defend x1
    Grand Commander's order x 2
    Garan Stone Minor Pack x 1
    Strongwind Badge Minor Pack x 3
    Songflow Ringstone Minor Pack x 3
    Dustfal Relic x1
    Adamantine whetstone x 10
    Sincere loyalty box
    PW holy knight vip pack

    G16-Awakened Ancestral Divine Helm (bound) + 10 ,4 sockets shard with vit stone

    G16-Awakened Demon Serene Robe + 10, 3 socket shard with immaculate Citrine

    Radiant Eye Greaves
    Radiant Eye Cuirass
    General's Badge

    Ancestral horror token x 1
    Dragonlord's coin x 200
    Amethyst spirit charm x1
    Incomparable garnet shard x4
    Giant bunny pet egg x1
    Aurora's egg x1
    Stulish marmot pet egg x1
    Murid housekeeper egg x 1
    Dark abyss mount egg x 1
    Doom's stare egg x 1
    Scarlet machinated terror x 1
    Dark machinated terror x 1
    Little star pet egg x 1
    Dapper rose pack x1
    Cherry topper pack x2
    Golden steed token x1
    Panderic knight x1
    Frozen kirin x 1
    Mechanical lion x1
    Warsoul: Ksitigarbarbha x11
    Vajra x10
    Arkarsja x13
    Avalokites x3
    Manjusri x4
    Jakari x 2
    Samantabhadra x2
    Safe extension stone x 3
    Basic badge x 216
    Imperial exam list x 130
    Cloud stir x 1
    Wishful Incense x 50
    Astrospira Pearl Lv 1 x 323
    Wing Trphy-Lunar Glade x1
    Grand Lobster
    Skyrage Shark x 1
    Anniversary Mount Egg x 1
    Orchidmane Hippogriff x 1
    Crushed emblem x 6
    Lunar glade insignia-weapon x1

    Yeh Kuhan S card
    King Feng Triton S card
    Vanished Ancestor S card
    General Summer S card
    Feather Lord S card
    Lethal Vengeance S card
    Tse the Heavensent S card
    Ien the Arbor S card
    Yi the Earthquake S card

    S-card set:
    Beastmaster hokka x1 max level
    City of the lost elder x 1(1st awaken max level)

    General po x1 (1st awakening max level)
    General jen x1 (max level)
    Hoolen x1 (max level)
    The incacerate x 1(max level)

    A card:
    Blademsater trainer
    Seeker trainer
    Borobudur lord x 3
    Peachblossom ritualist x 2
    Primarval elemental
    Venomaner trainer x
    Tideborn princess
    Lord gugg x
    Emissary of light
    Torturess venerator x
    Lady frost burn
    Dismal duke x 3
    Lord of captivation
    Fei kungxing
    Trap master fierce
    Chin wuming
    Wolfen ironside
    Gaunob guard
    Cleric trainer
    King kisian
    Leaf rain dryad
    Infernal spikewing
    Burial inferno
    Barbarian trainer
    Mask of grief
    Monoblat dracoboa
    Madam sadi
    Dread lord hengchih
    Emissary of void
    Celestial sister
    Ultimate stance
    Rancid venerator
    Guard seven
    Demonic tiger
    Wizard trainer
    Emissary of shroud
    Hellfire abomination x4
    Archer trainer
    Emissary of light
    Overseer aeban

    server: etherblade
    character: KiemMaXu
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  • hiitsmeguyshiitsmeguys Posts: 126 Arc User
    allright this is gonna hurt:

    Mounts, Flyers and pets:
    Conflagration Dragon Mount (dc special)
    Conflagration Dragon Mount (dc special x2)

    Aurora's Egg
    Inferno Lionlord egg (charge reward special)
    Ancestral Horror Mount Egg (charge wheel special)
    Ancestral Horror Mount Egg (x2)
    Golden Riding Dog (charge reward special)
    Sealed Gossamer Wings (flyer)
    Divine Tiger Sage
    Cerberus Pup
    Inspired Tortoise
    Inspired Swine
    Panderic Knight (tw season winner reward)
    Panderic Knight (tw season winner reward x2)

