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Barter Event! Session 1 Evening Edition



  • jovipwjovipw Posts: 6 Arc User
    1 x Dragon Orb Ocean

    Name: Mawal
    Server: Tideswell
  • chaoskillermenchaoskillermen Posts: 1 Arc User
    Dragon Orb Ocean

    Name, Yvelinie
    Server, Tideswell
  • hxhhxh Posts: 7 Arc User
    26 pieces dragon orb 3* (bound)
    24 pieces dragon orb 4* (bound)
    1 unit Harpy Wraith S card
    1 unit Elder of Archosaur S card
    1 unit magic sword grade 17 Ominous Suppression with 2 socket (bound)
    Anniversary fashion male (bound)
    62 pieces astropira pearl lvl 1 (bound)
    65 pieces holy pill (bound)
    1 piece garan stone (bound)
    3 pieces kunwoo blade (bound)
    86 pieces mystical pill (bound)
    3289 pieces fairy box key (bound)
    628 pieces nirvana palace key (bound)
    304 pieces attendence sheet (bound)
    2303 pieces Reflective shards (bound)
    11 pieces Origin of battle tier 6 (bound)
    7 pieces Heartward jade (bound)
    23 pieces Mindcrusher claw (bound)
    6 pieces Hapatizon Whetstone (bound)
    81 pieces Vitae Pill (bound)
    225 pieces duty badge (bound)
    25 Radiant Shard (bound)
    30 pieces Random Pigment (bound)
    12 pieces PWI undercurrent coin (bound)

    Server: etherblade

  • defeckt0defeckt0 Posts: 2 Arc User
    4x Dragon Orb Ocean

    Name: Lambruska
    Server: Tideswell
  • iliad#9898 iliad Posts: 2 New User
    4x Citrine Gems
    5x Garnet Gems
    3x Bloody Stones
    1x Expedient Brilliance Stone
    4x Vit Stones (2 savant/ 2 Primeval)
    1x ☆☆☆Tyreseus power +10 w/ 2x Sapphire Gems
    1x ☆Awakened Demon Serene Robe +10 3x vit stones
    1x ☆Awakened Ancestral Divine Helm +10 3 vit stones
    1x ☆Calm Robe: Lunar Glade +7
    1x ☆☆Puzzle Cube Badge: Vain +7 (+10 magic engrave, 2 sockets, 2x expedient pyro stones) +7 Refine
    1x ☆☆Eye of the Jungle - Sky
    1x ☆☆Warsong Lock - Null +7
    1x Emperor Aurigon S Card
    1x Radiance S Card
    1x Armageddon S Card
    2x Wing Trophy Lunar Glade
    1x Lunar Glade Insignia - Weapon
    100x Ice shard coins

    Name: IIiad
    Server: Twilight Temple​​
  • yeeyohyeeyoh Posts: 1 Arc User
    Dragon Orb Ocean

    name: Kyung_Ha
    server: Tideswell
  • etanasoretanasor Posts: 15 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Pan gu creator

    Etanasor Dawnglory
  • whipmaihurrwhipmaihurr Snuggles Posts: 133 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Citrine Gem x1
    Garnet Gem x2
    Lunar Glade Insignia Weapon x1


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    The only GOP
  • spaz95spaz95 Posts: 110 Arc User
    Awakened Archangel's Wrap x1
    Awakened Archangel's Sleeves x1
    Moongrace Blade x1
    Awaken Lionheart Full set (6 pieces in set)
    Dragon Orb (4 star) x5
    ~465m value on TT server


