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Endgame Assassin PvP Guide

tsyfalltsyfall Posts: 9
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Tsy's Endgame Sin PvP Guide

Note: This guide is now one year old, and is outdated due to the popularization of Rank 9 3rd Cast (including Purify Spell) as well as Reincarnation-based class skills. I am no longer active on the International version of Perfect World. However, help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who as for it... or deserve it.
I check this guide occasionally. If you wish to question me, or talk more thoroughly with me about PvP knowledge, please post on this thread. I will respond.
Thank you!

Author's Information:
Tsyren - Archosaur - 102 Sage Assassin - Banned
Tsyn - Raging Tides - 94 Sage Assassin - Inactive
Tsy - Syndicate - 105 Sage Assassin - Active

Table of Contents.
Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Playstyles
Section 3 - Skill Usage
Section 4 - Cultivation Selection
Section 5 - Genie Analysis
Section 6 - Class Analysis
Section 7 - Gear Selection
Section 8 - Group PvP (World, NW, TW)
Section 9 - Advanced Advice
Section 10 - Conclusion

Section 1: Introduction.

The assassin was one of the best PvP classes to play, and thus has acquired a reputation of being the refuge of incompetent. However, since new skill adjustments, the assassin has finally begun to level out with other classes, and with the introduction of some new in-game content, has been surpassed slightly by other classes (especially at high endgame gear). This paper attempts to address how to maximize your impact on the PvP playing field as a sin.

Assassin Statistics (format taken from TheDan's BM PvP Guide)

Difficulty to Play: +++
Survivability: +++
Damage Output: ++++
Control Skills: +++++
Group PvP: +
1v1 PvP: +++++

Explanation of the Psychology Behind PvP (credits to Zsw - Dreamweaver)

This is not necessarily part of the sin guide, but I thought it was a rather apt summary of the PvP climate at the time period. It's not specific to the sin class in particular, but I do recommend that you read it so you can better understand the world outside the safe zone.


Section 2: Playstyles.
The assassin is a spike dps class that relies on its supreme damage to kill debuffed, disadvantaged, or disabled opponents. The class counter to this is that assassin has very little initial tanking ability, instead relying on evasion of damage and status effects to survive.

Sin Type:

APS Assassin: Uses stuns and control skills, but mainly noted for its use of Normal Attacks (usually at 2.86 or 3.33 attacks per second) as "filler" - where the main dps comes from. Generally, an APS assassin is extremely squishy and can be killed in a few hits. However, it makes up for this with absolutely massive DPS. Because of recent skill and gear changes (namely, the Wizard anti-normal attack buff, and the Purify proc on Rank 9 3rd cast weapons), the APS assassin is usually seen as outdated or for those with less funding. However, it can still do fairly well in PvP, and it is the general consensus of the assassin community that APS is required to kill a 40k HP barbarian. Curiously, because of APS usage, an APS assassin will usually have more chi at its disposal.

DPH Assassin: Uses stuns and control skills, but mainly noted for the fact it does not use Normal Attacks, instead using filler skills (usually quick casting skills that have large damage add-ons). The damage of a DPH assassin is random, but has a chance to become extremely high (through crits or GoF proc, or both, the coveted ZerkCrit). Because a DPH assassin does not require interval armor, this type of playstyle opens up the possibility of "Full" sets - i.e., Full R9 Recast. This gives a DPH assassin significantly more defense than an APS assassin, but because of its inconsistent damage, may be forced to wait until luck favors its upper end of its damage range (especially on tankier targets, such as a BM).

(The next section is my own speculation. You may or may not agree with me. If you dislike speculation, skip this section. My friend was a bit cynical about putting this in - "ppl r stupid" - but hopefully...)

Psychological Playstyle:

Most people assume that the assassin is a stunlocking class. I argue against this; while the assassin is a highly effective stunlocker, one cannot deal much damage while in a long term stunlock. I could stunlock a Rank 9 recast barb for a minute, sure; but how likely are they to die to my CC skills? In my opinion, the BM is still the only class that can stunlock and still remain at their own peak dps capacity (due to a more reliable stunlock based on only the stun debuff, as opposed to freeze/sleep/seal, etc.) By stunlocking someone, a sin trades control skills for their own potential damage.

I've always played the sin as a debuff spike class; I rarely attempt to stunlock an opponent when I'm also trying to kill them. In fact, the only time I stunlock for longer than about 10 seconds is when I'm actively trying to disable someone (as if they were in stasis - a "holding position", if you'd like). Mind you, I've surprised a lot of R9 sins who tried stunlocking an opponent to death. By being more "sloppy" in their eyes, I've been able to succeed where they have not.

My theory is that the sin is a sort of spike class that has multiple "passes" - imagine two knights in shining armor running at each other. Each time they run past each other, they deal damage to the other's armor, until eventually one of them gives way. It makes sense, if you think about it.

Let's get more specific. If we define a "pass" as something you do to make your enemy use up a defensive move, then really what a sin does is a, spike their own damage to make a pass easier, or b, debuff the opponent so that a normal pass is more dangerous, so an opponent has to use a defensive skill. When an opponent can no longer defend against "passes", they die.

Why is a wizard so hard to kill? You need to eliminate their genie, apoth, self-buff, and their own teleport CD, as well as their own disables against you - let's call those "checkpoints". That's a hell lot of defenses you have to dig through before you can really kill them. Why is a barb so hard to kill? They don't have as many "checkpoints" - genie, apoth, and invoke - but because of their massive hp, they can constantly cycle these defenses in the same way that a catabarb can survive the dps of an entire faction. Your passes against a barb are much more costly to execute, and this is what makes them so hard to kill.

How do you create a "pass"? I define a pass as a certain action or sequence of actions that you do - such as an aps onslaught - that if your target does not counter, they will die. If I keep attacking this BM while powerdashed, for example, they will die if they do not leap, apoth, etc.
But then, what is the purpose of stunlocking? Let's see. Some checkpoints can activated while certain debuffs are in place: An archer cannot kite (by running) if they are frozen. A barb cannot invoke if they are sealed. Occult ice will disable all checkpoints except genie and passive skills (such as the wizard buff). By controlling your opponents, you can negate certain checkpoints that they have, making them easier to kill.

But then, things start to get real interesting. A pass does not have to be able to kill an opponent, if you're only trying to proc their checkpoint (say, apoth). It just has to scare your opponent into thinking that using their own checkpoint is necessary. If I freeze someone, then triple spark - they're probably going to react, even if I don't attack afterwards. By predicting your future action, they're going to react - even if that action never is going to take place. This is the concept behind cancelling ultimate skills on a wizard: Some wiz starts BIDs on you while you're slept. If you don't genie, and that skill hits - you're dead. You cannot take the risk, or think you cannot take the risk, of letting an ice dragon crash down on your puny virtual fishy ***. PvP, at endgame, is not really a matter of 1v1ing your opponent's character, but just playing a mind game with them. Whoever gets psyched out first makes the first mistake, and thus, dies.

The structure of passes varies between opponent to opponent, but usually, I recommend the following structure:
You use damage based passes, such as sheer autoattacking, for procing someone's checkpoint that they can use while stunned. Namely, you want to get them to use genie. You keep on using this type of pass, if possible, until they're forced to use genie. After their genie is wasted, you can proceed with a pass based on stunlocking: Because their genie is wasted, and the stun has rendered all of their other checkpoints null (can't pot while stunned, can ya?) the pass is successful and they have a higher chance to die. Stunning is important strategically, yes, but hammering out stuns one after the other isn't exactly efficient.

There are, of course, major variations to this theory, but this sort of "chess move" philosophy is how I've always preferred to describe sins. A bit esoteric speculation mixed with a morbid sort of formality, but I like it.
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  • tsyfalltsyfall Posts: 9
    edited January 2013
    Section 3: Usage of Skills

    Introduction to Skills

    The Skills section in this guide will mainly cover my own professional opinions on the assassin skillset. While I encourage one to take what I say and to think about it, I do not encourage someone to take it as the only way to do things. Use this as an opportunity in order to think about your skillset in ways you never have before.
    This section will provide a detailed opinion on the skill, as well as a rating of its PvP viability, based on its effects and damage in relationship to its speed and cost. + represents minimum effectiveness, and ++++ represents high effectiveness. I will not be giving any directives as to how to level one skills, as I expect an endgame assassin to be familiar with what they want and do not want to level (though I ultimately recommend the maximum level, and then Demon or Sage level, of all endgame skills).
    Note: "Quick Skills" are labeled as QS for the DPH Assassin; these skills, spammed quickly and constantly, will deal more damage than other attacks, even if the base add-on is small.
    Note 2: Demon and Sage effects are briefly mentioned for their effectiveness; for full skill descriptions, I highly recommend this one website called "ecatomb.net." :D

    Skills Table of Contents

    A: Damage Skills
    B: Debuff Skills
    C: Control Skills
    D: Self Buff, Movement, and Stealth Skills
    E: Morai, 79, and 100 Skills
    F(u): Sparks

    A. Damage Skills

    Twin Strike ++ (QS)

    This skill is a fast casting skill that is similar to a normal attack, with a small base add on. It can be used to add damage during a stun loop quickly, when no other skill is fast enough to be able to cast it and keep the stunlock valid. Because its channeling time is .1 second, the damage is near instant. Therefore, it can be used to deal a fatal hit extremely quickly (for example, when someone is channeling a skill). Demon makes this skill even faster; Sage gives better chi management.