    Assassin Companion (charge rewards ultra rare)
    Little Star Pet
    Battlebot Pet
    Baby Wukong
    Baby Snow Ape
    Doom's stare egg
    Lovestruck guppy egg

    Awakened Ancestral Divine Hat +10 with 4x Deity stones
    Wings of Cloudcharger +10 with 4x Deity stones

    Nightlord blade +4 with +24 Def Level
    Streak of Sorrow +7 with 2x +2 Def Level

    Frostbite Falcon
    Fatal Katana Snakebite +4
    Shadow Ashura Boots +4
    Shadow Ashura Bracers +4
    Shadow Ashura Greaves +5
    Shadow Ashura Plate +4
    Energetic Robe Lunard Glade +3
    Nightlord Armor +3
    Nightlord Leggings
    General's Bracers +5
    General's Badge
    Spirit Eater's Bracers +3
    Promise of Mountains and Oceans (god my wife will kill me for this (wedding ring lmao))
    on alt on same account:
    r9r3+10 weapon: bow Firmament Striker
    r9r3+8 armor: Firmament Mail
    r9r3+8 armor: Firmament Greaves
    r9r3+8 armor: Firmament Boots
    r9r3+8 armor: Firmament Bracers
    r9r3 belt: Firmament Talisman
    r9 ring: Ring of Trauma

    Warsoul: Masjuri
    Warsoul: Avalokites
    Warsoul: Ksitigarba
    Warsoul: Jakari
    Warsoul: Vajra

    Dragon Orb 5* x6
    Dragon Orb 3* x20
    Dragon Orb 4*
    Tisha stone

    Star chart items:
    Nebula dust orb x32
    Astrospira pearl lvl 1 x415
    Astrospira pearl lvl 2 x18
    Astrospira pearl lvl 4 x4

    Celestian insigna x63
    Soldier's Pay x2000
    Dragonlord coins x1500
    Angel of wishes x40
    Flowing crystal pack x19
    Dreamchaser pack x3
    Gold Guardian Charm x17

    Homestead materials:
    Mushroom seed x316
    Horse Foal x310
    Bloom Whisper stone

    TT materials:
    Basic Badge x4
    all of them x3-4... it will take me a day to enlist all of them

    Blue mat: Blood spirit stone x5
    Purple mat: Gold-Plated iron x4
    Gold mat: Ether Jade x24
    Rare gold mat: Profaned Wood x4
    Red mat: Dull Zenith skull x2 (extremely rare mat for g17r5 weapon rare and tradeable version, **** me why am i doing this)

    War avatar S cards on alt on same account:
    Tsen the Heavensent

    A card on alt on same account:
    Mask of Grief
    Chaotic Ravager

    War Avatar Nuema Portal Cards Tokens
    Astrid War Avatar Token (1200 gold charge reward)
    Althea War Avatar Token (1200 gold charge reward)

    War Avatar S cards:
    Lvl 80:
    Beastmaster Hokka
    The Incarcerate
    Elven Priest Yuusa
    Emperor Aurogorn

    Dark Radiance
    General summer
    Yeh Kuhan
    Archdemon isrifar
    Archdemon isrifar
    Anonymous Wiseman
    Plume city Elder
    Elder of Archosaur
    Elven Priest Yuusa
    Princess of Moonlight
    Harpy Wraith
    Harpy Wraith
    Harpy Wraith
    City of the lost elder
    Elder Yashimo
    Elder Yashimo
    Tsen the Heavensent
    Fen the Victorious

    War Avatar full S sets:

    4-card complete S-set: Four Lords of the Winged Elves
    1x Yi the heartquake
    1x Ien the Harbor
    1x Feather Lord
    1x Yi the mighty wing

    6-card complete S\A set: Warsong City reborn

    3x Snakefist Guardian
    6x Shadowskull Lich
    1x The Incarcerate (lvl 80)
    3x Obscure Reaper
    4x Pestilent Destroyer
    4x Cannonfist Orclord

    War Avatar Candleflame Cards:
    Emperor Chigo x2
    Emperor Aohe
    Ghost Wing

    War Avatar A cards:

    Archer Trainer
    Emissary of Void
    Dread Lord Hencgoc
    Barbarian Trainer
    Queen Xipher
    Leaf Rain Dryad
    Trap Master Fierce

    Server: Dawnglory
    Character: LiquidLove​​

    Pretty sure the rules state that the items must be on your character, not your account or alts, but good try.
  • splendideyessplendideyes Posts: 328 Arc User
    some people really like to flog off their friends/quitting peoples accounts.
  • dotz02lostdotz02lost Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Happy Anniversary Everyone!
    All items offered in the trade must be items you currently have on your character.