    Twilight Temple
  • neo743neo743 Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    3x Dragon Orb Ocean +10 refinement
    Name: Raptocleric
    Server: Etherblade
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  • antihero50antihero50 Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    T2 Lions Roar Armor +10 socket 3x Jade of Steady Defense
    T2 Lions Roar Greaves +10 socket 3x Primeval Stone
    TT99 Lion Heart Vambraces +7 socket 3x Stone of Savant
    TT99 Lion Heart Greaves +7 socket 3x Primeval Stone
    Energetic Robe Lunar Glade Socket 3x Stone of Savant
    Heaven Rage boots
    Matchless Wings
    S card Feather lord
    Divine Tiger Sage Pet Egg
    Curse Tiger Demon Egg
    2x 4 star dragon orbs
    Ceremonail Axes
    Name: herozzeero
    Server: Tideswell
  • fansouthcoreafansouthcorea Posts: 63 Arc User
    LAME Event
    that hapens when they try use their brain to much!

    to much GAP between cashers and the ones that play for fun

    give to all AEU card set (and make all cashers spend their $ for Nuema Portal)

    that will save a bit this game

    PS for Gms :if wanna learn more how to make this game more enjoybale for all...write a PM
  • pao13elaizapao13elaiza Posts: 50 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Jaden Emperor's Defiance (G16 bow) (1 socket) +10
    Adds: Critical Hit Rate +1%
    Atk. Level +1
    Interval Between Hits -0.05 seconds
    Shards: Exclusive Garnet Shard Phys. Attack +42

    Wings of Cloudcharger Robe (4 sockets) +10

    Shards: Primeval Vit Stone +10 x3
    Diamond of Tiger Attack Level +1
    Engrave: Magic Res +225

    Peak of Clouds (G16 fists) (1 socket) +7
    Adds: Strength +19
    Interval Between Hits -0.05 seconds
    Dexterity +18
    Shards: Perfect Garnet Shard Phys. Attack +40

    Calm Robe Lunar Glade (2 sockets) No refines-No Shards
    Adds: Strength+6

    Energetic Robe Lunar Glade (3 sockets) +4
    Adds: Strength +6
    Interval Between Hits -0.05 seconds
    Shards: Flawless Garnet Shard Phy. Def. +41 x3

    Ancient Gazer (Elf Wings)
    Normal Speed +3.20
    Fast Speed +6.20

    R8r Demonhunter Treads (4 sockets) +6
    Shards: Diamond of Tiger Attack Level +1 x3
    Citrine Gem Max HP +115

    R8r Demonhunter Vambraces (4 sockets) +6
    Shards: Diamond of Tiger Attack Level +1 x3
    Citrine Gem Max HP +115

    Astrospira Pearl Level 1 x1400

    Citrine Gem +115HP x1

    Dragon Orb 3 Star (bound) x11

    Dragon Orb 4 Star (bound) x11

    Platinum Spirit Charm x2

    Name: Destructure
    Server: Tideswell

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  • keihan007#7641 keihan007 Posts: 1,190 Arc User
    Frostmane War Ape Mount Egg
    Frozen Kirin Mount Egg
    Giant Bunny Pet Egg
    Shelldon Pet Egg
    Dragonlord`s Coin x 6000
    Perfect Horn x 7
    Astrospira Pearl Lv1 x 900

    Name: IdentityThief

    Server: Etherblade
    BlackList vs Frenzied 3/17

  • asterelleasterelle 🦝🧁🐍🎀🔥🤹🥶🌟🌸🧢🏹 Posts: 860 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Brilliance Stones * 50
    Soldier's Pay * 9999
    Astropira Pearl Lv1 * 1000

    Asterelle, Twilight Temple

    Astrospira Pearl is a 1 gold item so 1000 of those is clearly worth more than the 250 gold it takes to buy the orbs tiger-37.gif
  • cherrykrischerrykris Posts: 6 Arc User
    Lotus of Illusion +10 (bound)
    Pereskia, Tideswell
  • meik51180meik51180 Posts: 1 Arc User
    Holidays Wish ( 4 Socket ) 4x Citrine gem +10

    Name: LadyMargaery
    Server: Tideswell
  • eirghaneirghan Posts: 1,912 Arc User
    Wtf you doing with that much soldiers pay silly.