    Slipstream Strike +++ (QS)

    This is a heavy hitting spike damage skill. It is basically a deadlier and upgraded form of Twin Strike, and is generally used for dd and the same purpose. However, this skill really shines at level 11. The increased damage add on makes it comparable to about a level 9 headhunt, meaning that it can be used as a low-cost high efficiency spike. Demon Version reduces CD (oddly, good for skillspamming), while Sage increases attack rate occasionally (less useful).

    Puncture Wound +

    This skill inflicts a damaging bleed on the enemy, as well as some poor damage. The only use for this skill is trolling or harassing people, and provoking them to hit back, etc. Does preset damage, or bleed damage based on weapon attack, depending on level. (Interesting vignette: This one guy has always pissed me off, but he's always white name. I hate PvP hours, even though I PvP a lot. I would keep using this skill till he would get pissed enough to hit back.

    Knife Throw ++++ (QS)

    This skill is our only ranged skill. It is also a decent spike damage hit. Therefore, it is efficient against runners and kiters who are out of range. It can be used to oneshot people, especially if a target is debuffed. This skill, however, really shines for its interrupt chance. 70% to interrupt casting, as well as near-instant channeling, is excellent. Demon is hilarious because of its 100% interrupt chance (it can interrupt BB, Vortex, Barrage, and even things like Thoatcut). Sage has a reduced CD, meaning it's spammable for chi.

    Rising Dragon Strike +++

    This is a medium spike damage skill. Its thirty second cooldown means it's not spammable. However, it never misses and it gives a spectacular 150 chi, which can be used for other purposes. Sage grants extra chi, while Demon reduces cooldown, both increasing the net gain of chi you gain over time.

    Earthen Rift +++

    This skill is a heavy hitting aoe that spikes because it basically deals damage multiplied several times over from your base. It has no add on damage. AoEs are useful in PvP, especially to locate other assassins that you can't see. Also, as only one of three AoEs an assassin has, it's useful in group PvP. Sage deals more damage; Demon hits more people. Ultimately personal preference.

    B. Debuff Skills

    Raving Slash + (QS, rarely)

    This skill is basically a downgraded, and highly inefficient, form of tackling slash. It slows your target at the cost of chi, and it deals a little damage. I only use it when in very specific situations: Example, I need an opponent to run away from me, but do so slowly. This also works on seekers, as they will often reflect a freeze on you, but if you use this skill, it is less threatening than if they reflected a freeze on to you. I sometimes use it following throatcut if my tackling slash is on cooldown, but rarely.

    Ribstrike +++

    This skill is meant mainly for PvE, but it has its uses in PvP. Its amazing spike damage means it is excellent for a skillspam, and sometimes I will use it against arcanes simply because of its amazing damage. This skill really shines against aps opponents (blademasters, assassins, and to a lesser degree, archers, barbs, and seekers). Taking 50% less the number of normal hits is invaluable. Demon reduces attack rate, but Sage reduces maximum HP of a target (which is particularly useful in racing a charm tick).

    Subsea Strike +++

    Subsea strike is a costly two spark aoe that also amplifies damage. I rarely use it in 1v1, though this depends on whether you have the level 11 version of it or not. However, it is aoe, which means in group PvP, it can be used in conjunction with earthen rift and your teammates' aoes to destroy a group of opponents. Demon version is better for group PvP (longer effect) while sage is okay for 1v1 (deeper poison)

    Powerdash +++ (QS)

    Powerdash is a peculiar skill which adds critical rate and costs two sparks. Powerdash is typically frowned upon by the ignorant assassin, because of its cost. However, the damage it provides is shocking, especially if an assassin's base critical chance is already high. Useful for amping your damage just enough for a kill. Demon's powerdash has a chance to freeze, while Sage increases crit more than normal.

    C. Control (stunlock) Skills

    Deep Sting ++++

    Deep sting is a short duration sleep effect that has a relatively high chance to proc. It does not allow for what the other skills do, namely, attacking during its duration, as any damage an opponent takes while slept will end it. The time provided allows you to buff yourself with Deaden Nerves, or double spark-inner harmony, or set up a catshop with a mocking name (I've done all 3 and more). Useful in all circumstances. Demon never fails, while Sage has reduced cooldown (easier stunlocking).

    Throatcut ++++

    This skill is a short duration seal with a very small cooldown, and costs a single spark. The seal is used in conjunction with Tackling Slash as a pseudo stun, though keep in mind that opponents can still use apothecary, potions, and offensive genie skills while sealed. Its superb damage is almost on par with headhunt. Because it is a seal, it may be the only thing that will save you if an opponent decides to pop an antistun skill, as seals are not affected by such. It also interrupts channeling, and so can be used as a stronger form of deep sting in that manner. Demon has a chance to amplify damage on the target, while sage never fails.
    Note: I recommend, if Throatcut is used after Deep Sting, to move on top of your target before using the skill. Because Throatcut is a seal, someone could walk out of range. By standing on top of them before sealing, even if they run away, they will still be in your range for your next attack.

    Headhunt ++++

    This skill is what assassins are all about. It is a relatively long stun coupled with near extreme damage, and costs two sparks. While costly, it is extremely effective. This skill has a myriad of uses, from oneshotting (utilizing its supreme damage) to buying more time to debuff and deal damage. Most people I kill are under influence of headhunt when I kill them. Demon gives more stun duration, while Sage has a chance to partially save chi.

    Tackling Slash ++++

    This skill is a deadly long duration freeze that is used to hold opponents in place. It is often used with throatcut, as stated earlier. It grants 50 chi, which is useful in a stunlock. It can be used to hold falling opponents in the air, which is useful. However, beware a seeker reflecting this skill on you, because they will kite and spam distance skills, which are deadly if you cannot stop them. Demon slows the target as well as the freeze, making people easier to catch after this skill ends; Sage simply increases the duration of the freeze.

    D. Self Buff, Movement, and Stealth Skills

    Inner Harmony +++

    An instant 155-200 chi adder. Instant cast. Replenishes your chi by 200 every minute - there are too many uses for this skill to list. Demon heals slightly; Sage has a chance to grant 3 sparks.

    Dagger Devotion ++++

    Increases passive damage dealt by daggers. Essential to any assassin. Note: The overall damage gain between sage and demon is not 15% overall, as some would prefer to think. It is actually 15% weapon damage, which at a certain level, isn't that much, sadly. For evidence, observe the massive mathematical arguments on the assassin subforum.

    Bloodpaint +

    This skill has plenty of uses in PvE; however, it is almost near useless in PvP. I just buff it for PvP because it still regenerates a small amount of health, and that small amount may be just what I need to save my life. Sage vs Demon doesn't really matter for PvP. I guess you could use it for chi, as well <_<

    Wolf Emblem ++++
    Your friend for spike damage, basically. It increases the crit damage that you deal. 30 second duration, 60 second cooldown. Demon is superior for increasing your dps slightly, enough to kill your opponent. Sage increases the duration to 30 minutes (for the lazies), but also reduces cooldown to 8 seconds (a spammable 10 chi skill, like a BM's marrow that they seem to constantly spam). Note: This doesn't seem very advantageous, but watch... over a 10 minute fight, if Sage Wolf Emblem is spammed constantly, that's an extra 750 chi, lol.

    Focused Mind +++

    Focused mind is a short duration buff that gives a chance to evade skills. It reduces damage taken to 1 for said skill. It effectively reduces damage taken over time, which is good when you need to tank a particular person, or are facing up an opponent with damage but little control skills. Demon gives a small % to evade debuffs, while Sage increases the % to avoid damage in total.

    Tidal Protection ++++

    This skill is absolutely phenomenal. It is basically the same as Focused Mind, but instead of evading damage, it evades debuffs (stuns, freezes, seals), with a 50% chance at level 10. This skill completely destroys an opponent's ability to stunlock you for more than a few seconds, and may save your fishy ***, giving you enough time to retaliate or run. The key to using this skill is not using it as a long duration buff, but rather as a short duration one (like maze steps), where you don't activate it until you need it. Because of Tidal, an assassin can take risks that another class would die to (such as continuing to DD on a target that is unstunned, because they have a % to avoid any incoming debuffs). Demon gives a small % to avoid damage, while sage increases the overall debuff % to 2/3 (absolutely overpowered).

