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Morai Skills

VitoryXXX - ArchosaurVitoryXXX - Archosaur Posts: 171 Arc User
edited February 2015 in Stormbringer
So we know about Sage/Demon skills, but anyone know about morai skills? Like what order have what skills and same with celestial skills because i would like to start farming prestige and influnce knowing what i will get :/
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Mystic's Never Die~ Y☯utube---http://tinyurl.com/pqu55ut
First 105-105-105 Mystic in Archosaur Server// 100-XX-XX Sage Mystic//102-102-102 Demon Assassin And 100-XX-XX Sage// 101-100-102 Sage Seeker//100-100-102 Demon Blademaster
100-100-102 Demon Psychic
100-100-100 Sage Cleric//100-100-101 Sage Stormbringer//100 Demon Duskblade
And other alt's i don't play~


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