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So the Tideborn Warrior NPC's derped out...

FireHowl - HarshlandsFireHowl - Harshlands Posts: 26 Arc User
edited May 2014 in Quality Corner
So I decided to finish the tideborn quest (the Goshiki questline) today, and when I reached the Blood Combat part This (link) happened:

The first part (to kill 15 undead soldiers) works fine. Then Goshiki and the Tideborn Warriors attack and they all run forward. The problem here is that the Tideborn Warrior npcs don't actually attack, but instead they just run into the wall on the right and get stuck.

I have no idea what caused this, and I had no problems finishing the actual quest, as the Tideborn Warrior npcs aren't needed for it. Only Goshiki is, to hand the quest in.

Just thought I would point this out, seemed weird..
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  • ZentDreigon - Raging TideZentDreigon - Raging Tide Posts: 456 Arc User
    edited May 2014
    It's been that way for some time. Not sure when it started though. I think I did that part last month on an alt.
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