    Deaden Nerves +++

    Deaden Nerves basically grants you a second life. Should your health reach zero while this buff is active, you do not die, but rather regain a small portion of your health and live. This skill should be used as a long duration buff, and should be kept up as much as possible. Because you are granted a second life, you have more survivability, and can take extra risks. It also protects you from sudden oneshots, from fellow assassins in stealth, for example. Invaluable. Demon is useful if your charm has already ticked (35% health regeneration), giving you more time to live. Sage is useful against total 1shots (active a longer % of the time in relationship to the cooldown).

    Chill of the Deep ++++

    Chill of the Deep is what makes a DPH sin possible. At level 10, it completely **** your aps cap, but you gain 30 attack levels. What's more, this skill has a short casting time in relationship to how long it lasts (ten minutes), and has a short cooldown as well. I, as an assassin, often switch between these two styles in a fight, depending on the situation and what I require. Demon reduces the APS debuff, while Sage gives 35 attack levels.

    Windpush +++

    Speed hax for the assassin. It, at level ten, basically makes you as fast as a mount for ten seconds. It has no chi cost, and therefore, can be used efficiently during any combat situation, allowing you to cover ground quickly, to either chase down a runner, or get the hell out of somewhere. Demon increases duration, while Sage reduces cooldown.

    Shadow Jump ++++

    This skill is a very useful teleport between opponents. It can be used to do a multitude of things, and its 30+ meter range allows you to stay out of the range of most skills, while at the same time, technically keeping within your own range of attack. Because it is instant, it can be used to save time while traveling to a target. You can jump incredible distances with this. Not only is this a chaser skill, it can also be a running skill, by jumping thirty meters away from your target repeatedly using this skill on mobs. Demon has a longer jump range, while Sage has better chi conservation.

    Maze Steps ++++

    This is the antistun of sins. It is a windpush that costs one spark with an added anti movement debuff immunity. This skill allows you to break stunlocks from melee classes, avoid getting stunned in the first place, and to cover ground between you and a ranged target without fear of getting stopped. It is very useful, but remember to save it for the most dire of circumstances, as it has a particularly long cooldown. Demon increases evasion, reducing the accuracy of melee attacks, while Sage increases overall duration.

    Shadow Teleport +++

    This is a shadow jump... with a three second stun added on. Despite its long cooldown and cost of a spark, it is very good at catching people and stopping them so you can begin your assault. It has a 35 meter range (pro) and can keep an enemy in range while you yourself are out of their range. It is also instant, so can be used as an extremely fast stun without casting time, which means you can stun in a period of time where you can't anywhere else. Incredibly versatile skill. Demon increases the stun time to 5 seconds (gg) while Sage reduces cooldown.

    Shadow Walk +++

    Stealth. Hide from other opponents. Sneak up on women. (Make sure they're women first.)

    Shadow Escape ++++

    Force stealth in combat, and gains a spark. Escape skill. Note, however, that it does not interrupt casting of any opponent, so for example, if a wizard starts casting a skill on you, and you stealth, the skill will continue to cast and will hit you. Keep this in mind. Also, at level 11, it gives one extra stealth level, allowing you to hide from assassins your own level, which would not be possible with the level 10 version of this skill. Demon has reduced cooldown (hide more often) while Sage purifies most debuffs upon casting (no more annoying bleeds).

    Sharp Observer +++

    You can see other assassins. Mwahaha.

    Cat-like Tread ++++

    You can hide from more people. Bwahaha.

    Tide Form +

    A somewhat useless but rather amusing skill, this is mainly used to kite people underwater. Note, however, that you can not use skills while in this form. Also, when using it, make sure that you dive down deep, as people flying above the water can still match your speed and may used ranged skills on you.

    E. Morai, 79, and 100 Skills

    Death Link ++

    A two spark skill that allows you to redirect damage that you take. Note, that it does not affect the damage you take, or reduce it in any way. It simply also deals a percentage of the damage you take to the person you are linked with. Also, note that it does not reflect damage back to a person, if that person was the person who attacked you. A glitch was implemented that allowed damage taken from a guard to be redirected to a fellow PKer (possibly bannable, possibly fixed. Idk.)

    Share the Stealth ++++

    This is yet another one spark skill, but a very interesting one. It puts you and surrounding squad members into a temporary stealth, allowing you to cover ground unseen. It is also useful in a 1v1 situation, simply because it is a secondary force stealth. Also casts a lot quicker than regular force stealth, saving time. Use it accordingly. I actually use this skill more often than normal Shadow Escape (because I consider it to be less valuable, as it costs a spark).

    Spoils of War +

    While amusing, this skill is useless in actual combat, that is, unless the DQ points you get might buy you an extra charm.

    Shadow Sight ++

    This skill may have some use in PvP - for example, checking the inventory of an opponent to see what particular apothecary they have available - or checking for what tasty items they might drop if they die. Interesting.

    Toxic Torrent + (QS)

    A poison aoe that deals mild damage over a long period of time. The only use I can foresee, besides using it for purely its damage, is during this particular situation: You are chasing an assassin that can stealth so you cannot see them. Said assassin, however, does not have force stealth available, and therefore can only use shadow walk, which means they have to evade you for a certain amount of time before they can escape (to go out of combat status). This skill effectively would keep them from stealthing for 30 seconds, because they would keep taking damage over its duration, and therefore, would be in combat and unable to use non-combat stealth.

    Condensed Thorn ++++ (QS)

    This skill adds magical (specifically, water) damage to your attacks. It also slows your opponent. The slow effect is useful in a way similar to raving slash. However, it really shines when it is utilized for the magic damage. This can be done in two ways. One, an opponent uses a skill that makes them immune to physical damage (Expel, the genie skill, or Psychic will, a psychic purify/immunity). Normally, it would not be possible to stun them further, or debuff them in any matter. However, by adding water damage to your attacks, you would allow your attacks to hit through the elemental damage. This stunlocks through expel quite effectively. This magic damage can also be used simply for the magic damage against heavy armored opponents. Because they have so much physical damage, and conversely, so little magic damage, this skill will add a very respectable amount of punch to your attacks, especially against Physically Marrowed blademasters (who have reduced magical defense).

    Healing Trance +

    This skill is a heal skill that heals while it is active. I got it only because I did not like wasting health potions - however, it can be used to further amplify a potion's effect, speeding up healing, possibly for an incoming fight.

    Spell Cutter +++ (QS)

    This skill is basically a melee knifethrow, with some debuffs added specifically designed against magic skill users. It can be used to interrupt a cast while knifethrow is on cooldown, and it also deals a respectable amount of damage. I absolutely love it.

    Blood Frenzy ++

    Blood Frenzy is an amplified version of Bloodpaint. They both overwrite each other, but blood frenzy has a significantly shorter duration, though it has a stronger healing effect. This skill is useful when you need to be able to tank damage, while at the same time, dealing it. It converts damage you deal into health. For example: You and a fellow PKer are attacking each other. You both deal 5000 damage per second to each other. However, one of you uses Blood Frenzy and starts getting 1000 point heals. Who do you think is going to die first? Also, it works particularly well against high health opponents, because they have more health you can regenerate from.

    F. Sparks

    Short introduction to Sparks : While most people only see fit to utilize Triple Spark, all spark ranks can in fact be used effectively. The benefit of using a lesser ranked spark is that it is more chi effective, and attracts less attention (usually a triple spark will make your opponents either say "****, he's sparked, run" or "stun that fker!" - both bad for you). All sparks resist oncoming attacks, and can be used strategically in that manner (this is easiest to do with triple spark, as it lasts the longest, and it takes a great deal of practice to do it with single spark, even for the best of players).

    Single Spark +++

    The first rank of spark is extremely useful in that it amplifies damage considerably, while at the same time costing a reasonable amount of chi. I will often use it when I need a little bit of extra "oomph", because its small chi cost means I can use other more chi intensive skills without compromising my chi bar. It works great with deep sting and headhunt (deep sting>single spark>headhunt>win).

    Double Spark ++++

    The second rank of spark is in between triple spark's oh-snap and single spark's just-a-bit-more. It amplifies damage very well, and is the best rank of spark you can use in stealth (triple unstealths), and is therefore used in a barrage of attacks from stealth. It also resists melee attacks very well (i.e, a sin runs up to you to stun you, you spark and resist it, then retaliate). It preserves some of your chi for other skills. Also pretty good for resisting certain skills. (I resist veno purge in TW using double spark. Harharhar)

    Triple Spark ++++

    This rank of spark is the most formidable. It is used in oh-snap moments, when you need extreme spike damage, or simply the three seconds of immunity to damage and effects. This skill best shines against tanky targets, as it gives you enough punch to blow even rank 9s out of the water. However, it lasts three seconds. While this gives immunity, like all sparks, it also gives an opponent time to prepare, or to run. Beware using this skill, as it almost completely drains your chi, leaving most of your control skills useless. I rarely use triple spark, and even then mostly for gaining time (the three seconds allows you to find your target if it is ranged, or to get back into a fighting mindset).
  • tsyfalltsyfall Posts: 9
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    Section 4: Cultivation Selection

    Hey, guess what. You can finally **** about someone being biased on this PvP choice, cause I've played both Sage and Demon sin with their respective level 11 skills (ironically, on the same character). I personally went Demon, then switched to Sage to better suit my playstyle (Demon originally, for the stuns, because I was squishy as hell. Went sage as my gear improved, basically letting me take more risks.)
    Note: Gonna clear this up, since a lot of people still **** about it. Demon > Sage for DPS PvE purposes. I've done the math; so have plenty of other people. Kdone.

