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Thoughts on multihit skills?

XSonOfCircex - SanctuaryXSonOfCircex - Sanctuary Posts: 1,173 Arc User
edited January 2015 in Stormbringer
I feel like in part the fact that Tidal Force and Moonblade (Not to mention avatar of the storm) hit so many times helps reduce the impact of people using magic defense charms, or at least helps you clear off their current one and a subsequent autoreplacement if they have it on autopot. However, it also obviously makes charm bypass impossible.

Not necessarily saying this removes the usefulness of the skills but I'm interested to see what other people see as these skill's potentials in the specific context of them having multiple hits.
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  • Evryn - MoraiEvryn - Morai Posts: 1,437 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    My thoughts on it:
    - Multihit skills are purely for player-versus-player purposes. They don't help in PvE at all
    - They are finisher moves designed to bypass player defenses by means of overwhelming, akin to what APSsing did in the past.
    - The newer races are the ones that received them, which shows a bias on the designer's part towards using these for PvP purposes.

    My suggestion:
    - Either ALL or NO classes/races should have access to such moves. Barb, BM (no, Flash doesn't really count as you can't use it with the BM R9 weapon) and Seeker should get one, and the Ice Splash of the archer needs to have the interval between volleys drastically lowered to be on par with the sin and dusk's abilities.
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  • ipereniperen Posts: 2
    edited January 2015
    My thoughts :
    I like the idea, because a game should have different ways to get a kill, like dps through or dph. It's a sort of fixed version of dot skills dat bypass to many things. I don't like the biaised way they implemented it. Firstly because they put it on some classes in a way to powerfull way (sins) while on other versions were decently thought (I do like how they implemented it on duskblade with charge or needing 2 skills before or simply a big cd/cost). Secondly, because they nerfed dph/debuffs a bit to much rendering it close to obsolete.

    It's a bit like they wanted to give new classes AND debuffs AND multi-hit dps style to attract players, so they made sure the debuff part was nerfed without looking what that would do on other classes. I would prefer things to be more psychic vs wizard in the old days. Wizard had the slow big hits and great debuffs. Psychic had the faster low hits and ways to maximize dps. Neither being the "better" mage.

    I think multi-hits is great as I like more dps-kind of play. But they should never come to pushing it so much over dph classes that makes the poster above say that dph-based should get multi-hits. It's a bit silly and sad.
  • demansfairydemansfairy Posts: 453 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    Seeing how elimination and cursed jail work against me on my end game char, I say these muti hit skills are going to be great for pvp to murder def charms. Use tidal force and you're guaranteed 10 seconds of full damage while also doing a large amount of damage from tidal since it's split into 3 shots w/ the first 2 weaker shots taking out the def charm they had equipped, and the def charm their auto potter popped for them.
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  • Sylvae - SanctuarySylvae - Sanctuary Posts: 1,018 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    It seems like it's based more for crit based build. Because it increases the number of times you can crit, but does so at the cost of time to do so. Useful for opening to kill guardian charm, or if a charm isn't bypassed and their health reset. But 5 times to crit is pretty nice, since you won't be as dependent on that one lucky crit. And for sage, opening with it and getting the proc actually works towards bypassing the charm by switching to a high DPH afterwards.
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