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Homestead Week! Events, Prizes, and Fun!

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 545 Perfect World Employee
edited March 2016 in General Discussion
Welcome to Homestead Week everyone!

We have quite a few things in store, so let's kick off the festivities the right way!

All this week, we are going to be focusing on and giving everyone a sneak preview of our Homestead System! In honor of this occasion, we are hosting a very special forum contest! This one's a little ambiguous and pretty cool.

The rules are simple:
Create Blueprints for what you imagine your dream Homestead to look.

This is completely open ended. We know you guys do not have all the details just yet, but that's half the fun! Draft up what you imagine your dream homestead looks like, and post the plans here in this thread. You can use any means available! You can use Autocad, pen and paper, even build it from the ground up in photoshop, we know not everyone is a master contractor, so we are leaving it fairly open to interpretation.

Contest Starts: NOW!!!
Contest Ends:3/28/16

At the end of this week we are going to select the eight Homestead plans that wow us the most.

Top three winners will receive an Exclusive Item to Use in their Homestead!

Winners four through eight will receive a Homestead Supply Pack! This pack contains some very useful items to help building your Homestead.

Best of luck to everyone, and we can't wait to see what everyone dreams up!

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  • beast21gbeast21g Posts: 631 Arc User
    blue prints as "lines" from autocad or something else? I dont get if i dont have an exampe
  • thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 545 Perfect World Employee
    You can use autocad if you so desire, Even something as simple as pen to paper to draw what you imagine your home to look like! You can use in game screenshots to represent your dream or you can draft something from the ground up in photoshop! We're leaving it very open to interpretation as not everyone has the skill set of a master contractor.
  • sylenthundersylenthunder Support Guru Posts: 3,061 Community Moderator
    I made this for another game....
    Complete with a stuttering walkthrough, cause my PC specs at the time weren't so great.
  • phreyyyphreyyy Posts: 20 Arc User
    umm....... before another event reward, might as well send reward first for HEAVENFALL COMPETITION WINNERs - soul gem pack...its been one and half month now.....
  • tictic99999tictic99999 Posts: 204 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    This is a house I spent a couple weeks creating a few years ago when I was big on minecraft. I will model my house after it assuming i can. I almost couldn't believe I still had the original world and schemetics that I made it on. This huge mansion is fulled decked out with indoor and outdoor pools, an outside and inside dining areas, formal and casual gaming living rooms, 4 bedrooms, a kitchen and 2 full baths. :D

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  • beast21gbeast21g Posts: 631 Arc User
    i dont think i have the skills for something like that have fun and i will watch the posts
  • dingo488dingo488 Posts: 936 Arc User
    So what happened to not posting stuff from other games in general discussion threads?

    IGN: Madskillz
  • ayejay101ayejay101 Posts: 238 Arc User
    I have the vision, yet I lack the skills for such a thing.... I can draw lines... lines are good.... :sweat_smile:
    Thanks for doing housing first <3 My hype is getting spent on this :DD
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  • foley3kfoley3k Posts: 446 Arc User
    May as well send me those items in game right now


  • dblazen1dblazen1 Sh*tposting at the speed of light.Posts: 1,177 Arc User
    *insert blueprints and floor plans of playboy mansion here*​​
    The only fitting image for this forum.

  • kurisukotzekurisukotze Posts: 240 Arc User
    My house [ Default ] why cause all my coins going into r999 and g17 /o/
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  • justas55justas55 Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    Post edited by sylenthunder on
  • engrdennis2012engrdennis2012 Posts: 95 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    here it is,

  • malegersonmalegerson Posts: 16 Arc User
    Classic chinese temple

  • daniel291184daniel291184 Posts: 22 Arc User
    I like to have a house like this one xD

  • danielunsa2danielunsa2 Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    imagePlay room photo Screenshot_zpsjkdy98io.jpg" alt="" />
    Hi all, this is a house that I build in another game some years ago, I hope do you like it :wink:

    This is the living room

    The kitchen


    My bedroom

    And an entire floor just for games :smiley:

  • jwboothjwbooth Posts: 55 Arc User
    I prefer something by the water.
    img hosting

  • clyknightclyknight Posts: 128 Arc User
    Welcome friends and family because the "wows us" is all about interpretation
  • tchptchp Posts: 20 Arc User

    enjoy !
  • ozzarnik1392ozzarnik1392 Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited March 2016
  • laiwaisanlaiwaisan Posts: 1,123 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    bought the homestead creator pack check it out i make P didy Jelly image
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  • takashikiritotakashikirito Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    Quick Mock-Up in Creo Parametric (Doesn't Include Doors and Windows in the drawing, but they would be used in the Homestead)

    Front View

    Rear View

    First Floor

    Second Floor
  • testxvitestxvi Posts: 308 Arc User
    I'm guessing when the expansion goes live I'll be starting out with a small house~
    Satyrion - Twilight Temple​​
    Satyrion - Sanctuary (mypers.pw/9/#436708) Hoorah
  • tictic99999tictic99999 Posts: 204 Arc User
    you guys do realize your suppose to create your own design... a house that exists in the real world, or one you already find inside pwi isn't exactly creating your own design lol. The whole point is be creative!
    (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
    Dawnglory's legendary Stormbringer ShockWave LV 105-105-103
    7 year old Harshlands character, semi-retired Wizard Boomz
    Will he reach 1800 spirit?
  • testxvitestxvi Posts: 308 Arc User
    In my case, he stated you could use ingame screenshots to represent the dream/house. At least how I'm understanding his comment, english isn't my first language anyway.​​
    Satyrion - Sanctuary (mypers.pw/9/#436708) Hoorah
  • laiwaisanlaiwaisan Posts: 1,123 Arc User
    yeah and mine was created with Photoshop using blending mesh and filters combining 3 places into one awesome dream home
  • tatianasdemon97tatianasdemon97 Posts: 6 Arc User

    No one said i couldn't make a tree house....>.>

    i was going to add more floors but i had no time ;-;

    but this is the blue prints (or white prints) of the design.

    i hope we are allowed to have tree houses :3
  • souleaterilmsouleaterilm Posts: 19 Arc User
    photo CaptureKani.jpg

    photo Ok.jpg
  • blinkmuchblinkmuch Posts: 9 Arc User
    my house would be invisible inside this tree in the middle of a pond in a beautiful japanese garden
    (sry for no self-drawn stuff, im already happy if one can guess the gender of my stickmen..)

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