    Oh nm clearly bidding on orbs qq
  • kurisukotzekurisukotze Posts: 240 Arc User
    asterelle wrote: »
    Brilliance Stones * 50
    Soldier's Pay * 9999
    Astropira Pearl Lv1 * 1000

    Asterelle, Twilight Temple

    Astrospira Pearl is a 1 gold item so 1000 of those is clearly worth more than the 250 gold it takes to buy the orbs tiger-37.gif

    -flutters eyes- I bid 1.9k of them
    Rencko - 105/105/105 - Seeker -Twilight Temple Server

    Current Gear:
    *Out of Date*
  • butterflydream26butterflydream26 Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Silence of Frost +5, 1 socket, atk lvl +41, def lvl +1, magic +18. sapphire gem imbued. bound weapon

    Name: foxicutiey
    Server: Etherblade
  • choasdriverchoasdriver Posts: 56 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Mysto Caster 2nd forge ( +12refine 2 sapphire gems socketed 63 att lvls 9 channel 18 mag 18 vit 3 crit)
    Spellsword of Nature ( no refine no gems 20 defs lvl 3% mag reduc 3% mag reduce 206hp)
    Spellsword of Nature ( +5 refine 2 Incomp Rubys Infinity Def lv+3 Vit20 crit 2%)
    Starchart Oathscript ( lvl 1 apt5.0 mag attackx2 mag pent pattackx2 p.pent hp mag resist)8 stats
    4484 Fairy Box Keys (bound)
    Orchidmane Hippogriff
    Colored Deer Eggx2
    Golden Steed Egg
    Dark Abyss Mount Egg
    Divine Tiger Sage Mount
    Cursed Tiger Demon Mount
    Golden Dog Riding Mount Egg
    Anniversary Mount Egg
    Vestmeant of Nature r8r (+6refine 4 Immac Cits P.Resistx2 Reduce Mag damage2%)
    Leggings of Nature r8r (+5refine 4 Immac Cits Elemental Resist 10% Mp Rec. 11 Crit 2%)
    Wristguards of Nature r8r (+5refine 4 Immac Cits HPx3 stat)
    Boots of Nature r8r (+5refine 4 Immac Cits Vit+12 Mag+11 Reduce Channel 2%)
    3 Plat. Spirit Charms
    Generals Badge r8 Ring ( 10 vit add )
    2 Peerless Blessings
    5 Invincible Blessings
    3 Fearless Blessings
    Eternal Love Fashion Pack
    Awakened Demon Spell Robe ( +5 refine, 3 sockets )
    132 Holy Pill ( bound )
    208 Holy Pill (not accountstashables)
    6 Stone of Jungle
    109 Etherjade
    116 Goldplate Iron
    221 Rough Iron Shard
    336 Blood Spirit Stone
    192 Rough Bloodstone Shard
    156 mystical pill (bound)
    256 mystical pill (not bound)
    459 Socket stone
    S Card - Anonymous Wiseman
    S Card- General Jen
    1 Platnuim Spirit Charm Box
    12 4star Dragon Orb (bound)
    2 5star Dragon Orb (bound)
    129 Teleport Insence (Bound)
    50 Teleport Insence ( Diff type stack bound)
    999 Espionage Potion
    3 Floodstone
    1 Bloodystone
    485 Astrospira Pearl (bound)
    4 Ancient Tinder
    1700 Dragonlords Coin
    81 Vitea Pill
    68 Cow Calf
    25 Deer fawn
    55 Myrtle Seed
    7 Mushroom Seed
    6 Squad Signet
    Heavenrage Boot (pack)
    2 Grandcommanders Order
    4 Sigil of Elysium
    26 Hyper Exp Stone
    18 War Avatar Order
    42 War Avatar C pack
    2 Damascene Ore
    212 Horse Fowl
    38 Gold Fusion Stone ( from tank event )
    12 Shattered Nightspike Crystal
    13 Nightspike Crystal
    10 Celestial Insigna
    1 Fortifications Seal
    781 Nirvana Palace Key
    48 Angel of Wishes
    Frostmane War Ape mount
    1 Warsong Medal
    Ceremonial Magic Sword ( TW reward weap)
    8 tienkang stone
    10 origination order (bound)
    99 Warsoul Tag
    8 2star Dragon orb
    9 1star Dragon orb
    2 Tisha Stone
    51 Soldiers Pay
    5 Ghostlord Protections
    5 Illusion Stones
    5 Tsuchun's Blazing Wings
    2 Illusionlord stones
    1 Empire's Sigh
    155 Songflow stone
    1 Kunwoo Blade
    329 Supply Tokens
    2 Sorceress Souls
    1 Chaotic Sign of Antiquity
    1 Warsoul of Heaven ( +7 refine 3 sockets 3 Cit gems )
    Full Galactic Soldier set male fashion ( pure white ) helm boots pants bracers chest
    1 Lailah's Heart (human flyer) upgraded speed of 3.0 / 5.0 with wind widgets

