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Tread for all servers to read.

elyse789elyse789 Posts: 17 Arc User
edited May 2015 in Chronicles
I went around scouting other servers and I was embarrassed to be an archosaurian. I have alts on a few servers because I got bored pking on seek and cleric in archosaur.I was quite shocked of the level of pk on other servers.I know archosaur is said to be a PVE server but a few people rumored and said it was a home to strong people,well they lied archo is blow average in pk performance
The main reason they have strong players is due to over gear,with that being said there is only 1 JOSD assassin on the entire server(funny) lol the rest of their pkers are well known because of money. Technically they have a max S card set and they are called op,don't get me wrong am rich lol I can afford anything in pwi.I will confess to opkossy that my tread about "ARCHSOUR TOP PKERS "was a troll because I just wanted to mention or make fun of the number of good pkers on the server which is less than 9 or 10 ,how ever 50% of the names I mentioned in that tread only got there because of their money.Its sad because archsour is a poor server its rare to find people who can afford gear so most of those I mentioned made it to the top thanks to S cards and 0 skill.
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