    Shiny Red Cone thing, as quoted by Pandora. Looks great with a red hat, roses, and blood dripping from the corpse of your victim. Demon typically has the more effective stuns and damage, and is especially nice sparked (aps increase). The Demon spark is going to be used offensively, for damage. Because a Demon has superior stuns, they're going to take less damage, because an opponent is going to be stunned most of the time. Also comes with Mo Zun's Taunt, a 30 second cooldown skill that drains 50 chi. Excellent for chi suppression (against classes that depend on it).

    Shiny White Cone thing, as quoted by me pretending to be Pandora. Looks great in a wedding surrounded by flowers (bring your own contribution). Sage has the more effective damage/stun evasion and chi management. The Sage spark is going to be used defensively, for its damage reduction. Because Sage has the more effective evasion and chi management, they're going to be more aggressive, taking more risks and spamming more chi-consuming skills than a Demon would. Also comes with Master Li's technique, a 60 second cooldown 50 chi boost to your own chi.

    Section 5: Genie Analysis

    In the endgame levels, there is very little to add variety to the game. Ultimately, your genie will dictate exactly how you play your character. They are one of the most complex features in the game, and are definitely my favorite part of PWI. In this section, I will provide the effect of a genie skill, its use, and if applicable, its counter. Note that some of these skills may not be the best choice for you, or even an assassin, depending on your unique situation. By the way... I typically recommend an 81+LP genie, if you want to be competitive (7 skill slots). I also recommend Warsong Medal gear, which give +4 to each of two specific stats. Need 12 Warsong Medals to fully gear a genie, and can be farmed in Full Warsong.

    Wind Force: A unique starting skill only found on the Discipline genie. Basically inc:reases your flying speed (lower cost at higher levels of genie). Relatively spammable. If one has an excellent flyer, and utilizes both this skill and their aerial acceleration feature of their flyer, they effectively are faster than a ground mount. (Lolwat.)

    Adrenaline Surge: Blocks sleep (specifically for clerics). Best at level 10.

    Earthquake: Interrupts casting of a target (like knifethrow or spell cutter). AoE, and therefore can be used to find other assassins. Keep at level 1.

    Tangling Mire: Reduces physical defense of a target, as well as slowing it; AoE effect. Finds sins, but mainly used for the strong physical debuff. Works well before Subsea-Rift, and is especially strong on a strength based genie. Best at level 10.

    Windshield: Increases your self aps by 10% (boosts it to the next speed tier). Keep at level 1 for the aps use only. However, it's affected by dexterity, and at 90 dexterity it provides a 25% damage reduction for 9 seconds, at level 10. Level according to your usage of it. Also increases evasion minimally.

    Extreme Poison: 6 second 20% damage amplification (extended by more dexterity). Also spammable. Nice for a little extra "oomph" to kill someone.

    Celestial Sword: No actual use. I just thought I should put it on because it's amusing. It consumes all of you genie's available energy, regardless of how much, and deals damage based on it. It has a 1 second cooldown. An excellent troll.

    Whirlwind: Ranged AoE (frontal); slows targets and also freezes for 1 second, allowing you to hold someone in place for very little cost. Useful if your stun does not last long enough to kill someone (use it at the end to hold them in place so you can finish them off. Makes it easy to catch running targets, especially when used with Shadow Jump. Note, however, that freezes do not stack; don't attempt to use Tackling Slash immediately after it, or it will fail. By running past a mob, then using this skill, you also AoE behind yourself, surprising any sins that may have been following you. Effective at level 1. If someone uses this skill on you, you can expect an incoming control skill, so antistun is particularly nice.

    Remove Paralysis: Removes a paralysis. Neat, right? Success % is based off your total dexterity and strength points.

    Fortify: Blocks a stun (duration increases with dexterity). Note; STUNS ONLY. Not freeze, or sleep, or seal. Will basically mindfk your opponent if they rely on stuns. Also good for using before popping an Ironguard Powder (resists the stun). Best at level 1. People will often Fortify early, so I recommend double checking quickly before using headhunt or telestun if they have it on their genie.

    Will Surge: Blocks a seal. Very useful against the Psychic's Soul of Silence, and to a lesser degree, classes that utilize seals, such as Mystics, Venomancers, Wizards, and Assassins. With Will Surge and an Antistun, such as Maze Steps, you can effectively not be stunlocked. At all. (Note: Resists Quid Pro Quo's seal, but not the reflected debuffs. Tested.) Best at level 10.

    Frenzy: Increases attack levels slightly. Reduces your defenses hugely. Only use for 1shot attempts, if you're foolish enough to try. Best at level 10, but still not recommended.

    Holy Path: Maximum speed for 6 (7, at 100 dexterity) seconds. Lets you go places, and fast (chasing, running, trolling, rolling). Best at level 10. If someone tries to holy path away from you, telestun or whirlwind is pretty nice.

    Occult Ice: Strength based % to stun (but under a different icon; can stack with a normal stun). OP 6 second disable that looks like a giant bubble of purple. Lasts a long time, but note that it can fail from time to time, so it is wise not to depend on it. (Most endgame sins won't even use it often). Level 10.

    Tree of Protection: Short duration but powerful heal over time. Also increases your maximum HP. Can allow you to survive a little longer, but won't protect you from any further attempts to stun or control you. The HP buff effect ticks your charm if you're at around half HP, which if you're slept by a cleric for example, ticks your charm, possibly saving you from 1shot. Level 1 is less costly but less effective; Level 10 is costly but more effective. Choose.

    Badge of Courage: Removes stuns. % of success is raised by Dexterity. However, you can still get controlled by any skill that debuffs you afterward (including other stuns). Best at level 10.

    Expel: Seals a target (yourself) in exchange for granting physical immunity. Can still be bypassed by debuffs or damage that is not physical, i.e, elemental damage apoth for melee characters, or simply debuffs that do not rely on damage (Remember Shadow Teleport?). Vacuity Powder is nice to use while Expelled. Level 10. To counter, use Condensed thorn to hit through the physical immunity, or any elemental damage add-ons if you have any. Otherwise, telestun or occult ice comes in useful.
    NOTE: People often complain that Expel will fail. This is false. Expel never fails; they simply attempted to cast Expel on an opponent who had the blocking function on. To activate this function, go to: PvP Protections. There are a set of checkboxes after the protections. Check the option with "SQUAD" in it to always Expel yourself, even if you are targeting an opponent (unless you want to Expel a squad member). Check the option with "Buff Filter" in it to prevent others from Expelling yourself. Leave everything else unchecked. You're welcome.

    Absolute Domain: 5 second self immunity; also gives antistun protection (which extends two seconds after the initial invincibility effect). Blocks damage and debuffs. Fabulous when you're in a critical situation. Note, however, it can be only used once every 3 minutes. Do NOT attempt to stun anyone who comes out of Absolute Domain, as it will fail. Use another disable instead.

    Cloud Eruption/Chi Syphon: Grants Chi. Not really needed by an Assassin, but personal preference.

    Bramble Rage: AoE magic damage. Hits pretty hard. Level 10.

    Thunderstorm: Single target magic damage. I like this one better than Bramble Rage. On a dexterity based genie, and at close range, you can effectively hit an HA target for roughly a third of their HP. On a physically marrowed BM, with powerdash for crit, you can effectively run around 1shotting full Rank 9s. (This actually happened to me. Was skillspamming with a BM friend of mine with Chill of the Deep, hit this skill, and oneshot him for roughly 11k. I showed it to other BMs, who were both surprised and slightly pissed. Another one of my friends started using HF with it and ran around 1shotting half the other PvP BMs on the server.) Level 10.

    Faith: The ultimate anti control genie skill. This, at level 10, removes all debuffs on you, and makes you immune to all debuffs in the game for the next few seconds. Note, however, that this is only for tanky people, because if people don't need control skills to kill you (you are squishy enough) then they will kill you before you can restun them, or get out of range. This skill is wonderful on an Assassin, as Tidal Protection means they will only have to use this skill once in a while (most debuffs will fail). This skill shines best at 105, when you can also get a AD genie. However, it can be used before then quite effectively. If someone uses Faith, keep autoattacking. This will force them to run, and if they run, they can't attack you. After all, if they decide to attack you while Faith is up, there's nothing you can do to stop them.

    Anti-Elemental skills (Heart of Steel, Nullify Poison, Soul of Fire, Oxygen Bubble): For relatively low cost, these skills block elemental damage (metal, wood, fire, and water, respectively). Relatively cost effective, and surprisingly useful on classes that use those types of damage. Pisses off quite a few people, tbh. I switch out these skills depending on when I need them.

