Value of seeker 100 skills?

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I think the two seeker 100 level skills are Duelist's Glee and Rewinding Gesture. The descriptions don't seem very impressive. Are these two worth the cost of getting them?

I figure Rewinding Gesture would let me restun an opponent with Voidstep once every three minutes. Useful, but not a big deal due to the long cooldown. As to Duelist's Glee I don't see why I would use it instead of another stance.

What do the pro seeker ssay?
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    Rewind also increases crit.
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    are we including in this assessment of level 100 Seeker Skills the new skills for Seeker, such as Radiant Light, Transposition, Sacrificial Slash, and Blood-thirsty Blitz?
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    Duelist's Glee i forget to use alot b:surrender

    but Rewinding Gesture i use on a constant basis. Cant do without it now >>
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    Rewinding gesture currently holds the spot for 'favorite new skill' with me...
    I expect it to be stolen by Sacrificial Slash once I get it, but I have found it
    to have a GREAT number of uses indeed because you can use both void step or unfetter twice, and with my unfetter being sage, it really makes a difference in my game play...
    the 15% crit is also worth mentioning...I have 35% base crit... with Rewinding gesture 50%...
    meaning my edged blur does 1.5 times damage 100% of the time if I choose to combine the two... it's a really nice skill xD
    And duelist's all depends on your play style...but in 1 v 1, the power of duelist's glee is undeniable!