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One of those days...

Nowitsawn - Heavens Tear Nowitsawn - Heavens Tear Posts: 4,864 Arc User
edited September 2012 in Cleric
So, time for a story. One of adventures and mishaps.

Our story begins with one of my factionmates calling for a second cleric for TT 3-2. After being rejected for BH squads several times for some strange reason, I figured ''why not?''.
The squad was a little below average for people challenging the Emperor, but I didn't really mind. I had nothing to lose.

Now the stars of this story would be me (my build with buffs I had at the time) and our tanking barb (R8, around 21k hp). So I moved over there, finding the squad as they were preparing to lure Nemen (snake boss). It died with no problems whatsoever.
Then we prepared for the big one, Twilight Emperor. We decided to kill it in Nemen's room so we would have to bother with less mobs in Emp's room, and so the barb came running in with Emperor on his tail. I set up BB in order to dampen the initial shock a bit, but it was to no avail.

Everyone was laying face-first on the cold, gray brick grounds of TT3-2. At least, everyone except me and the tank. BB already got interrupted of course, so I stacked the tank with IH and threw him a sage Vanguard so I could revive our second cleric. This worked out well and so I could focus on healing the tank as well as protecting my own hide from random aggro while our second cleric ressed the others. This didn't seem to help since after a revive, they pretty much immediately died again.

This of course meant we were between a rock and a hard place, but we silently agreed to just keep on trucking. Just a tank DDing, me healing him, and a cleric healing me (and dying to random aggro, after which I ressed).
Crabs, Defense Charms, Tree of Protection, Absolute Domain, Plume Shell, Guardian Light, every single thing that could help... they did a nice job at keeping me alive from Emperor's bubble attacks and random aggro.

We kept this up for about 15 minutes, after which both our second cleric as well as me fell victim to Emperor's attacks, but ah-ha! Guess who always carries Resurrection Scrolls! This allowed us to keep on going for about 20 minutes longer. By this time the second cleric decided to take refuge in a different room, which caused Emperor to take a nice and long walk in order to punch in her face in, and come back. So now we were left with Twilight Emperor who was near death, and a dead second cleric nowhere within range. Interesting.

Then it just had to happen. A bubble attack when Tree of Protection was on cooldown... maybe I could still make it- nope. Another random aggro attack finished it off. So now I was at Town of Arrivals while our barb had his charm put to the test. He held his own very well, no signs of him dying while I rushed back to him.
I made it in a swift manner, and threw him a heal while feeling sorry for his charm.

Everybody was dead except us two, Emperor had a measly 50k hp left. And then...
''Barb has left the squad'' as he vanished into thin air.

So... how was your day?
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  • SerenityCNB - DreamweaverSerenityCNB - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,225 Arc User
    edited September 2012
    Ouch. That sucks. I, myself cannot survive emp. He one shots me everytime just out of general principle alone. If I'm rezzed, he immediately random aggroes me, and hits me for double my life. (Over 8.6k)

    Getting celestial sage forced me to die over 20 times to him alone. Glad that nightmare is long over.

    The last time that I ran it, emp random aggroed me right after the initial pull. So I was the first one dead. And he spam killed me everytime that I was brought back to life. I tell anyone that I run with however, that I cannot survive Emp, and that they'll need a better geared cleric than me, or at least a second cleric to stand a chance unless they're okay with utter charm ****. People still chose to invite me because I'm a good cleric, but yeah....I know the pain of emp.

    You got truly trolled though. 50k hp, and your tank d/c'ed. That's utterly bad luck...
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  • Sakubatou - SanctuarySakubatou - Sanctuary Posts: 4,001 Arc User
    edited September 2012
    I had one awhile ago where a friend whispered "Hey, I've got a squad at Steelation (3-3) and we need some aps dd. Can you help?"

    I say sure, join the group, and everyone but the barb and cleric are dead. They'd already started and all but wiped, even though they had two clerics.

    I start sprinting there and watch one cleric get rezzed and the other drop dead in the squad bar. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Occasionally the barb will get an IH icon and I can tell he's tanking but can't stop random aggro. I ask if the squad is going to reset the boss and they don't want to.

    I get there, buff the barb, and start attacking. Random aggro, I survive. Continue attacking while the cleric's put the two defense buffs on me and rez each other. The cleric's die. Rez each other. I get aggro and don't have a charm or paint and can only tank for a few hits but take off a chunk of his hp. Get rezzed. Rebuff the clerics and barb. Attack for a while, MS when he apses, HF even though its only the barb and I dding. I get aggro again. Die. Rezzed...

    It went on for sooooo long since the sage vit barb really was the only stable dd. Both cleric's had 11 rez and at one point one had to release to come back. The barb did an amazing job charm tanking. I offered to release but it was quicker just to wait for the cleric. Got rezzed, attacked for a few seconds. Died before I got buffs or heals, over and over again.

    The barb went through 5 or 7 event silver charms before we killed it. We suggested he run or reset several times and he refused. He also didn't complain one bit about the charms. Thanked the squad and told everyone how good of a job they did. Was both rough and impressive killing that boss.

    Anyways, once I actually had paint, buffs, and cleric's that weren't scrambling the rest of the run went by smoothly.
    Seven 100+ characters leveled the hard way. Free to play. Mystic, Psychic, and Wizard left to level. b:victory
  • Nowitsawn - Heavens Tear Nowitsawn - Heavens Tear Posts: 4,864 Arc User
    edited September 2012
    Ouch. That sucks. I, myself cannot survive emp. He one shots me everytime just out of general principle alone. If I'm rezzed, he immediately random aggroes me, and hits me for double my life. (Over 8.6k)

    Hmm... well emp isn't that bad for me. I mean, in that particular run he was quite nasty because it was pretty much just me and the barb doing it with the second cleric healing me at some crucial moments (mostly bubbles).

    With a charm I would probably have nearly 0 risk of dying (bubble attack with ToP on cooldown would be fatal otherwise), and I have 7.4k hp (~10k with lv11 buff). With a genie that has both ToP and Faith (which seems to be a pretty uncommon genie skill, by the way. I guess not many people know it also purifies) along with a decent energy regen it would also work.

    But yeah, fun thing is that I still need him for culti as well. Been stuck on W5 for weeks now, and the few runs I found didn't get past wave 3.
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