    Genie Builds (typically):

    Strength Based Genie - Sometimes, the best defense is offense. A strength based genie often has an incredibly large amount of strength for Occult Ice, which is deadly if it procs, making it ridiculously easy to chain stuns and kill quickly. However, this genie typically will have low vitality and a slow regeneration rate, so its skills should be used sparingly.

    Dex Based Genie - Sometimes, the best defense is defense. A dex based genie is basically the dexterity version of a strength based genie, with its statting geared mainly for the skills Badge of Courage and Fortify. It has the same drawbacks as the Strength Based Genie, but is more defensive than its counterpart.

    Regeneration Genie - Sometimes, the best defense is being able to defend yourself repeatedly. A regeneration based genie typically has very high magic and vitality, with little to no strength and dexterity. Because of this, a pker with a regeneration genie can spam genie skills repeatedly and effectively. However, because of its lack of strength and dexterity, it should not have any skills that rely on those two stats for their effect, and instead on skills that would benefit from repeated usage (for example, Fortify, which can be used effectively without much dexterity). I use this genie because it provides so many opportunities to use.
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    Section 6: Class Analysis

    This section basically is a brief overview of each class, on how to kill them. I'm also going to include class-specific checkpoints that you would want to consider making them use before going for the kill.


    They are very tanky, physically, but they also have a decent amount of attack - enough to kill you quite easily. A very decent blademaster is deadly - however, a poorly skilled blademaster borders on easy. Use Absolute Domain or Fortify and other antistun skills to get out of their stunlocks. You should kite for the majority of their antistun, and when you know their antistun is close to ending, you should close the distance gap. By the time you're up close, you can kill them. Checkpoints: Leap forward/back, Diamond Sutra (instant heal+heal over time). Non-aps BMs are vulnerable to chi drain.


    Wizards hit extremely hard; however, they have very long casting skills. This means you can interrupt them easily. They have a skill that can blink them around like a teleport, so be prepared to use shadow jump to keep up with them. Don't let them use their ultimate skills on you, or you will be sure to die. Most wizards will be very mobile and have plenty of stun removals, so always have a backup plan. Also, beware their sutra - a skill that makes them cast all other skills near instantly, which few can tank. AD and Soul of Fire are fabulous for this. Also note that Wizards have a skill that purifies and teleports them if you autoattack. If you're very skilled at APS style, you can use this to your advantage; you can interrupt them by having this skill cancel their current one that they're casting, and teleport them away from you. If not, you may have to rely on pure DPH to kill them. Checkpoints: Arcane Armour, Distance Shrink. Wizards require chi for ultimate skills as well as sutra combos.


    An archer is the sniper of PWI. Keep this in mind, because you only have a few skills that can outdistance theirs. They also have a several very long antistuns, which you will want to counter somehow (either by kiting them, tanking damage, or sealing them). Fortify can be used to resist their short duration stun. A main part of this fight is going to be staying up with them, as they will be kiting constantly. Stay with them at all costs, unless you're kiting. Heart of Steel <3. Checkpoints: Leaps, antistuns. Heavy reliance on chi for antistun.


    The cleric is a very interesting class to deal with. They have a very long duration sleep, so they can reheal and prepare to one-shot you during its duration. They also have a similar freeze skill. They have a shield which absorbs physical damage, so if they have a mana charm in order to keep the shield up, be prepared to outlast the shield. Maze steps works well against their debuffs. You want to avoid their Tempest, their ultimate skill: It has a high probability of one-shotting you if your Deaden Nerves is not up. Shadow Jump or Teleport to them as soon as you are able to move. Also, make sure that they don't lock you up with Seal of the God (their 100 skill) along with their Sleep. They can kill you through both. Heart of Steel <3. Checkpoints: Cleric Morai "Deaden Nerves" (be warned), Plume Shell (damage taken converted into mana loss)


    Barbarians have a very simple kill strategy. They resist and tank everything you throw at them, and when your resources are depleted, they kill you. They have multiple tanking abilities (the genie skill Solid Shield, sage spark, and invoke), which means it will take many passes to kill them. They have their tanking abilities in tiger form, and their offensive stun capabilities in human, as well as their antistun. They have one disadvantage, however: they are melee. If a barb invokes, or otherwise does something that makes them difficult to kill, freeze them, move out of range (15 meters or so) and wait their buff out. Checkpoints: Solid Shield (genie class specific), Invoke. Not dependent on chi; also has a skill to gain chi from autoattacks on it.


    Venomancers are tricky. They have two control skills: a stun, and a seal/freeze. Make sure to avoid those. Also, they have a skill called Soul Transfusion, which swaps their hp and mp, giving them a second charm tick, as it were. Since they are a pet based class, they also have access to very strong pets, such as WuKong, the Monkey King. I highly recommend attempting to kill the pet first (by stunning and then switching to the pet) because a pet effectively doubles the amount of control skills a Venomancer has. Furthermore, be careful of their Morai skills. They often allow for a combo into purge, so tidal is a necessity for this fight. Finally, as for their bramble: Regular bramble doesn't work in open PK, but Bramble Guard will reduce their damage taken. Their Morai skill Blazing Barrier reflects any physical damage, including damage from even bows; if you think you can kill the Venomancer then go for it but if not, you might want to wait. You know your character's limits, not me. <3 Nullify Poison. Checkpoints: Bramble Hood, Soul Transfusion, Blazing Barrier. Thanks to Desdi for helping with reflect mechanics!


    Their combination of control skills makes them extremely dangerous. They also can stunlock through your expel quite easily, so you may have to resort to AD. Use your resistances to prevent them from stunlocking you. Also, they have tidal protection, which makes it risky to fight. All your debuffs have only a 50% (or 33%) chance of working. If you are not charmed, like me, don't take the risk of attacking them like that - instead, wait it out. If you're able to take risks, then do so, but only if you have something you can fall back on (i.e, don't rush blindly at a sin when your genie is off CD). Checkpoints: Deaden Nerves
    Special note: Some assassins will stealth in the middle of a fight, particularly when they're in trouble (Deaden Nerves ticked, much?). It is tempting to AoE a nearby object immediately, but this will not yield any results; in order to find an assassin that has just stealthed, one needs to wait roughly 3-5 seconds before AoEing. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive, but I have managed to prove this. This problem seems to stem from the same mechanism that allows an assassin to kill with APS before the server even registers that they have left stealth.


    The psychic is indeed the voodoo magic specialist. They have skills that deal damage when you attack them, reflect your own attacks, seal you, and stun you. A genie with Will Surge to avoid their seal will make this fight easier. Beware their double modes: In white voodoo (purple shields) they have many defense levels, but don't deal high damage. In black voodoo (orange crosses) they will nuke you with a barrage of attack levels. Make sure you know which mode they are in. They will often go black voodoo after they stun you, so if you can survive their onslaught and lock them, they will go down fast. Beware their physical immunity and purify skills, as well as Soul of Retaliation (reflects a debuff you cast on to them back to yourself) and Soul of Stunning (if they're Rank 9, their soulforce will mean that this stun is, oh, roughly 10 seconds or more. Have fun.) (Have note that these skills only activate upon taking damage; i.e, you can Occult Ice or Telestun, and these skills will not proc. Retaliation can be negated by using a fast weak skill that procs it but does not reflect a debuff to yourself. Soul of Stunning can be negated while attacking a psychic with an antistun on, such as Maze Steps or Fortify.) The key to fighting a psychic is recognizing all of their active buffs. Oxygen Bubble is decent against psychics, but they also have Earth based skills, so. Be careful. Checkpoints: Psychic Will. Thanks to Sister Warui for correcting my voodoo confusion and Soul buffs.


    Seekers have the tankability of a blademaster with defense levels. They also have powerful ranged attacks, and can do all sorts of interesting things with their skills, such as reflect their debuffs onto you. The higher level ones have a skill that allows them to see you in stealth, and they also have a skill which deals constant damage to those around them, making it easy for them to locate you if you don't immediately get out of range. They have long channeling skills, so interrupt those with Knifethrow or Spell Cutter when possible. Heart of Steel <3. Checkpoints: Quid Pro Quo, Last Stand


    You don't find too many PvP mystics, but the ones that you do are often experienced and deadly. They have three pets: a melee stun pet, a magical dd pet, and a supportive pet. They also have a super-pet that will aoe you to death, but it only lasts twenty seconds, which means it can be kited. Note that said pets can and will follow you into the air and into the water. Mystics on their own also have defensive shields, as well as an array of sleeps and seals/freezes. If you don't finish a mystic fight quickly, you're in for a rough time. Mystics also have the ability to see all stealthed players in a 50 meter range, and knock ALL stealthed players within 25 meters of them. Technically, they are also the only class that can self-see a sin that is level 105. Checkpoints: Nature's Barrier, extremely fast Self Heals

    Section 7: Gear Selection

    Shortest part of the guide, it's all links. Great.

