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TW Map

lukusazaronlukusazaron Posts: 0 Arc User
edited December 2014 in General Discussion
As it's been years since I've stopped playing this game, I'm curious to know if there has already been a guild that managed to take over the whole map and how long were they able to hold off.

~ Leonardo
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  • jaytrain91jaytrain91 Posts: 128 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    Conquer on lost city was the first that was 2009 or 2010
    TwoShanks- Twilight Temple
    BiggyLuvv- Twilight Temple
    BoojanglesRT- Tiswell
  • CapnK - SanctuaryCapnK - Sanctuary Posts: 1,166 Arc User
    edited December 2014
    Nefarious on Sanctuary took over the whole map for one week, then they disbanded.
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