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Toying with my future Storm

dat1guyydat1guyy Posts: 119 Arc User
edited February 2015 in Stormbringer

So I figured while we wait I would toy a bit with the calculator to find what my future SB might look like about 10 months from now. Before you ask level 105x3?? Let me explain that this amount of farm and work is well within my reach. Of course that means months of running PVs but I have done so before on my cleric.

I have altered the gear stats to match my items I have so far such as hat, cape, neck, ring as well as some cards. However I also picked rolls on future gear as I will plan to re-roll until I can get those or better. Judging from my excellent 934 Magic Cleric, I can say re-rolls are well worth the time and coins, especially when you start to cap out.

What scares me is that my Matk is extremely almost end tier. A whooping 52-57k Matk completely beats my Cleric's buffed 40-47k Matk. The only other ways to further it would be to reawaken cards or equip a Magic Ring over my Sky Cover. In the future, I could possibly Golden Coin my hat for the 200 Matk extra as well.

But imagine stacking Reaper Form, Supercell, Triple Spark (once our chi gain skill comes), Sage Moonblade, Cloudburst, all on at the same time.

Even with primal passve Endless Breeze, while other classes stay around 120% skill damage (140% Invigorate buff).

Storms can end up around 173% skill damage (193% Invigorate buff).

This might seem like a waste of Chi to use Supercell however since it lasts 20 seconds long for its buff, the SB's chi gain skill combined with Chi Eruption makes it easily possible to chain those together with one another. I am not fully certain about other classes but it seems Storm have one of the best burst potential, but then again I would have to look into the BM, Seeker, or Wizzy combos with their channeling or HF.

Other than that, I think it is agreeable to say SBs are not lacking at all in Damage Dealing. Before the expansion, I assumed they would have either a range nerf (20 meters max) or damage nerf due to the fact they can cast while moving. However I am not disappointed yet, except for the time factor that PWI is taking to release further content. b:sad
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