Do Thunder Strike and Square Formation work with skills?

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Obviously GOF is the best addon for R8r but do the Thunder Strike and Square Formation procs worth with skills or only normal attacks? Because if they don't work with skills they are useless to me.
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  • IHaxJoo - Raging Tide
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    THey do work with regular skills .However, with that in mind,
    the proc from the weapon is prioritized over our actual skills proc, so its a bit useless. For instance,
    If you use heartseeker and immobalize the person, and then the next attack procs the immobalization proc from the weapon, it overrides your heartseeker proc. Hence, it wont last long.

    Or if you use heartseeker, 2 things can happen.
    1) Your heartseeker immobalize procs and the weapon proc does not happen so ur all good to go
    2) Your heartseeker and weapon both proc so your immobalize will only last a few secs.

    and so on.
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    I used to have square formation on my RR8 wep now it become a Def lvl sword.
    Square formation doesnt come out alot for me, maybe im just unlucky.

    Althought APS Seeker Square formation is very funny.

    Old Video of my seeker in PVP using Square formation.
  • soundslegit
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    Having used Square Formation for a day now I can say that it is **** for everything but vortex. Don't remember it procing a single time in today's NW. Useless against bosses. Not helpful in clearing. Outside of vortex where it suddenly procs left and right its useless.

    My first roll on R8r sword is still the best I ever got. +attack levels and +accuracy was so sweet. So mad at losing those stats just gotta put everything into rerolling for GOF so the hurt ends.