    If you win people will cause drama over the fact PWE didn't even follow their own event rules. Probably assuming corrupt GMs especially because you are claiming they checked on you beforehand when they have not done that with anyone else. Also, not only are the r9 pieces on another character you added in cards. Also, not sure why bound items are counted as items with value when they have 0 resale value. Its like buying an expensive steak, eating it, and trying to sell the **** back to the restaurant for a refund.
  • shunsaishunsai Posts: 21 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Required Items:

    Conflaguration Mount
    Jade of Steady Defense.

    Mounts (All Max speed 11.00m/s):

    Dark Abyss Mount
    Golden Steed
    Blazing Tempest
    Terror of the Deep
    Golden Riding Dog
    Ancestrial Horror


    Giant Bunny Pet
    Little Star Pet Egg

    Order Badges:

    Commander Badge: Luminance
    Warrior Badge: Corona
    Vanguard Badge: Shroud


    Jade of Eight Divines (3.3 max speed Human Flyer)
    Neon Crane (3.3 max speed Untamed Flyer)
    Feather's Misfortune (3.3 max speed Elf Flyer)
    Ocean Heart (3.3 max speed Tideborn Flyer)
    Gemini (3.3 max speed Earthguard Flyer)
    Dragontrack (3.0 Nightshade Flyer)
    Sealed Ocean Heart
    Sealed Pious Entity

    War Avatar cards:

    4x War Avatar Chest A
    8x War Avatar Pack A
    Warsong Set set:
    Shadowskull Lich, Obscure Reaper (2x), Pestilent Destroyer (3x), Cannonfist Orclord (3x)

    Refinement Aides:

    2x Chienkun Stones
    500x Tienkang Stones
    500x Tisha Stones
    100x Dragon Orb (1 star)
    100x Dragon Orb (2 star)
    10x Dragon Orb (3 star)
    5x Dragon Orb (4 star)
    55x Dragon Orb (5 star)
    1x Dragon Orb (7 star)
    1x Dragon Orb (8 star)
    1x Dragon Orb (10 star)
    1x Dragon Orb (11 star)
    3x 12 Star Dragon Orb Pack

    Dedication/Attendence Items

    1500x Reflective Shards
    611x Attendance Sheet
    110x Mystical Pills
    633x Nirvana Palace Keys
    336x Radiant Shards
    950x Astrospira Pear Lv1

    PVP Event Rewards

    Ceremonial Weapon Ticket (Top Territory War Faction 2013-2015)
    Pandoric Knight (Exclusive to repeat Territory War faction winners)
    2016 Territory War Reward (Top Territory War Faction 2016)
    Unknown Qualification (Exclusive reward for placing first in Superheavyweight PVP event)
    3900x Soldier Pay
    2000x Dragonlord's Coin

    50 Pieces of misc. from my precious fashion collection

    Server: Twilight Temple
    Character: GORILLA
  • asterelleasterelle 🦝🧁🐍🎀🔥🤹🥶🌟🌸🧢🏹 Posts: 859 Arc User
    edited October 2016

    REQUIRED ITEMS: Conflagration Dragon Mount * 2

    Jaden Emperer's Defiance+12
    Dragon Lord's Coin * 2500
    Soldier's Pay * 9999
    Mirage Celestone * 5000
    Panderic Knight * 3
    Dragon Orb +10
    Dragon Orb +11

    War Avatar S Cards:
    Ancestor Feng Loriel
    Ancestor Feng Loriel
    Beast Master Hokka
    Anonymous Wiseman
    King Feng Triton
    General Jen
    General Jen
    General Jen
    Elder of Streams
    City of the Lost Elder

