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For a few days now I have only been able to pick up the orders but not do any quests, has this quest changed or just not working for me?
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  • SHIMBERLY - Heavens Tear
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    Dunno i stopped doing that quest months ago.
  • Frijolero - Sanctuary
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    I was gonna ask 'bout your char level; but if you can get the token quest, then you should be able to get the quests also.

    Check your quest list. Maybe you have an old JOJ quest you haven't finished and that is keppeing you from gettin' new quests.
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  • falconxs
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    Only reason I know that you wouldn't be able to do them is if you have another character in the same lvl range that has done theirs for that day. But otherwise you should be able to do your 7 still.
  • AsMyliuTave - Sanctuary
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    Didn't they say in the last update they were deleting JOJ quest? I'm sure i read it somewhere.
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  • MrRiddle - Raging Tide
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    think that was dragon points was removed where you exchanged coin think was 100k for dq points
  • ablabahabla
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    dq quest has been removed

    and u can only do the jolly quests on one char of an acc since few months already, while u can pick up the quest items with every char that fits the lvl requirement.
    so u should log your other alts and check which char is able to do the quests and get that one to lvl71
  • MageMERC - Harshlands
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    Or do what I did and make a 51, 61 and 71 alt on each account, just for joj - might even now make a 41.