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worth/possible quitting?

bearishidontevenbearishidonteven Posts: 119 Arc User
edited March 2015 in Chronicles
So I joined PWI about 3 years ago (I think), left for 2 days after the whole resetting your char to 0 once you were 101 patch came) But thinking about it now as well as it's still the very first MMO I played. Tho is it still possible to catch? And is it just doing all the same quests AGAIN but with slightly more skill points? The last time I played serious was when Nirvana was spammed during x2 weeks. Oh the fun <3
Then it stopped working for some reason and I saw a lot of QQ posts about how this new capture the flag pop thing was the new endgame, making any and all PvE completely obsolete (their words, in like every 9 out of 10 posts I read about this). Asking because I'm from EU and I think the EU server is very popular, nor am I inclined to quit with every items I collected on my Barb.

So is there any PvP endgame progression atm? Is it worth quitting? i dont even... b:shocked
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  • DEMHEALSMAN - DreamweaverDEMHEALSMAN - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,396 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    No, go get killed by clerics.
    Well, maybe later, semi-retired.
  • Evryn - MoraiEvryn - Morai Posts: 1,437 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Well, you'll have some catching up to do of course. Two rebirths, primal skills, nuemas and title quests to name a few things... but if you're reasonably geared (G15ish or better) that'll just be a bunch of dailies. You'll also need some war avatars - grade A or better. I suggest you read along the tutorials about the primal skills, war avatars and nuemas to get caught up on those.

    It's possible to catch up if you want to, but it'll take some doing.
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  • eirghaneirghan Posts: 1,912 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    If you enjoy pwi as a mmo i would just do it.

    I QQed as hard as the rest of the player base when i had to go back to 0 but once i did it I actually had a lot of fun. Going back to level 1 mobs in your current gear and bonus attribute points was hilarious and its fun to go back and do old fbs and enjoy being OP as f this time round.

    Its work and time but in the end worth it. And is being end game really that fun? Nothing to do ;__;
  • Poopinpanto - Heavens TearPoopinpanto - Heavens Tear Posts: 274 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Reawaken x2 you will not regret it and its easy to get back to 100 quite fast.Most toons I have dine I had them back to 80+ in the same day because no saved up some exp items then do the PV and daily BH then at 70 I would use my brain orbs I have saved up and make it to 80+ off those.

    Or if you want to quit then there is nothing wrong with that because all your doing on a daily basis is dailies ..anything faction PvP or solo PvP is very low to none and quite out of sack since the ones who mainly PvP are the Ines who prob put a new cars worth of cash into their toon.
  • demansfairydemansfairy Posts: 451 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Well the reason you should re- *looks at OP's name* oh its bearish, nvm.
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  • opkossyopkossy Posts: 11,177 Community Moderator
    edited March 2015
    People taking a bearish thread seriously?

    whatisthisidon'teven b:shocked
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