    And Last but not LEAST - 1 Salted Fish ( The item all penguin kingdom citizens like. Keep it well )
    IF i win please take care of my salted fish he needs lots of love and attention!

    Player: WizSux
    Server: Tideswell

    *not really sure what items are allowed in barter as it wasnt very specific so anything thats not allowed just ignor and tally up what is*

    Post was edited to remove the words that items was in account stash and in bank everything is on the actually toon now.
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  • berrynlberrynl Posts: 21 Arc User
    Jade of Steady Defense x1
    Nebula Dust Orb x200
    Astrospira Pearl Lv.1 x500

    Character: Paparazzi
    Server: Dawn Glory
  • lichtfuerstlichtfuerst Posts: 31 Arc User
    Yaksha Stone
    Cloud Stir
    Lunar Glade Insignia - Weapon x3
    Wing Trophy - Lunar Glade x2
    Adamantine Powder x15
    Lucky Cube Game Coin x50
    Fate's Denial
    Chaotic Sign of Antiquity +6
    Devil's Cape of Aries +3
    Aqua Dash +3
    Archangel's Sleeves +3
    Cape of Tauran Chieftain +3
    Dragon Orb 3 Star bound
    Dragon Orb 4 Star bound x5
    Dragon Orb 5 Star bound
    Warrior Seal x34
    Emperor's Letter x4
    Hyper EXP Stone x88
    Calmness Dew x20
    Transform Powder x68
    Samsara Wheel x42
    Crimson Soul Powder x37
    Healing Orb x5
    Renewal Orb x12
    Tidal Wafer x3
    Nightspike Crystal x8
    Dragon Blood Stone x36
    Astrospira Pearl Lv 1 x289
    Devine Tiger Sage Pet Egg
    Espionage Potion x400
    Spirit of Defense x300
    Dragonlord's Coin x600
    Warsong Emblem x756
    Christmas Tome
    Faction Signet Bag x5
    Pyro Stone x5
    Flood Stone x3
    Bloody Stone x5
    Buddhas's Hatred +6
    Dustfall Relic x5
    Damascene Ore Pack x9
    Hapatizon Whetstone Pack x3
    Oricalcum Ore Pack x17
    Platinum Ore Pack x10
    Frostcovered Sign - Force x4
    Lunar Glade Insignia - Ornament x5
    Championship Scroll x3
    Eternal Love Male Pack
    Dapper Rose Pack
    Puncture Wound Sage x2
    Spirit Blast Sage x2
    Twin Strike Sage
    Platinum Spirit Charm x16
    Belligerence ( Tideborn Wings +3.3, fastened +6.3)
    Ceremonial Weapon Ticket

    Ign Failie
    Server Dawnglory
  • werzn5e67anwerzn5e67an Posts: 5 Arc User

    Astropira Pearl Lvl 1 x 1800
    Fairy Box Key x 6500
    Reflective Shard x 5800
    Attendance Sheet x 1200
    Emperor's Letter x 600
    Advice Box x 200
    Mystical Pill x 2700
    Soldiers' Pay x 9999
    Bless Box of Both x 1066
    Holy Pill x 1350

