[FC]Frost Guards moving weirdly

Kittysama - Raging Tide_1432680721
edited October 2013 in Quality Corner
Since maintenance Frost Guards have strangely stood still for a few secs before starting to run when aggroed. In Oceania Master's hall when a barbarian stops at last group to take aggro of them before bringing the mobs to squad(the usual way pulls are done), most mobs follow the barb instantly, but Frost Guards just stand still for a couple seconds(they're not affected by stun or any other status effect that could explain this). Also noticed this happening in the shade room before Oceania Master's hall.

This usually results mobs coming to squad in 2 groups and the later group(Frost Guards) not getting hit by nukes and this tends to result in some squishy DD dying when Frost Guards still have half of their HP left after other mobs are dead.

Not sure if this happens on other servers, but Kitty's 100% sure of this happening on Raging Tide. Kitty's seen this occur in 5 most recent FC runs she's run during last 3 days, in every single one of them.

Please investigate what's causing this. It's soo annoying(and dangerous for squishies).f:horror
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