unable to proceed with cultivation

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Copied from problem ticket as requested by Customer Services.

My character, RamJotFemVen, is not able to proceed with cultivation. The problem is that the system message that is sent in the between Sacrifice and Elder's Confusion was not received due to a client disconnection. The Demon guide does not have a quest for me neither does the elder have a cultivation quest for me.
My question is: Is it possible to get either Sacrifice or Elder's Confusion quests assigned.
If not I will have to destroy this char and start over.
Please let me know.
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    OK, response from support so far is: it will be passed on and I have to wait.

    I put a 30 day limit on the time I was willing to wait.
    If I don't get any fix to this game system created problem then I will have to scrap my character and start over.
    My count has started already and there are 27 days to go.

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    Let us know your level and current cultivation, and take a screenshot of your current quests and your available quests ;o
    ~ not that there is that much to see (yet?)
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    Wrong char and wrong account.

    My stuck char was RamJotFemMsy in account ramjot5.

    That request is over 2 months old so I have set the char to delete.
    7 days and counting to self destruct and restart.

    I hope not many get a dc in between the Sacrifice and Elders Confusion quests as they will get the same problem.