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random stats

WannaBM - ArchosaurWannaBM - Archosaur Posts: 1,984 Arc User
edited June 2014 in The Crafting Nook
I have been trying to get myself an r8r axe with defence levels.

The defence levels have a range of 10-25. So i figured if i go for 23+, i should have about 20% chance.
I did however already 30 rerolls with no luck. Of course small sample size, but i also notice that i see very few people with R9 weapons that have 24 or 25 attack levels.

Before i am going to start doing the same on my R9 weapon where rerolls are much more costly, i want to ask if anyone knows if all the values in this range from 10 to 25 have an equal chance of happening. Or is it maybe like random made from multiple dice where you have more chance for medium values and less for extreme values ?
Everything i write is from PvE perspective unless mentioned otherwise.
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