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StarChild Harshlands

_Mg_Zr - Heavens Tear_Mg_Zr - Heavens Tear Posts: 562 Arc User
edited June 2012 in Guild Banter
I started up a new faction called StarChild on harshlands. Its currently small but growing.
We take in all levels and are helpful and friendly.
If you want to join or fin out more info message Makaveli_ (me) or Welshwarrior or Fayel in game.
_Mg_Zr - level 100 sage Barb / level 101 demon r9 aps barb on Harshlands
Mg_Zr - level 100 demon Psychic
_mg_zr_ - level 100 demon Blademaster
|\/|erlin_ 7x Wizard
Makaveli_ - 8x Harshlands sin
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