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back in pwi (after a long break) sortta...

SoulMatrix - Heavens TearSoulMatrix - Heavens Tear Posts: 13 Arc User
edited July 2014 in Off-Topic Discussion
Hello everyone... I am back playing PWI from time to time, though mostly I have been playing Starwars the old republic, and I might be going back there now...
I had problems earlier with the arc thingy , and for some reason I could not play PWI for a while so I got mad and quit playing for an even longer while, had some computer Problems, which got fixed, at least for now , and so well I am back... sorta I play a lot on my veno SoulMatrix or my cleric or others, when I do play, but I just cant seem to keep away from playing Star wars even though it is plagued with problems even worse than PWI had with the Arc thingy PWI still is and was allways be one of my favorite all time MMO's , sorry about that wall of text I posted before. b:laugh
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  • Viktorian - ArchosaurViktorian - Archosaur Posts: 746 Arc User
    edited July 2014
    star wars the old republic is not a PWE title.(only PWE titles are allowed)
    welcome back tho. hope your having funb:bye
    Servers: Archosaur(PvE US West) and Harshlands (PvP US East)
    Chars: Viktorian(100 2Rb Celestial Demon BM) PurpleHealz (100 Celestial Sage Cleric) DagsAway (95 Assassin)
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