    Optimum DPH Armor: http://pwcalc.com/b0605e13b0dd76b0
    Optimum DPS Armor (No R8 recast): http://pwcalc.com/ae7a6c6fadff9b9c

    Any gear that you may have for your assassin is simply going to be a variation of the above two builds, depending on your funding. I also recommend switching out pieces of your armor depending on the situation (for example, I would recommend switching to Rank 9 Belt and Cube Neck when being attacked, then Lionheart Ornaments for attack, on a DPS Build).

    Weapon Selection:

    Rank 8 Daggers - highly effective when refined to +12, but usually not considered endgame.

    Rank 8 Recast - not many people have recast rank 8 weapons. It is a parallel to the G15 nirvana in that it is an upgraded form of a lesser dagger. Few people have it, but it is so expensive, if you get rank 8 recast daggers, you could probably get a better weapon.

    Hitman Legend - Rank 6 weapon that adds a -int. It is costly, about as much as g13, but has better base damage in exchange for only -.05 interval.

    G13 Nirvana - low dph (unsuitable for skillspamming), but due to aps, has higher damage than rank 8 over time in some situations. This should NOT be your permanently endgame weapon unless you are aps sage (and even then for only PvE purposes)

    G15 Nirvana - an upgrade of G13, this weapon has random stats, but is typically recasted to get a -.05 int add on and a sacrificial strike add on. It has very respectable dph, and because of its -int, it has the potential to reach 5aps. Can be recast to get...

    G16 Recast/N3 - An upgrade of G16, this weapon has random stats, but is typically recasted to get 1 or more -.05 int adds. It comes with a default 40 attack levels, and generally outdpses G15 (and Rank 9 sparked)

    Rank 9 Daggers - Once the strongest daggers available, this dagger was complete with attack levels, god of frenzy (advanced sacrificial strike, or zerk), and added range. The only downside to rank 9 is that it will never be 5aps (except with recast rank 8), but that hardly matters because of its stupendous damage. Because of an update, it can be recast to...

    R9.3 Daggers - Rank 9 Daggers on Roids. Run. Costs a hell lot of Raptures and Uncannies, in the form of Summerwind tokens, along with Warsong/Lunar mats. The best daggers in the game, period.
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    Section 8: Group PvP

    World: Small Group

    In small group pk, your effectiveness is reduced, but not as much as large scale. I am addressing small group pk as a typical 3v3 situation, or any combination thereof. Your job in these situations is to be the silencer, the pauser - you shut up an annoying target (say, freeze a barb where it won't annoy your own team) and help finish other targets. Your stunlocking will be invaluable in this situation, as your teammates can DD while you prevent their target from retaliating. If you have another control skill pker (bm, sin, any stunlocker) use your skills in conjunction to lengthen and amplify your stunlocking efforts. Because you have so much damage, you should seek to eliminate the weaker targets alone, and rejoin your teammates later on the harder targets.

    World: Large Scale

    I am addressing large scale pk as a full squad vs a full squad (10 v 10). Your effectiveness is very much lessened, as you have few aoes and no aoe control skills. Your job will mainly be assisting on targets that refuse to die, as well as eliminating weaker targets. It is basically the same as small scale, but keeping in mind that there is a larger picture than just the person you are attacking with one other person. Communicate! That is the key to winning a group fight.

    Nation Wars:

    Basically a small scale TW combined with Large Scale World PvP. Only a few pointers with this: For starters, concentrate on your overall objective, not PvP. You're going to do worse on a losing battle, even if you slaughtered dozens, than if you had killed the necessary people to win the fight. Your telestun and teleports can be used easily against flag carriers, and your high dps is fun shet vs tanky targets. You can also pull a flag pretty well (Shadow Jumping, Tidal Protection, Deaden Nerves, Windpush, Maze Steps), though if someone like an archer or Demon Venomancer is available, let them take it.

    Territory War
    Assassins in TW usually will fill one of two solo roles:

    Ninja: Stealth. You can target squishy, but high priority targets, and get to them without being caught. With high damage, you can kill them and move on before you're detected. Clerics and other squishy targets are now your new chocolates. Bite sized snacks - the more you can eat, the more effective you are.

    Troll BM: If you possess decent gear, or perhaps even a full set, you can basically run around aoeing people. Zerk crit daggers, along with Chill of the Deep, means you're going to heavily damage people with a Subsea>Earthen Rift combination. It's really hard to describe this kind of style... so, I recommend looking up Kyougu's videos. Idk, but a video link is easier than writing an entire paragraph.

    In Territory War, also, assassins get to work with other people as a team (what! a team?!?). An assassin is an excellent DD, sure, but the average assassin neither possesses the survivability nor the damage to fill that kind of role. Most often, an average assassin is going to focus on using their control skills, shutting down certain enemies that your faction is going to have trouble with. For example, your freeze lasts 9 seconds (longer as a sage). You can effectively stop half a catasquad for 9 seconds, with just one skill. Your stuns also allow you to shut down opponents that are heavy DDs or need to be held in place. After all, it's easier to kill someone if they aren't swinging metal implements at you. An assassin is the single target control class of the playing field.

    Section 9: Advanced Advice

    Basically a stream of tidbits and advice I can give, in my years of playing my class. Have fun digging through it.

    I played archer before assassin; perhaps this is why people call me as one of the most light-footed assassins they have known. My philosophy on kiting is simple; it's one of many solutions to a problem that comes up in a fight, and like all solutions, you ought to take the cheapest and most effective solution. Don't be afraid to run like hell: I've been told off from running from people, but ultimately, they're the dead ones. Not me.
    Examples: Your friendly neighborhood barb triple sparks in front of you. Option one: Windpush. Costs: 0 sparks. Option two: Attempt to stunlock. Costs multiple sparks. Which is cheaper? Option one. HOWEVER, sometimes kiting should not be used. i.e: Same barb sparks. Your only option for kiting is Maze Steps: Might be cheaper, or more effective to stunlock.
    Another note: Kiting away from archers is tricky, because of their range. Counterintuitively, you might want to run towards an archer (to halve their physical damage dealt). However, this decision that you make might be affected by other things (getting 1shot by their metal skills that they tend to resort to at close range). Simply put, I always run towards an archer when I am 25ish meters or closer.
    A discussion of optimal kiting styles can be found here:

    Three Dimensionality
    This game is three dimensional. Utilize it. For starters, you can jump over your opponents, and reverse direction quickly. In a high speed chase from a melee character, I often reverse direction and jump directly over the player chasing me. This forces them to reorient their camera, which buys me time. Also, flying. Even on a ground fight, your wings aren't deactivated, are they now? Take to the air, because you automatically gain a +3.2 mps bonus to your speed (and at no cost). If you're chasing someone, you can catch them with deep sting, then drop to the ground. If you're running away, does it really matter how much damage you deal to them?

    Some skills have a 4.5 meter range, as opposed to the normal "Melee" label. These skills are included, but not limited to: Headhunt, Tackling Slash, Rising Dragon Strike, Puncture Wound, Subsea Strike, and Powerdash. This means you can do some limited damage to a frozen opponent, while remaining out of range of retaliation. With Rank 9 Daggers, with a +2 range add-on, ALL of your attacks become 4.5 meter range. This effectively turns Tackling Slash into a 9 second stun, where you can smack all you want and not get hit back from the melee range.

    Movement Locking
    Level 10 Deep Sting and Tackling Slash both have cooldowns of 15 seconds. Deep Sting lasts 5 seconds; Tackling Slash lasts 9. 5+9 = 14, which is pretty close to the unified cooldown of 15. By constantly cycling these two skills, you can pretty effectively keep a person sitting in one place forever. This might be good if you're waiting on a cooldown, such as your own Tidal Protection. This is also good if you managed to get someone frozen in the air. When frozen/slept and falling through the air, a player is unable to use their own skills. Vignette: I was a measly level 90 sin, once, and my friends (who were better geared) were group PvPing against a group of R9s. I managed to catch a full R9 BM as he was falling through the air, and keep him movement locked and unable to do anything. "He's taken care of, go kill everyone else," I told my team, and they finished off everyone else before I finally let the BM down. I had effectively disabled a full r9 with Hook and Thorns.

    Stunlocking, General Information
    Note: Technically, an assassin can not absolutely stunlock for more than maybe half a minute, and even then with extreme cost/concentration. The real value of the stunlock skills is their partial disabling ability - you don't have to negate all of an opponent's damage, just disadvantage them just enough so they can't kill you, and so you can get what you need to do, done.

    Sleep: Wait until 5 seconds are up before proceeding with another skill. A sleep is effectively a stun that ends as soon as your opponent takes damage. If you want a "flawless" stunlock, you MUST use either Throatcut, Headhunt, Telestun, or Occult Ice after Deep Sting.
    Tackling Slash: Freeze. You can walk out of range of a melee character, but keep in mind some melees do have ranged skills or the ability to leap while frozen.
    Throatcut: Character is unable to cast skills, but can pot/move. Combines with Tackling Slash for a pseudo stun. An interesting psychological note that I've noticed is that someone will tend to run away while sealed (almost like a mob!). If you want to gain some distance, this skill works. Weird, but it does.
    Headhunt: A stun. The longest stun we have.
    Telestun: Try not to use it, and just save it for when you really need it.

