What do you think is too OP?



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    I watched your fight against Idiotism and I found it to be completely wrong. The sin was taking way less damage and dealing alot more dmg to u at a way faster rate. Sins are not squishy whatsoever. His multi hit skills killed your hp and that damage reduction skill(invoke?) was the main thing keeping u alive through it. I was happy u killed him on the second round though :)

    Nah xD that fight was really long ago when he had both the gear and card edge over me + I have to add that this sin is full josd. So ofc he lives pretty long against non-deity sharded players. So naturally he dealt way more dmg on me than I dealt him xD

    Have been fun fights, but not really that balanced. Nowadays I got equal to slightly better gears/cards...it is pretty clear who wins.

    Still, what I wrote in another thread. On that video it has been (120 Att level (me) vs 108 Def lvl (him)) & (176 Att lvl (him) vs 61 def lvl (me)). SO in other words the perfect setup to fight a Vit Barb.

    Your gear setup is a major factor in winning against someone. If I'd roll full deity then above fight would be over in seconds in terms of DMG, especially with equal gears/cards now.
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    lots and lots of hardcore skill is op.