About new barriers...

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Im really excited about the upgrade in all barriers, mostly glacial embrace since will be a chi making machine for pve and some pvp situations.

Fire one with the increased crit seems great to switch in TW, BT/MS/BIDS and switch back, and even stone barrier costing less chi, cause lets be honest 30 chi for a self buff, wtf...

My question is... will this barriers have different animation?? since some of the merged skills actually have different animations (thank God!) would be really cool if our barriers had different as well, like glowing auras, or idk, something to change the looks XD

Anyone knows for sure from a video or something?
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  • Dragslave - Dreamweaver
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    ill answer my own question, cause i got the skill a couple of days ago.

    Casting animation changes, but barrier looks the same...

    P.S: Amount of chi gained is awesome!!!!! great pve skill and usefull to 1 vs 1 casters
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    I suck at the internet because I can not find the actual effects of the new barriers. there is a thread on here about the new skills but the barrier descriptions show the effects from sage/demon not the new primal skills.

    What are the effects for sage and demon primal skills? Is it the same for either?

    What dies stone barrier do? You didn't mention that one. I'm a couple days from getting one since I did the passive attack buff first.
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    besides chi the pro shiit is 0.5s to wear it, its pratically instant you switch between them really fast wonder if it will be viable to macro them

    f.e.: sutra spark flame barrier d pyro pyro wotp stone barrier

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    Hey, my wiz is demon. I have 4k phys def without barrier. So 4k+150% (stone barrier demon) = 10k phys def... so, why i get only 9k with my barrier? this is only in my wiz?
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    character screen dosn't always show your base physical deffense due to primal passives or +% physical deffense on gears are already calculated into it​​