    Philosophy on Stunlocking
    The key to stunlocking is waiting. Make sure each skill you use on someone is used to its full extent: If you Deep Sting someone, then Headhunt immediately afterward, those 5 seconds of sleep time are wasted. 5 seconds is a lot of time for say, a 15 second cooldown. By waiting, you are ensuring that all your other skills will have finished cooling down by the next time you need them.

    Why Earthen Rift Sucks in 1v1

    Cancel Casting
    Ever seen those Wizards casting BIDs on you, then suddenly stop? Same thing. By mashing the escape key, you can interrupt keys such as Throatcut, saving chi if you suddenly decide to stop the skill (perhaps you saw that the opponent hit an immunity pot, or you simply hit the wrong skill). I've managed to cancel the casting of skills even like Headhunt and Deep Sting. An example that happened to me: My friend has Will Surge on his genie. He blocks my Throatcut when he sees it coming. One time, I started channeling Throatcut - I canceled when he used Will Surge, and switched to a Headhunt instead. Byebye.

    Cancel Casting for the lolz
    I originally developed this technique on my own back several years ago... I began sharing it several months ago. Here: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1526211
    I glitched it with Squad Stealth during TW, in Enemy Base, while IGed. According to my mates in the enemy faction, for some strange reason, roughly 15 of their major players DC'
    d a few minutes before we won.

    ...I wonder why.

    Section 10: Conclusion

    Alright, I'm finally done. Sitting on more than seventeen pages in Microsoft Word. (Holy balls.) Thank you if you have endured to read this guide; hopefully, I'll be able to improve, update, and most importantly, shorten it. I hope you have found this paper useful.

    This guide was created as a sort of salute to the class that I have played for so long.

    Shout outs to all my friends, who have inspired me for so long, if only for a little while.Thanks. o,o

    PS: If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them. And yes, there's more to this guide, but I refuse to put anymore info on there. (I'm trying to help fellow sins... not get killed by them!)
  • Jesusisback - Raging TideJesusisback - Raging Tide Posts: 480 Arc User
    edited January 2013
    o_O Wow Tsy, you've really outdone yourself with this guide right here There's some things in here that i've never even thought of myself (Three Dimensionality for example) and i'm just amazed at the detail and information in here overall.

    Mod we NEED a sticky now
  • opkossyopkossy Posts: 11,177 Community Moderator
    edited January 2013
    Even skimming I was rather impressed with what you've done.

    Quite an excellent job and this is certainly one worthy of a sticky.
    (Insert fancy image here)
  • skaitaviaskaitavia Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited January 2013
    I'm impressed. Thanks for making this guide Tsy!

    I'll do a more thorough read-through of it and offer any advice I would happen to have from personal experience.
  • Zsw - DreamweaverZsw - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,087 Arc User
    edited January 2013
    You covered some pretty useful information, good job!

    I don't really agree with the soloish role you defined for sins in TW. However, for multitude of reasons, I am not willing to elaborate further on this forum. Even Assassins are best supported with a squad. I find that many faction leaders do not do this. I encourage people to look at Assassins past the basic dictionary definition.

    I think you need to elaborate on "stunlocking". If the definition of a stunlock is a series of movement that prevent the opponent from performing any actions, then we can't actually stun lock. Our skills don't cycle fast enough. Headhunt -> 6 seconds -> Tackling Slash+Throatcut -> 4 seconds (Need to start channeling before stun wears off or target can run away) -> Deep Sting-> 5 seconds -> Shadow Teleport -> 5 seconds then again tackling+ throat cut is about the best we can get to an actual stunlock, and that doesn't last long enough for Headhunt to be off cool down. Granted, you can use occult ice, but I find that rarely, if ever, is occult ice needed to finish a target. We can freeze lock though, as you already pointed out. We freeze enemies and DD on them until they enter a vulnerable position. Then, a headhunt is all it takes to finish them off.

    That's my take on it. Aside from that, good job on the guide!
    Zsw -104 Sage Assassin
    TehZsw - 100 Demon Archer

    All Luck No Skillz PvPer: youtube.com/user/zsw007
  • tsyfalltsyfall Posts: 9
    edited January 2013
    Well, that's interesting. Thought my guide got deleted when I was looking for it... apparently not. It got moved to the stickies. s;
    Thanks Mods!

    From your feedback, Z, I think I'll check what I can modify... I do agree on your point on the non-permanent stunlock; I'll put something in for now while I find another way to explain it better.

    Good luck reading it, Skai.
    Asians reading asian literature ftw o,0

    I'm also finding it funny that everyone is mostly skimming it xD
  • aurteriusaurterius Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    Nicley done Tsyhoe! I actually read the whole thing even though I'm a bm lol. It helped my perspective of things a bit b:laughb:heart
  • Balmmaker - ArchosaurBalmmaker - Archosaur Posts: 34 Arc User
    edited February 2013
    Fantastic guide. Made me rethink several skills too.

    Wondering... you have any favorite combos to use? Eg. Effective opening attacks or defensive skill combos that you find most effective?
  • Tsyn - Raging TideTsyn - Raging Tide Posts: 149 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    This is a bit late; I've pretty much quit PWI, Balm, but I'll see if I can still be of some use.

    There isn't really a specific set of skill combos (even though there looks like there is, sometimes). Just seize the initiative... if you see your opponent falter, pounce. Make sure it's not a trap, though.

    As for opening, I've always started out with non-lock skills (like condensed thorn, knifethrow, or ribstrike). I've found something interesting, and I used to use it when I still played this game.. bit mathy, but still.


    Option 1: Stun tidal'd sin, 50% of success.

    Option 2: Debuff (ribstrike) -> failed debuff -> debuff again (slow effect from thorn) ->failed debuff -> proceed to stun (chance of failed stun is technically 1/8, now, so 87.5% success)

    Also: Yay for coming back to the game to stay for a bit longer. (Same person, btw). If anyone would like to see a part of this guide added on to, or a specific question answered, please let me know.
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  • Zsw - DreamweaverZsw - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,087 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    Yay for coming back to the game to stay for a bit longer. (Same person, btw). If anyone would like to see a part of this guide added on to, or a specific question answered, please let me know.

    Gave up sin to play archer or? o:
    Zsw -104 Sage Assassin
    TehZsw - 100 Demon Archer

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  • Tsyn - Raging TideTsyn - Raging Tide Posts: 149 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    Actually, I'm supposed to be a sin o,o idk why I'm an archer.
    Though I did start out as an archer. I STILL kite a lot, even for a sin.

    Edit: Hopefully that works o,o am I a sin now?
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  • Tsyn - Raging TideTsyn - Raging Tide Posts: 149 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    Right, updates.

    Added section on Kiting (Advanced section)
    Added to Assassin (Class section)
    Corrected various typos (though I suspect there are plenty more)

    Considering: Adding a section on pressure generation (more to the psychological section). Think cancelcasting BIDs, sin style.

    Considering: Writing up a new guide (completely different thread) on Endgame Assassin Genies. Currently thinking about covering: PvE uses (including links to Olbaze's fabulous damage calculation PDFs and threads), and PvP uses (a highly elaborated version of the small section already in this guide). Also considering adding a simple introduction on the various classifications of genies.
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  • Zsw - DreamweaverZsw - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,087 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    I just saw your thread on kiting. Given that two people will constantly run at the same velocity in an enclosed area without obstacles, it is impossible to prevent the second person from eventually catching up the first. However, that does not mean that it is impossible to prevent the second person from attacking the first. I'm sure you noticed that when chasing someone to freeze, you can't catch them by simply pressing tackling slash. You have to run a bit in front of them first. This small delay in the game when trying to use a skill can make a major difference. When turning, there is a small enough angle that you can turn by to cause this delay to take effect. I'm not too sure on the quantitative value. Exploiting this can make it so that the second person can constantly catch up to you, but will never be able to hit you.

    If you were to take this to the air, the effect will be far more visible since on top of the skill delay, every time you stop you have to take a bit more time to accelerate again.

    Often, you won't get to kite for very long doing this since there are a lot of factors invovled. They will always try to out run you, not just follow up to you. However, it is effective in frustrating your opponent and making them waste some skills, such as tele stun or holy path.
    Examples: Your friendly neighborhood barb triple sparks in front of you. Option one: Windpush. Costs: 1 spark.

    btw, Windpush doesn't cost spark. Are you thinking of Maze step?
    Zsw -104 Sage Assassin
    TehZsw - 100 Demon Archer

    All Luck No Skillz PvPer: youtube.com/user/zsw007
  • Tsyn - Raging TideTsyn - Raging Tide Posts: 149 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    I know about the theoretical impossibility of the situation in the thread; it was merely intended to point out the best way to run (straight lines or the largest circle possible), and deter people from making mistakes in their path that would cost them a fight. It's a small part of the whole movement section of combat, when we include teleports, telestuns, whirlwind, and similar skills, but it is still a part.

