Can a lvl 1 archer solo FC with Politician's Bow+3?

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Kitty's been away and she's thinking about perhaps making a comeback. She thought that questing ish effin boring and as archers are OPness she could powerlevel one to 100. Ish Politician's bow enough good to 1-shot the pulls and kill bosses before they get to hit the squishie? f:grin
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    If you're level 1 you will receive severe damage penalties.

    You wouldn't even be able to one shot FCC mobs with R999 bow. That said, a lot of archers still do try to solo at level 1 if they have the patience. They can come out at lv 70 or more with Rebirth multipliers, but it takes longer than you might think.
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    Asterelle posted a vid not long time ago about him soling FC at lvl 1. It was very VERY slow.

    Here it is:

    Starts around 0:53.

    It is not full, but you get the idea...
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    Why are so many people copying the fail-thread originally made by that r9-basic archer asking 3 times in his thread if he could solo it >> stop cluttering our awesome forumsection b:angry
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    LOL this is becoming some sort of MEME now! b:laughb:laughb:laugh