    Name: Paranouz
    Server: Dawnglory
  • poppyfeypoppyfey Posts: 5 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Yaksha stone x1
    Golden Coin x3
    Chaotic Sign of antiquity +4 (+7 strenght engrave)
    Sky cover
    Citrine gem x3
    Sapphire gem x1
    Lunar glade Insignia weapon x2
    Warsong Marshal badge x1
    Requiem Blade
    Glaives of divinity
    Wheel of fate
    Glorious robe: eden +4
    archangel´s pendant +3
    Warsoul of heaven +5
    Ghost cry souldphere +3
    Glorious robe: torment +5
    Guard of thundershock+4
    Crimson fox egg x2
    Anniversary Mount x2
    Divine tiger sage mount
    Cursed Tiger demon mount
    Divine sage tiger pet egg
    Ginger tiger pet egg x2
    Lord Cuddlesworth
    little star pet egg
    Golden riding dog mount x2
    aurora's egg
    doom's stare egg
    astropira pearl lvl 1 x921
    Soldier's pay x1237
    warsong inscription x14
    Dream guardian scroll x29
    Mysterious chips x4111
    Tiger vendor shop ticket x2
    quicksand smokewisp x2
    Orihalcum x10
    wildheart jade x2
    songflow ringstone
    kunwoo blade x3
    garan stone x3
    espionage potion x 365
    faction signet x7
    Overseer Aeban A card
    Heavenly tiger A card
    Cleric trainer A card
    Peachblossom Ritualist A card
    Psychic Trainer x2 A card
    Assasin Trainer x2 A card
    Primeval element A card
    Tideborn Princess A card
    Mask of Grief A card
    Infernal Spikewing A card
    Emissary of light A card
    Archer Trainer A card

    ign: PoppyFey
    server: Dawnglory

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  • tuttletuttle Posts: 254 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Updated Bid

    xKinkyxKongx - Etherblade

    LONG list, items with * next to them are on the account but on a storage toon, items with ** next to them are some on main, some in storage

    207x Imperial Exam List
    82x Grand Commander's Order
    481x Astropira Pearl Lvl 1
    75x Platinum Spirit Charm (Box)
    9x 1 star dragon orb
    19x 2 star dragon orb
    76x 3 star dragon orb**
    39x 4 star dragon orb**
    28x 5 star dragon orb**
    1,115x Warsong Emblem
    300x Page of Fate
    300x Old Book Page
    5x Kunwoo Blade
    3x Strongwind Badge
    75x Fairy Box Key
    300x Celestial Insignia
    67x Angel of Wishes
    24x Essence of Offense
    1x Holiday's Wish (robe) 4 socket no gems/refines
    1x Awakened Demon Spell Robe, Lunar, +11 with 3 garnet gems, +225 phys def engrave
    185x Chaos Fragment*
    146x Life Fragment*
    137x Earth Fragment*
    144x Flame Fragment*
    156x Aqua Fragment*
    136x Steel Fragment*
    44x Aqua Crystal*
    36x Flame Crystal*
    38x Earth Crystal*
    54x Life Crystal*
    28x Steel Crystal*
    42x Chaos Crystal*
    46x Aqua Essence*
    44x Flame Essence*
    46x Earth Essence*
    66x Life Essence*
    39x Chaos Essence*
    57x Steel Essence*
    18x Perfect Topaz Shard*
    2x Immaculate Topaz Shard*
    1x Incomparable Ruby Shard*
    18x Perfect Ruby Shard*
    2x Immaculate Ruby Shard*
    19x Perfect Amethyst Shard*
    2x Immaculate Amethyst Shard*
    1x Incomparable Aquamarine Shard*
    19x Perfect Aquamarine Shard*
    3x Immacualte Aquamarine Shard*
    14x Perfect Alabaster Shard*
    7x Immaculate Alabaster Shard*
    3x Incomparable Turqouise Shard*
    5x Perfect Turquoise Shard*
    5x Perfect Citrine Shard*
    4x Immaculate Citrine Shard*
    3x Flawless Citrine Shard*
    2x Beautiful Citrine Shard*
    2x Incomparable Amber Shard*
    5x Perfect Amber Shard*
    5x Immaculate Amber Shard*
    3x Flawless Amber Shard*
    27x Perfect Sapphire Shard*
    5x Immaculate Sapphire Shard*
    3x Flawless Sapphire Shard*
    3x Beautiful Sapphire Shard*
    21x Perfect Garnet Shard*
    1x Immaculate Garnet Shard*
    3x Beautiful Garnet Shard*
    4x Flawless Garnet Shard*
    1x Xmas Fashion Set (still in box)*
    4,500x Hyper EXP Stone*
    7x Demure Attendant Fashion Pack
    1x Awakened Hat of Infinite Power, Lunar, +11, 3 garnet gems, +100 magic attack engrave*
    1x Awakened Lionheart Vambraces, +10, 3 Immaculate Citrine Shard*
    1x Warsong Lock - Null (stage 2, g15) +10*
    1x Holiday Ring of the Warrior (might/phys ring)*
    1x Forest's Wisdom, +10, 3 Perfect Citrine Shards*
    1x Awakened Lionheart Armor, +10, 1 Jade of Steady defense, 1 Sapphire gem, 1 unsued socket*
    1x Awakened Lionheart Cuisses, +10, 3x immaculate citrine shard*
    1x Awakened Lionheart Greaves, +10, 3x vit stones*
    1x Dapper Rose Fashion Pack