    Big Luminostone *9999
    Big Golden Sculpture*9999
    Mirage Celestone * 999
    Tear of Heaven *999
    Lost Incantation Amulet *999
    Lost Giant's Amulet *999
    Subsiding Dirt *999

    Twilight Temple
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  • dann0odann0o Posts: 18 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    Awakened Hat of Infinite Power +12 with Citrine Gem Max +115 x3
    Glorious Robe: Torment +12 with Primeval Stone Vit +10 x2
    Puzzle Cube Badge: Vain +12
    Badge of Cube: Defiance +12 with Raven Stone Spirit +32 x4
    Brother of Fear +5 with Garnet Gem Phy Attack +75 x2
    Attendance Signet: Perfect Ring
    General's Badge Ring
    Mortal Relief Soulsphere
    Gale of the Tiger +5 with Garnet Gem Phy Attack +75 x2
    Lunar Dissector +5 with Drakeflame Stone Phy Attack +100 x2
    Lotus of Illusion Soulsphere +5
    Star Chart 8 Stats
    Star Chart 8 Stats
    Star Chart 10 Stats
    Emperor Tome
    Dragon Orb Flame x4



    -Lio Gianni
    -Gu Hensin x2
    -Tsen The Heavensent x2
    -Fen the Victorious

    -Yi the Mighty Wing x2
    -Feather Lord x2
    -Ien the Arbor x2
    -Yi the Earthquake

    -General Po x2
    -General Jen
    -General Chung x2

    -Elder of Archasaur x1 lv 80/80 and x2 lv 1/80
    -Elder of the Streams x2

    -Minister Tsu x3
    -Tsuan x1 lv 80/80 and x3 lv 1/80

    -Princess of Moonlight x3

    -Plume City Elder x2
    -Elven Priest Yuusa x1 lv80/80 and x2 lv 1/80

    -Elder Star x3
    -Elder Yashimo x1 lv 74/80 and x2 lv 1/80

    -Beastmaster Hokka x2
    -City of the Lost Elder x4

    -Anonymous Wiseman x1 lv 80/80 and x1 lv 1/80
    -Tiger Won x2


    -General Helian x1 lv 80/80 and x4 lv 1/80
    -General Summer x2

    -Etherblade Elder
    -Archdemon Isrifar
    -Yeh Kuhan

    -Vanished Ancestor x2
    -King Feng Triton x3

    -Jane the Harper x2

    -Lethal Vengeance x1 lv 80/80
    -Saint Feng Drime x4
    -Harpy Wraith x2
    -Emperor Aurugon x3

    -Armageddon x2
    -Holeen x5

    HOLY PILL X192

    CHARACTER: Daniiii
    SERVER: Tideswell
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  • v1leadv1lead Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    War Avatar A - Six Candleflame Sovereigns (6) full set all cards lvl 1 x2
    War Avatar S/A - Warsong City (6) full set all cards lvl 1 x2
    War Avatar S Balance of Three Races (3) full set include;
    1. General Po - lvl 80+ General Po lvl 1
    2. General Gen - lvl 1
    3. General Chung RB1 lvl 80
    War Avatar S Sin of the Fallen God (2) include;
    1. Minister Tsu - lvl1 x2
    2. Tsuan - lvl 1

    Additional S War Avatars;
    1. Winged Commander - lvl80
    2. General Summer - lvl 1
    3. General Helian - lvl 1
    4. Radiance - lvl 1
    5. World Watcher - lvl 1
    6. Yen Kuhan - lvl 1
    7. Elder of Archosaur - lvl 1
    8. Emperor Aurogon - lvl 1
    9. Lethal Vengeance - lvl 1
    10. Ien the Arbor - lvl 1
    11. Etherblade Elder - lvl 1
    12. City of the Lost Elder - lvl 1
    13. Holeen - lvl 1

