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Your favorite PWI event

Toliman - Raging TideToliman - Raging Tide Posts: 1,595 Arc User
edited December 2014 in General Discussion
Since so much had changed in Perfect World International,
then I can only remind those events,
which were interesting for me.

My character had not win any of the race
(those runs "on heads of other players" are not good for me),
battle with boss
(level not enough to hit more than level 100+ and my character has low damage output in comparison with other classes)
or something like that event.

He had not awards from pwi.

He saved for future few dozens Hyper EXP Stones
(got them as gift from pwi).

But PWI - Assault on Archosaur event is something,
that I will always remember.

Unfortunately this event can not be used now as source of DQ items for Event gold or coins.

What are your favorite events ?
Do you want to participate in some New Year's event ?
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