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Hi all!

I know how much everyone likes to gamble and here you can do it in PWI style with some gambling simulators!
All of these simulators are powered directly by pwdatabase.com. If you can find something there it should work here! (unless pwdb is down)

Pack Opening
Any pack that you can right click and it gives you stuff should work!
Format: Sweetiebot open ## <packname>
Example: Sweetiebot, open 5000 Anniversary Packs for me!

Gear Forging
Any Armor, Weapon, or Accessory should work!
NOTE: You sometimes run into gear that have the same name but are different like G15 or G16 Nirvana. You need to use the itemID to distinguish between them. The itemID is found in the PWDB address of the item.
Format1: Sweetiebot forge <gearname>
Format2: Sweetiebot forge item <itemID>
Example1: Sweetiebot, please forge Traceless Dimension for me!
Example2: Sweetiebot, forge item 34777 for me

Mob Farming
Format: Sweetiebot kill <mobname> [## times] [during 2x]
Example: Sweetiebot, kill Stellation: Doom 20 times during 2x!
Example: Sweetiebot kill Lethal Araneid Sharpfang 3000 times.
I only respond if you begin a line with "SweetieBot", read the link below for commands
SweetieBot FAQ / Usage: pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1566451

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