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My suggestion is about implementing new gems in game. As we have already have attack level and defence level gems I came up with the idea about having +2 warding level gems and +2 slaying level gems to add on armours. This would be beneficial for those who mainly do PVE. There may also be a restriction to morai gears only or any gears below G16. What do people think of this?

Edit: in order to acquire these gems, users will need to have max prestige in any morai orders and will need to be purchased with influence + coins.
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    Not that much of a bad idea but:

    1. Is that really needed, to be honest, PVE is already a cakewalk as it is. Add to the fact that stones like this would be added to packs (knowing pwe) and prices being rediculous
    1-a. It would work, granted if the shards would be obtainable by morai influence / nw tokens(?) / crushed emblems from SoT/Aba weekly

    2. Why the restriction to morai gear or grade < 16?

    It's not a bad idea for pve, but it's highly unlikely to ever happen.
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    I guess that the interest would be to get them really cheaper than DoD/DoT.
    In the same time it would be useful only for guys who are 100% PVE, and with that in mind it wouldn't be that cheap considering the low need of this kind of gemms for PVE.
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    too bad that josd and deity would have the same "effect" on pve, so if you switch shards from josd to +2 ward lvl shard you wont see any difference PvE-wise
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    too bad that josd and deity would have the same "effect" on pve, so if you switch shards from josd to +2 ward lvl shard you wont see any difference PvE-wise

    But slaying+ gems would be astronomically cheaper because the rich pvpers wouldn't use those stones. Only the people with moderate income would want them, so their price couldnt be so high.
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    Sounds like a good idea to me. Make them Decently farmable, like 2 weeks of morai dailies each + say 8m or so. Or better yet, make more weeklies similar to aba and sot. Maybe make weekly lunar where you need to do all 3 paths each week or something. Maybe increase the level of all FC mobs by 20 and their corresponding stats and make that a weekly for it too :p Great way to revive those 2 beautifull instances.

    No need to restrict what you can insert them into. Its PvE only, PvE only players arent really PWIs market anyway and it doesnt do much imbalance really. Noone is likely to put them into R9, so it would just bring G16 a bit closer to the level of R9 for PvE (but still slightly inferior primarily because of the lack of weapon proc).

    This would also allow PWI to make instances that are more challenging for all the OP toons around as now the casual free to play players can be similarly OP in PvE. I like the idea a lot i think b:pleased
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    Fair points.