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Anyone else notice this

_Mg_Zr - Heavens Tear_Mg_Zr - Heavens Tear Posts: 562 Arc User
edited June 2012 in Barbarian
Yay barbs are needed again and what do we do go on strike xD well at least i did what about everyone else?
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_Mg_Zr - level 100 sage Barb / level 101 demon r9 aps barb on Harshlands
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  • BloodTyrant - Raging TideBloodTyrant - Raging Tide Posts: 581 Arc User
    edited May 2012
    Yay barbs are needed again and what do we do go on strike xD well at least i did what about everyone else?

    if you're talking about the "new" bosses, yes we are pretty much needed, not only for buffs but some warsong/lunar bosses can 1 shot even high geared sins/bms. the warsong final boss was being an *** for a sqd and they called me to help, they had a r9 sin who got 1shotted 4 times...
    i just did 1 lunar and i can say the bosses didn't got soooo hard, but only barbs can do pulls now and stay alive.

    AEU instance in morai doesn't need barbs at all, but buffs are needed for sure!
  • _Ghoul_ - Lost City_Ghoul_ - Lost City Posts: 973 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    me likeb:pleased
  • ravenleandraravenleandra Posts: 13 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    Yep seen how sins QQ about it.Would be nice if GM nerf sins to give them a Reason to QQ xD.
    Just wish they can buff a barb alittle as i personally see Barbs in pwi weaker than any other mmo's.In for saken world i have protector(tank)and a warrior dps/semi tank and on lvl 33 i can hold aggro vs lvl 45-50 sins.So they should make the aggro alot stronger even vs 5 aps ><
  • thumbsthumbs Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited June 2012
    I've never not wanted a Barb in squad that I can think of. It does frustrate me though when a Barb who obviously can't hold aggro won't Frighten, Devour, Sage Roar, etc.

    This is my first MMO. I think some just have it in their heads from other games that they should be the end-all be-all tank because some other game gave that impression? Barbs in this game have NEVER been able to hold aggro just by using aggro skills.

    I can't see why most barbs are complaining. I look at their equips and in general they're the cheapest sob's out there (ok venos and assassins also because fails are directed that way)! Having played casters for so long; I was under the false impression that Barbs sucked balls at AoE!

    Go on strike lol. My p-leveled Barb is better than 4 out of 5 anyway. The class doesn't suck: it's the players. Barbs can be awesome.
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