    However, I'm interested in your point of
    a small enough angle that you can turn by to cause this delay to take effect
    Perhaps you could elaborate on this further? I've never heard of it before, though I know what you are talking about for the "overshoot to use skill" thing.

    It was supposed to be 0 sparks. @[email protected] Why do I keep typoing so lately?
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  • Zsw - DreamweaverZsw - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,087 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    However, I'm interested in your point of
    Perhaps you could elaborate on this further? I've never heard of it before, though I know what you are talking about for the "overshoot to use skill" thing.

    Oh i should have made myself more clear.

    I mean when your opponent is simply doing a "follow attack" on you without attempting to overshoot you, as long as you don't turn too sharply, a delay in the game would cause them to be unable to attack you despite the fact that they are technically in range and have caught up to you.

    It may be easier to see it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCnhmTe9Ph0
    At 5:55, you will see that xHiddenRagex makes several turns around islashyou. Despite that however, the game wouldn't let islashyou hit him. Of course in that instance, islashyou was kind of letting himself get kited since he didn't use windpush, but it illustrates the effect of the delay when you are simply doing a "follow attack" on your opponent.
    Zsw -104 Sage Assassin
    TehZsw - 100 Demon Archer

    All Luck No Skillz PvPer: youtube.com/user/zsw007
  • warcraftewarcrafte Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    ok so first of all i have a 3rd r9 recasted daggs (+12) nd pleny of pvp experience i d like to share some :
    once we were the most OP class in game but noe well... we r avetage i d say
    man when u spoke about barbs u forgot to mention sins with ranged dags (r9 basically) well u just immobilize nd aps... he can t hit u for 9 secs :P .... so cool also if ur refines r high nd ur dags strong u can 1 shot a 3rd recast archer with knife throw pretty easy !!! :P for mages if the mage has high refine hard to skill ! so u aps from stealth he jumps.... do not tele stun yet!!! just shafow teleport nd headhunt .... he will ad probably u can stealth repeat same thing but tele stun this time ... his genie is ead ! done he is all urs however if ur daggs r weak nd mage is 3rd r9 don t dream about killing him... he will probably purifie .... do not hit a psychic with high refines without having tidal on silences will get u for sure !!!! also if a target is soooo hard for u nd u really wanna kill it( u hate him/her for some reason) u can be cheap very cheap guess what? 3sparks normal stealth run to target dash with mire then occult... i killed a full 3rd r9 recast barb with very high refined under 1 sec :P it works especially if 10 ppl gankin u u wanna kill fast nd stealth !!! for me if u got experience u mastered ur timing like me u can beat anything anytime.... i can hit someone with thraotcut exacly when his ad goes off for example which is really cool :P ok too lazy to type motr have fun
  • Tsyn - Raging TideTsyn - Raging Tide Posts: 149 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    Sweetiebot take away 2 points from warcrafte for poor punctuation and excessive use of "..."
    ok so first of all i have a 3rd r9 recasted daggs (+12)
    Fascinating; atm, my assassin has level 40 Royal Daggers on RT.
    once we were the most OP class in game but noe well... we r avetage i d say
    Already stated this; see introduction.
    mmobilize nd aps... he can t hit u for 9 secs :P
    Already stated this; see skills section, weapon section, advanced section.
    ur dags strong u can 1 shot a 3rd recast archer with knife throw pretty easy
    You must either triple spark a lot, **** through Pdef charms, or have 100% zerk crit.
    so u aps from stealth he jumps.... do not tele stun yet!!! just shafow teleport nd headhunt .... he will ad probably u can stealth repeat same thing but tele stun this time
    And the reason that I try to stun a wizard who immediately will fortify after his aps buff is proced? Or, why bother aps at all? And explain to me why we'd want to consider using stealth, then restealthing, in a proper 1v1?
    ur daggs r weak nd mage is 3rd r9 don t dream about killing him...
    Great, killed some of the best mages on my server with G16+6, and they all had Purify proc.
    do not hit a psychic with high refines without having tidal on silences will get u for sure !!!
    Will Surge/AD/IG/Sutra/Sage Tidal. The real danger here is actually SoR, SoSt, and SoV at high APS; obviously DPH is preferred for a psychic as it is less costly.
    3sparks normal stealth run to target dash with mire then occult... i killed a full 3rd r9 recast barb with very high refined under 1 sec :P
    A barbarian's maximum HP is around ~45k. Under 1 sec, at sparked 4aps, means you hit him for roughly 10k. Explain to me how you got 4 zerk crits in a row (0.00000625%), and each time, hit him for 10k, if he's 3rd recast. We haven't even used charm tick mathematics here.
    Edit: I forgot that you had powerdash. Therefore, ((GoF 20%)(40%crit+40% powerdash))^4 gets us the probability of .00065536, which is actually quite a bit higher than my initial esimate.
    This is, of course, assuming you do NOT have 100% zerk crit.
    mastered ur timing like me u can beat anything anytime.... i can hit someone with thraotcut exacly when his ad goes off for example which is really cool :P
    Thank you for elaborating on the fact that practice makes perfect.

    I appreciate your response and also... the time you put into reading this guide.

    Edit: To Zsw, I see what you mean perfectly. Yay for deterring against sharp turns in kiting! Thank you for clarifying. :)
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  • warcraftewarcrafte Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    ok man first of all i read small parts of your post it's like 1 page long you'd be really patient to read everything. yh i typed my text from my cell phone ( i was in bed couldn't sleep had fun on forum till i could close my eyes :P) so yh punctuation sucks !!!
    ok so yeah with chill on I one shot any full +10 archer with poor shards i hit easily 15ks on zerk crits i say that cuz u know 130 attak lvls with 500 dex hurt(WITH NO SPARKS SIR!) ... it's tested already so :)
    u killed one of the best mages with +6 g16 dagga? what were the stats? i personally say the mage sucks :)
    if mage uses fortify ? u silence ? easy no? then his genie will be low u can occult or headhunt right after even easier!!! trick is to be fast if u r slow then,... die :) if u're fast u will stun before he fortifies!
    3rd r9 barb going down in 1 sec ? well maybe 1,5? he was human form nd yea taking 10ks pretty easy with 110 str on genie mire is awesome , he died before having time to move sadly....
    u wanna skill a full +12 psychic right? and u wanna kill it? good luck bro :) i am not full r9 not saying it's impossible i say it's harder . yh u can ig but u should ig after psychic's ad is down to make sure u get him so... oh surge well that's a great skill but u wanna make a genie for psychics only :P? oh well ;)
    but i'm still sad for the nab mage who died to you daggs u sure he wasn't afk by mistake... just in case?
  • warcraftewarcrafte Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    skill a psychic* i'd also add that fighting a higher lvl sin is hard some ppl say impossible? well for me it's not it;'s like a long fight ! u go air mode u keep turning around if u move correctly headhunting u will be hard he will have to tele stun guess what if he tele stuns and ur tidal works guess what happens ? he has tele stun skill on cd +++++ he is unstealth making u have an advantage on him... all his great lvl gone to dust !!! then u need to tele stun bk (if he wasn't smart enough to maze)
    what if he actually stuns u? oh **** he will 50% of the time ... he needs about 2 secs to reach u since u were moving in the air or 1 sec if he's pro nd teleports right away like i do anyhow u will have 5 secs of ad against 3-4 secs of stun result is simple u will survive then u maze immediately... however if it was headhunt demon u might die :P then the fight is urs u r weaker since ur genie is dead but if ur tele stun works ... u might still become even nd maybe win?
    fighting on the ground makes hh easier 6 secs of stun is too much for ad to handle with gd daggs u need 2-3 hits to die so u r basically dead unless u expel nd prey for tidal to work next stun he hits !
  • Clergywoman - Raging TideClergywoman - Raging Tide Posts: 262 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    great guide!
    it covers the techniques of - as you call it - "pass" and "checkpoint", chi management, timing, canceling, and your personal observations. very useful read for any class aspiring to play with the endgame crowd, not just assassins! well deserved sticky. b:thanks
    gear and genies: mypers.pw/1.8/#145766

    pan gu loves cash shoppers as much as he loathes pure farmers. that's why he cursed me with the lowest luck-index possible. my weapon needed 21 recasts for those meh adds, and the r9 ring refine ate over 10k mirages before i capitulated and orbed it from 0 to +11. you won this time pan gu! b:sad
  • Kastus - Raging TideKastus - Raging Tide Posts: 558 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    great guide!
    it covers the techniques of - as you call it - "pass" and "checkpoint", chi management, timing, canceling, and your personal observations. very useful read for any class aspiring to play with the endgame crowd, not just assassins! well deserved sticky. b:thanks

    still kill you at will b:cool
    youtube.com/kimbachiboy b:victory

    Schooling QQme in The Art of PK since 2012
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    Lol. Me so bored.

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    aaahhhhh b:dirty
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