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JOSD or Diety

masteraidenmasteraiden Posts: 0 Arc User
edited January 2015 in Stormbringer
Which do you guys think a SB may find more beneficial (with endgame gear)?

My current thoughts is that a SB will have high enough Mdef and physical defense that going diety might be a worth while choice.
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  • Joe - MoraiJoe - Morai Posts: 1,299 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    Which do you guys think a SB may find more beneficial (with endgame gear)?

    My current thoughts is that a SB will have high enough Mdef and physical defense that going diety might be a worth while choice.

    The overall best for this class would be the same as any caster so far:

    8x josd
    16x deity

    With the right use of blessings and the good ability to switch them you are best suited for nearly any possible encounter with those shards. Note: If you wanna be a main target in mass PvP then you should go pure josd as any other class has to, too. Mass PVP is still a non-factor for me. 1on1 self-buffed FTW. That is why I'm going 8xjosd/16x garnet gems.
    My Barb:

    My SB:
  • WannaBM - ArchosaurWannaBM - Archosaur Posts: 1,984 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    With defence levels being substracted from attack levels and vice verse, i think it is important to note that in pure effectiveness, in equally geared PvP they are equal. Defence levels are no better because you have more fewer of them than attack levels or anything.

    So with your shards, you simply influence equally the number of effective attack levels both you and your opponent have. You can either push the level higher for both or lower. If both players make opposing choises, they exactly cancel eachother out. If one has a much higher total of attack and defence levels than the other, any added levels are worth less for him than for the other, but that is equally true for JOSD as for deities. Its about the total number of both attack and defence levels.

    So you are not as much influencing your own strength with this choise, you are moreso affecting how fast you want PvP to be.

    I know for many people this is such a simple common fact that it is never really mentioned, but i thought it may be usefull for the few that might not realise this.

    There is some difference as for example when the unsharded effective attack levels are 60 vs 90, you have 50% more. If you both shard JOSD and bring the totals down, that difference becomes more significant. If you both shard deity and bring it up, that difference becomes less significant. From that point of view, the one who is more end game geared should be more inclined to shard JOSD. And thus if you consider only your shards vs enemies who dont use either JOSD or DEITY, then you are making yourself more endgame and thus JOSD seems better. I dont think it is much more important to consider equally geared opponents though, so i would not put too much weight to that. It could however be a significant matter for anyone who has very much more total levels than other toons by skills not gear(seeker? any other ?)

    As for what is best in equally geared PvP not considering excessively high levels trough skills, my PvP noob reasoning would be like this:
    You can look at this from different perspectives i guess. In TW for example the mellees are being targetted a lot more than they attack other people. For them slower battles is a good thing while for the ranged attackers the opposite is true (i have never been a ranged attacker, is there a significant different in their range, is one of them much more likely to be spending time on the front row than another and thus be tanking the enemies ?)
    in 1v1 PK i would however reason otherwise. I would prefer deities on my barb because i want battles to be faster. I dont want to be in drawn out HA vs HA fights **** both our charms. The AAs i imagine might on the otherhand benefit from deities. They dont want to get 2 shot if i manage to get close enough to hit them with a zerk critting onslaught - ancestral rage.
    Everything i write is from PvE perspective unless mentioned otherwise.
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