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Impossible to get 4 Sockets?

Strife - LothranisStrife - Lothranis Posts: 8 Arc User
edited January 2015 in The Crafting Nook
I just spent 90 minutes re-casting a g15 Helm over 100 times, getting 3 sockets literally every single time. It seems with this new socket/refine/gem transfer mechanic that it forces you to keep whatever sockets it gets? Every time I recast it's making me keep the 3 sockets of it. Am I just unlucky or does this new mechanic make it impossible to cast for 4 sockets?
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  • Salari - Raging TideSalari - Raging Tide Posts: 2,102 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    The mechanic is not new. The interface is somewhat new maybe a year old give or take. That interface was created for people that ignored the warnings/instructions on the old interface. Sockets don't get rerolled just stats. The only roll on sockets is when you cast g13 and recast g13 to g15. G16 on reroll will reroll the sockets along with stats.

    When I made my helm 4 years ago it was the same thing, you kept sockets rerolled stats.
    Marine - Marshall - Raging Tides - Retired
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    Yes, because people really need 900+ dex or 1000+ magic just for the lulz
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