    War Avatar S Cards
    Etherblade Elder
    General Helian
    Elder Star
    Gu Hensin x2
    Anonymous Wiseman
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  • cvrckocvrcko Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    Dragon Orb Mirage +11(bound)
    2xDragon Orb Ocean +10(bound)
    50x Holy Pill (account stashable ones)
    70x Holy Pill
    Star"s Destiny +10 (NW ring,bound)
    King Feng Triton S War Avatar Card
    Elder of the Streams S War Avatar Card
    97xAstrospira Pearl lv1
    31x Vitae Pill

    Name: OptiMystic

    EDIT:Added astrospira pearls and vitae pills.

    Post edited by cvrcko on
  • foxmikefoxmike Posts: 51 Arc User

    All the following items bound:

    Dragon Orb Ocean x 2
    Dragon Orb (5 star) x 40
    Dragon Orb (4 star) x 8
    Dragon Orb (2 star) x 53
    Dragon Orb (1 star) x 64
    Warsong Inscription x 92
    Lucky Cube Game Coin x 4
    Astropira Pearl x 726
    Elysian Seal x 55
    Shattered Nightspiked Crystals x 45
    Celestial Shard x 22
    Soldiers' pay x 1008
    Hyper EXP Stone x 10
    Nebula Dust Orb x 58
    Shadow Ashura Bracers 3 sockets + 2
    Netherworld Guidance 1 socket + 8

    Server: Tideswell
    Char: ZionGene
  • dgarrett0009dgarrett0009 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Wow I cant compete with any of these offers, sucks to be poor I guess :/
  • tizantizan Posts: 1 Arc User
    Platinum Guardian Charm x5
    Ruby Spirit Charm x2
    Dragon Orb 4 star x3
    Necklace of Giant Strength (Refine +5) x1
    Archangel's Sash (Refine +3) x1
    Archangel's Sleeves (Refine +5) x1
    Hyper EXP stone x1490
    Tiger Vendor Shop Ticket x1
    Perfect Horn x6
    R8R Gloves of Light x1
    R8R Shoes of Light (Refine +6) x1
    R8R Pants of Light (Refine +6) x1
    R8 Wheel of Light (Refine +7 with 2xSapphire Gem) x1
    R8 Robe of Light (Refine +5) x1
    R8 General's Badge x1
    Safe Extension Stone x15
    Inv. Extension Stone x16
    Spectral Haze x1
    The Heavenly Scent x1

    Char: Golodhrim
    Server: Etherblade
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