    Conflagration Dragon Mount Egg x1
    Frozen Kirin Mount Egg
    Peerless Blessing x29
    Invincible Blessing x27
    Lost Aether Amulet x 9999
    Scroll of Calling x 79
    Astrospira Pearl lvl 1x 1200
    Strongwind Badge x 40
    Kunwoo Blade x 8
    Garan Stone x 4
    Dragon Jade Stone x 1
    Warsong Inscription x 50
    Fairy Box Key x 4600
    Radiant Shard x 150
    Friendship Crystal x447
    Duty Badge x 147
    Reflective Shard x506
    The Past of Frostcovered City x 246
    Sign of Twilight -x 421
    Wraith's Eye - x 790
    Wraith's Spirit x 78
    Nirvana Palace Key x1200
    Desert Tower Miniature x 305
    Rebirth Order Delta x 100
    Jade Dragon Order x 350
    Warrior Seal x 51
    Holy Pill x 513
    Mistycal Pill x 161
    Dream Guardian Scroll x 100

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  • weapon762weapon762 GodOfMurderers Posts: 186 Arc User
    Dat danni bid omg
    Vae Victis.
  • dann0odann0o Posts: 18 Arc User
    weapon762 wrote: »
    Dat danni bid omg

    shhh i want to clear my inventory space xD
  • matthew4matthew4 Posts: 373 Arc User
    omg Daniii only 1 card from SET and bind +12 item omg why and clear inventory on 100% not need
  • soulstormersoulstormer Posts: 61 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    3x Jade of Steady Defense
    5x Dragon Orb Ocean
    ★Netherworld Guidance +10
    ★Forest's Wisdom +10
    ★★Seraphic Shooter +11
    ★★Demonhunter Recurve +11
    ★★Ceremonial Bow
    ★★Cloudtide Oberver
    ★★General's Badge
    2x Ceremonial weapon ticket
    HeartFire Crossbow ♀
    Warsong Marshal Badge
    Lord Cuddlesworth
    Panderic Knight
    7600x DragonLord's Coin
    1969x Supply Token
    8116x Soldier's Pay
    93x Basic Badges
    22x Grand Commanders order
    Sovereigns seal
    549x Astrospira Pearl lv1
    435x Celemoon
    2000x Subsiding Dirt
    100x Elysian Seal
    7x Ruby Guardian Charm
    40x Platinum Guardian Charm

    S CARDS x 40

    2x Lio Gianni
    2x General Helian
    Winged Commander

    Archdemon Isrifar lv 80 RB1
    Etherblade Elder

    2x Vanished Ancestor
    Elder of Archosaur

    Elven Priest Yuusa
    Feather Lord
    Jane the Harper

    2x Tsen the Heavensent
    2x len the arbor
    4x Harpy Wraith
    2x Lethal Vengeance
    2x Minister Tsu
    City of the Lost Elder

    Yi the Earthquake Tsuan


    Balance of three races (3) (S CARD SET)
    General Po
    General Jen
    General Chung

    5/6 Warsong City (6)
    S card- 3x Incarcerate >_>
    A cards-
    3x Snakefist Guardian
    4x Shadowskull Lich
    3x Obscure Reaper
    Cannonfist Orclord

    6/6 Six Candleflame Sovreigns (6) (A CARD SET)
    4x Emperor Locen
    6x Mistress of Night
    2x Gorath
    4x Emperor Chigo
    Emperor Aohe
    Ghost Wing


    Giant Bunny Pet Egg
    Diamond Ring (。♥‿♥。)
    124x Sweet Memory
    Little Star Pet egg
    Identity Stone
    Ginger Tiger pet egg
    189x Fortifications seal
    59x Bloody Stone
    25x Pyro stone
    75x Flood Stone
    71 Magic Shadow Pill
    Doom stare egg
    Purple fox egg
    Coloured Deer Egg
    Good Luck Gift pack
    18x Dreamchaser pack lv1
    133x Platinum Spirit Charm box
    8405 xLuministone
    9030x Golden Sculpture
    576 xStamina Material
    252 Power Material
    524x Book credit card
    28x COF Directorate Secret Letter
    714x Lunar Fragment (combined total)
    330x Lunar Crystal (Combined total)
    943x Lunar Essence (Combined total)

    If you made it this far I top the offer with 1 Carrot
    please don't make me offer my wardrobe QQ

    Server- Tideswell
    Character- __RYDIA__
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