Way to get "Advanced Grinding Machine"-quests done when it's broken

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Like the title says, there's a way to get those quests done when it's broken. And it is...

Digging extra Perfect Fleshes when it's working.f:cute

Advanced Grinding Machine has a tendency to break on one maintenance and get repaired on next one, just to break again next week. Perfect Flesh can be dug from the machine as long as you don't turn in the Perfect Pulp-quest(after getting those 3 perfect fleshes). Thus it's possible to dig as many perfect fleshes to inventory as one dares and as quest completion takes only 3 perfect fleshes without others disappearing, one can have hundreds of them in inventory waiting.

This is why it's good idea to dig extra fleshes on last day before the maintenance. 42 or more is good amount to have, 42 is enough for average 2 Advanced Grinding Machine quests per day.
If you're lucky with getting this super-easy quest, that might not be enough though so it might be advisable to dig some more, any number divideable by 3(like 45, 48,57, 60...).

Of course it's courteous to stop for a moment and let someone who's doing just the daily Advanced Grinding Machine-quest to dig his/her 3 perfect fleshes and then continue your digging, instead of having them wait those 5-infinite minutes when you're building your stock. If someone else attempts to create their stock, you can choose to be good and come back bit later, or evil and start digging war(first click first serve)f:sneaky

Sadly if you've not done this precautious thing, there's no way to get Perfect Flesh between maintenances when Advanced Grinding Machine is broken.foxy alone
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