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    Fun fact. I recently had an issue and they told me to post about it in QC and discuss it with the moderators. Guess they want me to talk to myself.

    After I patiently explained that their "response" was about as helpful as trying to fill the ocean with a single bucket of water and why, for some reason they claimed their answer was final and closed my response as a duplicate. When I asked about a completely unrelated topic, that was also closed as a duplicate by the same staff member. When I asked how to submit a ticket that wouldn't be marked as a duplicate even though it was about an unrelated issue to begin with, that was ALSO marked by a duplicate by the same staff member.

    And these folks are the ones I have to grudgingly send people to deal with when they have issues that can't be solved on the forums. b:surrender

    Have you tried speaking to someone higher up about this like Surtr or our "new" CM? This is total bs.